IGN's Top 10 Underrated & Underappreciated Games

This week's topic: underrated or underappreciated games. Think back. What are some of the best games that you feel never really got a fair shake? A solid project that, for whatever reason, was swept under the rug by the time it finally hit retailers. Or maybe a game that did receive critical high marks and yet bombed on a consumer level, anyway. Over the years, there have been more of these sleepers-in-the-making than any of us would probably care to admit. They've gone uncelebrated if not downright ignored for long enough. So join IGN as they raise a glass and give thanks to the games that should very likely be in your library, but aren't - maybe because you thought they sucked.

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FFVIIFan4908d ago

Ico was my favorite. I'm hoping they make a second one.