Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Confident About New Release Date; "Thinking" of Next-Gen But Plan Hasn't Changed

Following the announcement of the delay of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt hosted a conference call for investors to address the situation.

During the call, the developer's management team provided interesting insight into the state of the game and the plans going forward.

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chrisx39d ago

At this point there's no way this game won't be cross gen.

Abriael39d ago

Considering that they put the Witcher 3 even on the Switch, I would be surprised if The Witcher 3 won't be cross-gen, let alone Cyberpunk 2077. But this doesn't mean they need to work on it now. They're likely putting all of their resources into finishing the game on the platforms they have announced and then they can port it later, when PS5 and Series X have a bigger installed base.

sushimama38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Anyone who's buying a next gen console at LAUNCH, should wait to buy this game until then. It's only a few more weeks after September, plus some patch time in there. Might as well wait, at least for the faster load times. I canceled my pre-order for the game. I'll jsut wait till the PS5 launches in late October or late November at the latest

porkChop38d ago

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised to see the complete edition of Witcher 3 on next gen systems, running basically maxed PC settings.

38d ago
DJStotty38d ago


Or buy the game for xbox one if you plan on getting the Series X, then when the Series X is launched, pop the disc in and carry on with your cloud save.

No need to wait till Series X is launched.

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gamer780438d ago

exactly, i'm just going to buy it after next gen consoles come out, that way the game is patched and runs better as well as being cheaper and looking better on the new consoles.

DJStotty38d ago

It will only need a patch on Series X, if they plan for graphical upgrades like 4K native, or higher FPS.

Otherwise it will still play on Series X day one.

yoshatabi38d ago

I'm just going to get it for PC

gamer780438d ago

Right probably a patch to increase visuals from even the Xbox X hopefully

deadfrag39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Its actually very lame of CDPR to not come clean about Next generation versions probably to make people double dip!Techland come straight out saying Dying Light 2 was going to BE a crossgen game making good with fans and offering the options to pick the version we chose too,at this point i cant not understand CDPR approach for Next generarion versions other than trying to get people to double dip and get more money from consumers,atleast they shoud come a say that this generation versions will be enhanced for Next generation Séries X and PS5!

KwietStorm38d ago

So they're obviously lying because they have a reputation for that, right?

Pandamobile38d ago

Pretty much every multiplatform game in the next several years will be cross-gen. If you thought otherwise then consider this a wakeup call lol

jbull38d ago

Its guaranteed to be cross gen, why? because CD Project Red are a commercial company that need to maximize as much sales as possible as I imagine Cyberpunk is the most expensive game they have ever done.

Tedakin38d ago

Since both next gen consoles are backwards compatible, this shouldn't be an issue... but I do hope the game will get a next gen update when the new consoles come out, like PS4 Pro and XB1X did with older games.

Profchaos38d ago

I think there's going to be some very interesting announcements around forwards compatibility otherwise it's really going to hurt game sales for games like cyberpunk if people are waiting for a better ps5 version which may never come as it's possible Sony may pull a PS Pro and have ps4 games patched to ps5 levels.

But it may not be like that and require double dipping I'm going to be very interested to watch it unfold

Rachel_Alucard38d ago

This game will still come out in September with a day 1 patch and be filled with bugs. 5 months is a flash in the pan in dev time. It's not enough time to just bug fix the way they are stating. This was pushed so far back due to a combo of bug fixes but mostly it's because September is the best estimated time to release post delay.

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