Top 100 Best-Selling Games of 2019 in Japan Revealed by Famitsu: Nintendo Switch Dominates

Today's issue of Weekly Famitsu included a massive ranking with the top-100 best-selling physical retail games of 2019 in Japan.

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Christopher317d ago

That DMC5 total sales number really hurts. Less than Days Gone for such a massive IP that went back to the roots that so many people wanted. Does that mean the series has moved primarily to be a Western IP as a whole?

Sad to see Yakuza low sales as well, which is why I think they moved them West. Their lack of interest is our gain!

With these numbers, can anyone be surprised why a more Western-focused executive team is taking charge in Sony, though? Let's just hope they keep bringing Japanese games to the West, though. We are buying them at a much higher rate than Japan apparently.

Abriael317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

The Yakuza games in the list were all uprezzed ports, so they actually had solid performance considering that the Japanese audience normally doesn't care all that much for remasters, even more so when they have nothing new. Wii U remasters tend to be the exception because the Wii U did so badly so people didn't buy the original games, on top of the additional portability that makes them desirable.

DMC has also never been super-popular in Japan.

Sure, we're buying more Japanese games than Japan (in some cases), but "we" are a lot of countries against one. It is true that Japanese devs have mostly understood that Japan alone isn't enough nowadays.

Christopher317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

"Japanese audience normally doesn't care all that much for remasters"

Interesting. Guess those were again done just to resell to the West?

"DMC has also never been super-popular in Japan."

Not as popular as some other Japanese titles, but this is less than a third of the original and half of the 4th game. Losing 50% seems a sharp decline of interest in Japan in general. And, those sales numbers are still in top 50 or 25 in Japan, I'd call that still "popular."

"but "we" are a lot of countries against one"

True, but I think the overall decline of sales in Japan is what I was getting at, not that we buy more, but that Japanese are buying a lot less on consoles and PC as they've moved to more portable methods of gaming. Meaning, there's less people to target in Japan now compared to the last few generations. I think if the Japan market was buying at the rate they did in the PS1 days, they'd maintain a Japan-centric release and focus.

Abriael317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

The Yakuza games were PS3 games relaunched on PS4. Mostly for Japan I'd guess since it took an eternity to get them announced for the west.

Losing that much for DMC isn't that surprising considering that the series has been pretty much dormant for 11 years. In most cases, when you don't keep an IP under the spotlight, it tends to slide into obscurity, that's something that happens often in Japan.

The only exception I can think off the top of my head is Ace Combat 7.

There have been a lot of popular and semi-popular IPs that were damaged pretty badly by being inactive for a decade or more for various reasons. Japan tends to be very marketing-intensive, so things that aren't marketed actively get forgotten.

Christopher317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

Some numbers from this:

49 games in top 100
13,910,910 total games sold
283,896 average games sold per title

48 games in top 100
6,211,344 total games sold
129,403 average games sold per title

Christopher317d ago

Thanks for the insight, Abriael.

Neonridr317d ago

16 of the top 20 belong to Nintendo. They really understand that market.

Nerdmaster317d ago

Some sales are really disappointing, especially Astral Chain and DMC5,

I miss the old times when I saw the japanese weekly sales figures and they were so high.

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