Left 4 Dead 360 Manual

Left4Dead411 writes,

"We've just received and uploaded the Left 4 Dead Xbox 360 manual for all to see!

The manual covers the 360 controls, the Survivor and Infected heads-up displays, information on the Infected and Survivors, lobbies and more. Check it out!"

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No Way3623d ago

Does Anyone Have Any Tips On Fighting The Tanks? Especially on Expert.. The Things Are So Difficult To Kill..

N4PS3G3623d ago


anyway..I'm getting this 1st day :)

The demo was a blast!

Xi3623d ago

At least that's what seemed to help me get through them.

thenickel3623d ago

Run back to the safe house and kill him through the door.

ChampIDC3623d ago

The safe house can work if you're close enough. Tanks are the only thing that can eventually break that door down, but you get a lot of free headshots in the process.

Also, Tanks are rather slow to climb, so climbing on top of something can buy you a few seconds. My friends also told me that sharp turns throw them off, but I haven't had a chance to test that, because I always end up fighting them in the more open areas.

Bnet3433623d ago

I know what you mean, those things are hard to kill on Expert, I gave up.

No Way3623d ago

Hehe.. It's kinda hard to run away from it on Expert. =P You can only run faster than The Tank if you have a healthy amount of life, which usually isn't the case when you run into one on Expert.. =(

@Xi - Yea.. When playing we had four players, two with the assault rifle and two with the auto-shottie. Just blasting him, and two of used a pipe bomb and a Molotov.. didn't help. Haha.

@thenickel - I might hafta try that next time.. never thought about it.

@ChampIDC - Hehe. Yea, never tried that either, but three times while I was playin it yesterday, we fought a Tank while underground, the area right before the area with the turret. No where to climb in there, and it's to far to run back to the safe house. =P

@Kigmal - Yes.. Same here. We finally got to the point where you can use the turret, and even that didn't help against The Tank whilst on Expert, He stilled raped us. =/

solar3623d ago

molotov's work great against tanks. the DoT takes their health down. kite him around running while he is burning, letting your teammates whittle at his 8000 health points O.O pipe bombs really do nothing to a tank. so dont bother, save those for the swarm.

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mariusmal3623d ago

i'm getting this day one. what an amazing game. since i'm a zombies flicks fan.. this is a must buy. i played the demo with 3 other friends.. oh men the highest difficulty setting was insane LOL. but fun anyway.

once i got rushed by like 50 zombies and everyone was screaming on the headset ahaha

thenickel3623d ago

The demo is such a tease though, and I bet this game get's way more intense and freaky in the complete version. Definitely a day on e purchase for me as well so hope to see you online.

ChampIDC3623d ago

One of my favorite things about the game is that sometimes when you die, all you can think is, "Wow, that was an intense, awesome way to go down", and you're not mad about starting over. At least that's how it is for me.

No Way3623d ago

Definitely agree. Have you tried playing on Expert? That is so intense, it's crazy.

@ChampIDC - I hear ya on that one.. Getting owned by a Tank is a glorious death. But, an even more glorious victory. =P But, yea.. I felt the same way. I never got mad or upset after I got pummeled to death by 50 zombies.

Amazing Game. First Day Purchase. =)

mariusmal3622d ago

exactly.. what a way to go down. and the tank ? OMG :P

@no way

yeah we tried the highest difficulty setting and it's a killer indeed

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trancefreak3623d ago

This demo was fantastic also a day 1 purchase here.

Richdad3623d ago

Whats so great abt this game and looking at the screens graphics looks just OK. But most critics are saying that it is having astonishing graphics.

No Way3623d ago

The graphics aren't.. eh, impressive. But, they are rather good.

But, I don't even care about the graphics.. The game is so intense and crazy, it's a blast to play. Especially with Three other friends.

Spike473623d ago

it was really fun at first, but it got sort of repetitive. Still one of the best demos I've played this year.

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