The Cost of Running Your PC

AnandTech: "Have you ever thought about how much it cost to run your PC -- the one you're using to read this article? What does it cost to play games, surf the Internet, or download files? It all costs money -- money that you, your parents, or whoever is in charge of the monthly electricity will have to pay. Those of you in charge of paying this bill will surely be interested in keeping costs down, which is why you might want to pay a little more attention to what sort of hardware you are using in your computer."

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Spike473624d ago

If you got a damn job and just wanna play SOME games on your PC it's affordable. If you are looking forward to do some MMO gaming, buying the latest incredibly looking games, then you might aswell throw your wallet into a pit of fire.

PS3n3603624d ago

by not showering, eating nothing but cola and chips, and never having to take girls on a date. If your using your PC enough to worry about the cost your probably not spending money on anything else.

Bolts3623d ago

Gamers and power users do not care about power consumption, they care about performance, and the only people who visit AnandTech are gamers and power users. Its not like some guy with a three year old $500 PC is scanning AnadTech on how to cut his electric bill while he's downloading p0rn.

Silvia0073623d ago

when I bought my 1100 watt psu, I probably didn't know that my electric bill will go up?

funkeystu3622d ago

I think the main point the article is trying to get across is that investing slightly more to get a more power efficient power supply will be worth it in the long run once power costs are factored in.