DBPG: Hotel Mario Review (CD-I) – Deservedly Infamous or Hidden Gem?

Hotel Mario is one of those games that needs almost no introduction. Released in 1994 it was developed by Fantasy Factory and published by Philps Interactive Media.

The graphics are a mixed bag. The characters in game have a lot of personality with some nice color, though there not much movement in the backgrounds and the cut-scenes are legendary both for he goofy visuals and the terrible voice acting. The sound on the whole is average at best, some stages have decent music but even those tracks wear out their welcome. The control is slippery and the buttons are reversed from the norm, so you will be opening doors when you want to jump and vice versa. Getting the hang of how to go in and out of elevators takes some practice as well

The main action in the game is closing elevator doors. There is a lot to like here, does it deserve the hate it gets?

If you want to see our full breakdown, check out our full article below for our points as well as the full video review

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