Game Of The Decade #24: Sunset Overdrive Is A Non-Stop Sugar Rush

Siddharth writes- "“Fun” is a term one would rarely associate with modern AAA gaming, yet that is one aspect this 2014 Xbox One gem provides in spades. While the game’s eye-popping artstyle, pumping neo-punk soundtrack, oddball characters and hilarious writing do keep the player engaged throughout the 25-30 hour experience, it’s the wild and satisfying movement & parkour system that steals the show – I expect no less from Insomniac, after all, they’re a studio with a pedigree in fluid traversal systems… and I might argue that this is one of the finest, not just this gen, but in all of gaming."

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Italiano1234567200d ago

It sure is. Sucks that it didn't sell on xbox. Maybe when Insomniac gets done with Spiderman 2 and whatever else they will revisit it. Who knows

ssj27200d ago

No thanks insomiac must reboot Resistance Fall of man and i am sure they also need to do more racket and clack games before even thinking on this ip that has no soul in it and nobody cared

TheOptimist200d ago

To say an Insomniac game has no soul *sigh* *BIG SIGH*

And nobody cared because Xbox didn't market it properly.

RangerWalk267200d ago

Hahaha. No one cares huh? Good one.

TheScotsman200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Fall of man still looks awesome on ps3, such a great franchise that lost its way a little in 3 in my opinion. But that's what I'd like to see to. Fall of man trilogy remastered like they did for bioshock collection.
Sunset overdrive game of who's decade? I hated it and so did most of my xbox friends. Not saying its a bad game. It didn't sell cause it was very poorly marketed. I think it was a mistake for them to go exclusive, and they know it was.

gamer7804200d ago

The story and characters are really pretty awful, the gameplay is great though but I lost interest due to the world story and chars.

2ndhandcorn200d ago

Great game fun co op it feels like an old game simple menu , very fun with an arcade feel also enjoyed the silly humor.