January 2020 Humble Choice Overview

Along with all of the good that Humble Bundle already brings to the table, they additionally offer players the chance to pick up to nine video games per month from a curated selection (10 if you're on the classic plan). Varying from popular titles to indie games you’ve probably never heard of, Humble Choice generates a diverse curated bundle to help establish the most paramount game libraries.

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RazzerRedux1236d ago

Best subscription in gaming. The games are yours.....forever.

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MadLad1236d ago

Almost every game listed is worth owning. I have PS Now, and Gamepass, but this is easily the best value subscription in gaming.

I'm lucky I got grandfathered in having had Humble Monthly for a couple years now.

porkChop1236d ago

Yeah I've had Humble Monthly for years. Only ever skipped one month. It's such great value.

SickSinceSix1236d ago

Was hard choosing only 10 out of 12 this month though, last month we got all the games.

Petebloodyonion1236d ago

I agree, I have the legacy plan and discovered lots of good game tks Humble Bundle (still playing Wizard of legend).
Also worth noting the 20% discount you have in the store and access to the vault (throve).
favorite game in the Bundle to date?