Santa Monica Narrative Animator Teases Work on Next Game, Possible God of War Sequel

Kim Newman, Narrative Animator at Santa Monica Studio, posted an image of her in a motion capture suit with the text "Feels good to be back in the suit." While more than likely a new God of War game, it might also be something else. But it does show that they are getting into the phase of the project involving motion capture work.

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Jin_Sakai853d ago

Can’t only imaging what the next God of War will look like on PS5.

chrisx853d ago

Next gen aint even here yet but the game of that gen is in progress. Can't wait for this,it's gonna be an event.

sampsonon853d ago

I believe the game of this gen will be the last of us 2. and next gen the last of us 3.

ilikestuff853d ago

God of war is my favorite game of this decade, gameplay and story were nuts, it’s been forever since I’ve stopped playing a game to look around at graphics, I’d do that almost every time I’d play that game. It was so good. I’m very excited to see where that game goes from here.

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SyntheticForm853d ago


God of War has fantastic, extraordinary visuals. Great overall art direction; a visual powerhouse unequaled in my opinion.

The particle effects are downright godly and the best I've ever seen in a game.

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RpgSama853d ago


"Can’t only imaging what the next God of War will look like on PS5."

Not only on PS5, but built from the ground up for PS5!, SO excited.

GaboonViper852d ago

Yep no cross gen rubbish, pure next gen greatness the way is should always be.

Neonridr852d ago

If God of War on my PS4 Pro + OLED 4K were any indication, we are definitely in for a big treat.

GaboonViper852d ago

We will need cushions under our jaws to prevent losing our teeth when they drop with disbelief.

CaptainHenry916852d ago

2022 release if they just started

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ps3rider853d ago

No doubt its coming. last one opened the opportunity for more sequels. Secondly the studio did it right way but not rebooting. well deserved title

Inzo853d ago

There are other realms still to be unlocked so a sequel was never in doubt. I was one of its biggest critics with the direction that GOW was going but Cory Barlog showed how a soft reboot should be done and at its core it was still GOW. Having Barlog as director was one of its major advantages because he was there since the very beginning.

terrorofdeath852d ago

They also teased other mythologies to be explored, wonder if they'll do it though.

Dovergamer852d ago

Bases are getting loaded with the PS5 camp. I can't imagine how things are going to be for God of War 5 in the PS5.

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Gamehard853d ago

But but... It'll be aNtI ConSUmeR if it's not on PS4 also lol.

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BigBosss853d ago

Definitely PS5 exclusive which I cannot!

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