God Of War II Demo Hands-On Impressions

God of War must have been a tough act to follow. After winning dozens of awards and garnering a strong fan following, expectations were more than a little high. GAMEINFORMER played through the sequel's demo and were equally relieved and psyched because the developers stayed true to the elements that made the game so successful in the first part: great characters, great combat and a great setting. Rather than fouling things up by making sweeping and unnecessary changes to the core gameplay, God of War II manages to look and play even slightly better than the original while sticking close to its roots.

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bilal4904d ago

is one of the last great ps2 titles...
other are ff12 , rogue galaxy....

Siesser4904d ago

I have to agree. After I got God Hand and Okami, I knew there was only one game left before my PS2 buying days were behind me, and this is it. I just watched the 3-part demo run-through and was blown away by how beautiful the game looks, and how much of a blast it's going to be to play. To think, that huge opponent and the complexity and length of the encounter are just the BEGINNING of the game. I'm already craving God of War 3 ;)