Ebay Bans Online Auctions of Virtual Game Booty

The San Jose, California-based Internet auction house decided to bar sales of what was essentially computer code representing riches, swords and other items in games due to "legal complexities" regarding ownership.

"We decided it was best to just not allow sales of them," Ebay spokesman Hani Durzy said of virtual game goods.

"We are not saying they are legal and we are not saying they are illegal."

Ebay continues to allow auctions of items from virtual societies such as Second Life, where people represented by animated figures called "avatars" buy and sell homes and other "property" made of computer codes.

"Right now, Second Life is not considered a game so we are not applying the restriction to it," Durzy said.

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FFVIIFan4908d ago

being cautious about this, but what 'legal complexions' are there. I'm sure they're are some but are there really any that Ebay couldn't handle?

MicroGamer4908d ago

Sorry, but I posted this here last week and it was already approved

FFVIIFan4908d ago

I must've missed it. I checked back on the first two pages of submitted news and didn't see it.

MicroGamer4908d ago

Come on n4g staffers. Check to see if stories have already been approved before you approve them again.