Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed To September 17

CD Projekt Red: "We have important news regarding Cyberpunk 2077’s release date we’d like to share with you today."

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-Foxtrot39d ago


More time for Doom, FFVII, RE3 and Animal Crossing

Gaming10139d ago

A PS5 version isn't in the works quite yet, but given how CD Projekt Red takes forever to do anything it may take yet another year to make sure that port is running perfect.
Hard to say how long I'd like to wait for a PS5 version.

Christopher39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Guaranteed CDPR have more than a few dev kits for both PS5 and XSX. Guaranteed their game engineers are working to create versions of their game engine/tools for those consoles and they will be doing parallel development throughout the year for them. Sony and Microsoft *want want want* Cyberpunk 2077 on their platforms as soon as possible. They are a key developer for both platforms based on The Witcher 3 sales success and the hype around Cyberpunk 2077.

@Forn below: It's not about playing on PS5, but enhanced for PS5 and their toolsets and whatever else there is.

Forn39d ago

How do people still not understand that PS4 games will play on PS5?

UltraNova39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

@ chris
Dont forget about Series X and the rumored Series "S" too.

So that makes 8 platforms to optimize the game for (xb1 s, xb1 X, ps4, ps4 pro, Series X, series S, Ps5 and PC). I'd imagine all that porting/optimization takes a lot of time, especially on a game on this scale and production values.

YEP41439d ago

I don’t see a ps5 version !

frostypants39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

@Forn right but there's a BIG difference from designing to PS4 specs and having that just run on PS5 as is, vs. having the game have higher quality assets for the PS5. The latter takes more development and testing.

EDIT: To the downvote, this is a matter of dry fact, not debate.

Christopher39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

***Dont forget about Series X and the rumored Series "S" too.***

1. RUMOR. How about we go with what is known before people rely on rumors for anything relevant to the discussion.

2. If it is the same as Series X as far as CPU, which it would be DUMB to not do, it won't be an issue.

***So that makes 8 platforms to optimize the game for (xb1 s, xb1 X, ps4, ps4 pro, Series X, series S, Ps5 and PC).***

1. Same chip systems are easy to optimize for as most of the work is in CPU and memory management, but those games share the same methods/structures and lower resolution graphics will account for lower memory management needs. Let alone the dev kits will account for tools that facilitate design for both as well as IDE tools for the platforms are built toward it.

2. PC alone will make up most of that optimization always. The work isn't as much as you think it is in comparison, but it's no different than

***I'd imagine all that porting/optimization takes a lot of time, especially on a game on this scale and production values.***

It does, but not where you think it does. Adding a new console is bigger than developing for just the consoles we have now, but all of that is still not as much as the work they have to do for PC optimizations.


@frostypants: There's been a lot of downvotes based on feelings rather than facts lately and it will continue as the next-generation approaches. But, yeah, big difference there. Just try to ignore them. It will save you a ton of stress.

b163o139d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I can honestly say I don't mind that CDPR delays there games, cause the end result is always worth it. I was upset when TW3 got delayed, but after playing the game and seeing how smooth everything ran, seeing how polished the game was, I could not complain. So take your time CDPR, I've been waiting for years for this game, so a few more months is not gonna hurt....

I will say this though, with that date, I may just wait and get it for the PS5...

bouzebbal39d ago

Ok what's left to be delayed?? Tsushima?? Please don't...

battlegrog39d ago

Series x and ps5 are basicly higher specs same operating os as xone and ps4. They will easily be on those platforms. Just as easy as games are on xbox one x.

sampsonon39d ago

dude, even if i tried i would fail.

DJStotty38d ago


They do not need to optimise the game for the xbox family of consoles. The game will be playable on the Series X on launch day, along with all the back catalogue of xbox one games.

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Muzikguy39d ago

Yup that's fine with me. I was going to wait for PS5 anyway

Muzikguy39d ago

What's not going to happen? Me waiting, PS5 releasing, or this delay?

RangerWalk26739d ago

Same. Except I'm going with the Series X version. Unless the PS5 proves to be more powerful. I'll have both consoles day one. So the power of the hardware will be the determining factor on which piece of hardware I buy third party games on.

yoshatabi39d ago

I was going to get it for PC :(

medman38d ago

Me as well. I imagine 2077 is going to have ps4's and xbox one's straining and smoking out trying to keep it running. I'm really looking forward to the Series X and the PS5.

seanpitt2338d ago

Yeah a game likes this deserves the power of the ps5.. might as well wait now, obviously CD PR don’t want to miss out on the install base of the current gen consoles so they will keep quite about a ps5 Version but it will definitely come

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gpturbo8139d ago

Nintendo doesn't give you seizures anymore? Lol😉

frostypants39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

No one forces you to play games upon release. This is annoying news. Don't spin it.

-Foxtrot39d ago

But I like to play them on release, especially I'm hyped for them

I don't want to wait and then have it spoilt

KilluaX339d ago Show
curtain_swoosh39d ago

agreed. a slight relief for me wallet

Godmars29039d ago


they did it to avoid the crowd.

jznrpg38d ago

I’ll wait for Doom to be cheap and skip Animal Crossing altogether .

Tiqila38d ago

More time to save up for a gaming rig

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Nyxus39d ago

I'll probably wait for the PS5 version.

Asuka39d ago

at this point, same here.

ImGumbyDammit39d ago

Why? It will be one of those silly cross-gen games. I hear they will not be any good. How can they? /s It be much better to wait for the Switch version. That one is going to be awesome.

RosweeSon39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Cross gen games as in fifa 21 on PS4/5 assassins whatever on PS4/5 and same with cod yeah they pretty poor either stay last gen or go all out for next generation problem is they wanna go right down the middle and get as much cash as poss standard with cash grab yearly churn games. I mean they could but doubt myself that they’ll release cyberpunk day1 on PS4 and 5 when the PS4 disc can go straight in the ps5 🤷🏻‍♂️🤓 ✌🏻
Defo getting mine for switch tho 😅🥴😂

Allied39d ago

Didn't they mention that this would be patched up for the new consoles?

ocelot0739d ago

Possibly it's one of those games I am looking forward to but not on release day. So I can wait a few months get it cheap and play it on PS5 with a PS5 patch hopefully.

Relientk7739d ago

I was thinking of waiting for the PS5 version anyway. This just makes it easier.

Jman155339d ago

I feel that. I wanted to wait for the new AMD or Nvidia GPU's coming out this year before playing this, as I expect it to be demanding.
More time for other games then!

Baza39d ago

Yup definitely waiting for the PS5 version at this point.

YEP41439d ago

100 million vs 1 million ps5 version doesn’t make sense!

Zeke6839d ago

Unless most upgrade and buy it for PS5 😉

ajax1739d ago

Definitely. I'm surprised it isn't exclusive for next gen in the first place, considering how shit the CPU's are for the current generation.

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mrmikew201839d ago

I knew something else was going to get delayed.

Veneno39d ago

Yup I told someone on here that FF7 and Cyberpunk would be delayed and they cried no but here we are😂

sander970239d ago

Man as soon as I saw the title my heart sank into my chest, but whatever man it will be better when it comes I guess but f*ck...

When did delays become the new standard?

Christopher39d ago

Ack! I mean, fine, whatever. Good for the game. But this needing to be pushed sucks.

I guess we know which game will be ready for PS5 and Series X at least.