How Do We Say Goodbye to Retro

Why is giving up on and putting away old consoles so hard? Boyz II Men never told me the answer.

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isarai42d ago

Why do you need to? good games are good games no matter the age, if you have the means why not play as many as you can? hell im still finding hidden gems on my several older consoles.

Apocalypse Shadow42d ago

Correct. I say hello to old systems every week. Or Mame reminds me of the instant fun of childhood gaming. Even found games I didn't know existed like the Jackie Chan fighting game that's like SF and MK.

And this game called Thunder Hoop 2. Seems like a Forgotten Worlds/ Contra game.

Isarai, you mentioned hidden gems. That's right. Found a lot on old consoles and arcade games. What's funny is that a lot of These mobile games still don't hold a candle to old games. They just copy the design of Mario or Ninja Gaiden or Contra, etc. But I guess that happens just like above. Guess everyone copies a good thing.

isarai42d ago

DAMN THAT LOOKS SWEET! gotta get on that as soon as i finish the Turrican series, Super Turrican 2 is beast!

TheRealTedCruz42d ago

There's literally no reason to?
Don't get me wrong, I run a lot of my childhood classics through emulation at this point so I can get solid fps and resolutions, but I decent chunk of my gaming time per week almost always still goes to playing these older games, alongside the new stuff.

Knightofelemia42d ago

You never say good bye to retro older games are great systems are simple to fix and clean and if your system dies you can swap parts from another console. I still play my older consoles and games and I acquire older games time to time.

ScootaKuH42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Why should you have to? I still have a SNES, Mega Drive and N64 and feel no need to stop playing them

They're also a part of gaming history, we shouldn't forget them.

jznrpg42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

You don’t , or at least you don’t have to. I have a Sony Trinitron 32’ Tv that weighs 2 tons and forever staying in my basement . Below the TV I have a Saturn TurboGrafx-16 and GameCube Wii . Under my big 65’ is Retron 5 Dreamcast and WiiU and Fat PS3 PS4 . I have an original Xbox and a 360 but they sit under the bar as I don’t play them much. I still have a PS1 and 2 but I just use my fat PS3 and have all of the Nintendo’s and a Genesis but use Retron 5 for those. I go back and play old games with my little ones as they tend to like the older games more . And of course I put in at least a few RPGs during the year . I have an Atari and Coleco Vision somewhere in boxes and I think I still have Intellivision too. I have lots of games but I wish I had more ! Some games just cost too much but I slowly add to my collection when I find a decent price on some rarer games

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