Big in Japan: Nintendo Switch Lite sells over one million units in just three months

Chris writes: "Nintendo’s dominance over the Japanese market shows no sign of slowing down, according to Famitsu’s yearly sales report for 2019. Most notable is the remarkable success of the Switch Lite in the region, skyrocketing to a touch over one million units sold since its launch, that’s in just three months.

This makes the Switch Lite the second most successful console in the region in 2019 – beaten only by the Switch itself, with 3,448,502 units sold, resulting in a total of 4,494,000 units sold for the Switch family.

These sales dwarf those by rival Sony, with the Switch family claiming a 75 per cent share of all 2019 hardware sales, with 17 per cent of that total coming from the Switch Lite itself. The Switch family’s sales are up roughly 30 per cent from 2018 too, undoubtedly helped by the release of the Switch lite.

For comparison, rival Sony sold 773,773 units of the PS4 and 422,380 units for the PS4 Pro – For a total of 1,196,000 units sold across the PS4 line, a decrease of 29.5 per cent year on year, with a total of 1,695,227 units sold in 2018."

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NeoGamer2321158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Nintendo has an iron grip on Japan gamers!