Ape Escape Deserves A Crash Bandicoot-Esque Remake

Cultured Vultures: With remakes of classic games becoming the norm, Ash makes the case for one trilogy of games deserves a comeback: Ape Escape.

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isarai523d ago

If Medieval can get one, Ape Escape DEFINITELY needs one

ApocalypseShadow523d ago

Or, an Astrobot-Esque VR Remake. Difference will be that they're not always hidden or hiding but it's hard to capture them. Leading to the chase. You got to sneak up on them. And use your gadgets.

522d ago
Harkins1721522d ago

100% Id love all 3 games please. But the first most importantly. Also would love upgraded controls and weapons. New levels? Oh please!

Retroman522d ago

I would love to see remake of Battle Arena Toshinden