Crystal Dynamics Expected Backlash Over Avengers Game

Marvel's Avengers game developer Crystal Dynamics says it expected criticism from the passionate fans of the Marvel's 80 years of history.

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jambola735d ago

you mean the thing that ever developer gets?
how did they know

ilikestuff735d ago

Maybe they didn’t expect so much of that backlash, maybe they thought since they were working with a big franchise that it was going to be a hit no matter what and then they half assed it and people got mad. I know I got a pretty decent franchise in my crouch region, if I half ass my game, I get some serious backlash from the wife. But by that time the “game” has already been released and I’m not going to patch anything in, because, at that point, it’s time to take a nap

rainslacker734d ago (Edited 734d ago )

Seems to be doubly true for anything comic or Star Wars related. They'll still buy it or spend money on it though, which is why no one making decisions listens to them.

DanielEndurance735d ago

I was listening to SIFTD’s podcast “GameFace” a while ago and co-host Matt Kiel said he ran into some of the devs at a bar the week of E3 2019 who were absolutely baffled at the poor reception to the game, completely not expecting it whatsoever... I believe that story more than this one.

UltraNova734d ago (Edited 734d ago )

Wow, if they've seen public reaction and were surprised then its not going to end well for them. Hopefully, this delay is them realising that the game lacks and needs more polish.

That said, the character models felt weird, like they intentionally made them look almost like the MCU counterparts. That "almost" came off really bad to me. They should have gone for a more comic accurate look or an entirely new design. Other than that I felt that the gameplay was a bit confined and heavy directed with severely underpowered characters.

Hungryalpaca734d ago

The negative reception seems to be it looks like a cheap Chinese knock off.

Like. It’s captain America but it’s not. That’s black widow but it’s not.

Inzo735d ago

"Crystal Dynamics Expected Backlash Over Avengers Game"

I dont know why, its not like anyone was going to buy it.

Spenok735d ago (Edited 735d ago )

What? It seems strange to think nobody was going to buy this game.

Especially when it's guaranteed success based on brand alone. Not to mention Crystal Dynamics know how to make a good product.

Rachel_Alucard734d ago

Oh you mean that Tomb Raider trilogy that fizzled out after the first game? With the new game being focused on GaaS and their history of poor decisions I don't really believe that.

UltraNova734d ago

MCU fanboys will eat that shit up like there's no tommorow.

Spenok734d ago

[email protected]

Exactly. Not to mention kids, and mothers/fathers/grandparents who have no idea what they're buying.

This game is going to sell no matter what happens. HOWEVER! A delay is always a good thing. It gives developers a chance to fix things to release a better project. So, since we have seen practically nothing about this game yet, I'm going to take the wait and see approach instead of pretending to know everything about it yet.

Iamnothuman12735d ago

I mean it happens when you give someone something totally different than what they expect.

AnubisG735d ago (Edited 735d ago )

Maybe should have made the actual Avangers the main protagonists of the game instead of Kamala Khan who is only known by a very small % of people?

Just an idea....

red2tango735d ago

SJWs in the gaming ruined Battlefield with this shit. Most TV shows are impossible to watch because of this. This game will belly flop in the sales department.

Sono421734d ago

I mean, they clearly picked her because she is a dark skinned woman, is that not by definition racist/sexist?

rainslacker734d ago (Edited 734d ago )

People were talking crap about this game before they had that little nugget to reveal. It's like all the hate for EGS became retroactively valid because Epic gave people some reasonable thing to dislike, or saying that people upset over the captain marvel movie before any of the negativity of SJW comments made by those involved, were now not valid because people had a new problem with the SJW stuff that cropped up after the initial criticisms.

Sometimes, people just latch onto something to dislike, and they did since the first showing of the Avengers.

UltraNova734d ago

Captain Marvel SJW shit was started by Larson herself and her male-hating remarks, among other things, mostly bullshit. You know shitting on your primary targeted demographic (male comics fans). It didn't help that the movie turned out to be pretty mediocre in the end too.

As for the game in question - Avengers, did you like their reveal trailer?

rainslacker734d ago

Yeah, but people were not too happy with the movie to begin with. Not because of the SJW stuff, although some expressed that concern, but because it seemed like a bad movie. Apparently criticizing media that is too "woke"(love that we have an easy word to describe it now), is considered sexist and only misogynistic neckbeard children use it. Must be nice that these SJW types have a easy way to avoid any kind of criticism.

I liked the start of it, but the deeper dive at the same time wasn't that impressive. I felt it went on too long, and seemed like it just got worse over the course of the trailer.

When they started talking about the GaaS aspect of the game, I just lost interest, so I haven't really spent much time thinking about the game itself. When they introduced the main character, I didn't even care about the game anymore, and just shook my head at both the inclusion of the character because of the likely reasons for it, and the character design itself which was pretty lame. I don't have anything against the character herself, because honestly, I know nothing about her. She just seems like a lame Mr. Fantastic rip off.

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