Vista: Why Gamers Should Care

It's not as exciting as a shiny new PlayStation 3 sitting under a giant flat-screen TV, but the Windows Vista launch will easily be one of the biggest tech stories of the year. Besides flaunting Mac-like visuals (like the new semi-transparent windows) and our continuing love affair with the blue screen of death, Vista attempts to fully embrace PC gamers, with new features that may finally allow the WSAD crew to come out from under the shadow of their console cousins.

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Dusk4905d ago

I would think it's more exciting than the PS3, seeing as it doesn't look like people want the PS3. I'm sure that anyone that even remotely games on the PC would want Vista.

True Gamer4905d ago

at trying to conceal that you are a fanboy.

Rooted_Dust4905d ago

There is no such thing as a PC fanboy. There are console fanboy's and PC enthusiasts. PC enthusiasts actually have to have some understanding of hardware and software, console fanboy's only have to plug and play, and then go and rip on someone else because they don't like the same things you like.

HyperBear4905d ago

DX10. Even though not a huge deal right now, but by next year, well even this year with Crysis, games are taking DX10, and making them unbelievable to watch and play. I am not a PC enthusiast as rooted dust calls them, but i am more of a console fanboy, I own all 3 consoles. But yea, DX10 will be popualr for gaming, so might as well get it now, and get Crysis and look at that, then wait till more great games come along, and at least youll have it.

kornbeaner4904d ago

but spending the price of a console on a OS is not worth it in my book.
Maybe if I had some Programming knowledge i could apply to the OS then maybe but as a gaming platform not for me. XP does what i need it to whe it come to PC gaming.

MicroGamer4904d ago

A lot of people still use machines without PCI-Express motherboards and there likely won't be any DX10 compliant video cards released in AGP or PCI format. To use Vista Ultimate with all the bells and whistles turned on requires a lot of power beyond video, as well. Anyone still using a machine less than 2ghz CPU or with less than 2gig Ram is going to faced with upgrading their current system, or buying new if their motherboards can't be upgraded. BIOS chips will probably need flashing, as well, to support upgrades and if your BIOS version is no longer being updated, your old motherboard becomes useless. The new DX10 video cards require a lot of power, too, so power supplies will need to be upgraded. Vista is going to find a lot of old computers and components dumped in landfills.

nstott4904d ago

I am going to upgrade to vista home premium for $99 dollars. Ultimate is not necessary for a home user or gamer. I will wait until a dx10 card gets to be around $200-$300. Plenty of time for that to happen before crysis comes out. I bought my pc 2 years ago. It has pci express. A lot of pc gamers are in a similar or better situation than I am in. $300 to $400 dollars to upgrade to vista gaming is not bad. I bet by the end of the year you will be able to buy a dx10 dual core rig with 2 gigabytes of memory for the price of a $600 ps3. Vista and dx10 have just started. Lay off the FUD.

Rooted_Dust4904d ago

Most newer computers are capable of running Vista, and to purchase a new copy of Vista Home Premium(Got to have premium because it has best features) is only $160 or less depending if you get a full copy or an XP upgrade. As far as DX10 cards go, by the time Crysis comes out there should be a full range of compatible cards. So it could be equivilent to buying a new console. Just depends on what your into.

kikilala4904d ago

Gamers should care about Vista just because the DX10 feature.. i think its not fair to force us to upgrade from XP to Vista for DX10 just to play games.. and i agree with microgamer.. upgrading to Vista is almost equivalent to upgrading to a new PC... i hope that most PC gamers will not submit this OS milking scheme by Microsoft and sticking to XP.. and hopefully this will lead Microsoft to release DX10 on XP..

XP is proven to be a good OS and now its already patched to be safer... DX10 is just an API.. so its could be added to XP.. i vote DX10 for XP...

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