Opinion: Sony's Absence Hurts E3 More Than the PS5

Another year without Sony (and especially its PS5) spells trouble for E3 as we know it.

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Dovergamer83d ago

I have spoken...:P

Without any doubt.

bluefox75583d ago

I'm not sure how it hurts the ps5 at all. They'll still make all of their announcements, only difference being, they'll have complete control over it. When the console maker that's closing out the gen with over 100 million sales tells you "this isn't going to work anymore", perhaps you should rethink your business strategy.

rainslacker82d ago

It's really like the games news media just relishes in being wrong almost all the time.

DanielEndurance83d ago

They might just let Microsoft spill all their beans, then come in and 1UP them at every turn a week later.

WickedLester83d ago

That's actually not a bad strategy. Though I think in terms of console specs, "the hay is in the barn" so to speak at this point. Not sure if Sony could make any major adjustments to the PS5's design this late in the process.

JonTheGod83d ago

They doubled PS4's RAM at the last second, surprising most devs last time around...

rainslacker82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

If you look at how Sony is handling things, they are actually coming out first with most of the important information. It's been MS that's been following. The first one up that MS has really gotten is a 1st party game announcement, and the look of the console.

Same thing happened last gen, and last gen MS delayed its reveal event because of it...which is scary because their reveal event was still god awful.

King_Noctis83d ago

Wait until June. I’d love to see your comment on this site during that month.

UnSelf83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

The last two e3s weren’t anything too spectacular

RpgSama83d ago

I remember last June and how everybody said that Sony won e3 from MS without even being there. That June your referring to?

Haaliax83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

The end of microsoft's presentation is still being used as a base for memes, it was the most impactful (to popular culture) gaming presentation ever (keanu reeves). I think most people want to see microsoft fail. I've noticed in any comment section everytime anyone says anything positive for them is overwhelmingly downvoted even if it is a fact and doesn't attack anyone (The most powerfull one I remember is downvoting into oblivion a comment saying that game pass is a good deal for gamers).

That being said, I don't like that Sony isn't there. Last sony's presentation was great as a presentation (but weak regarding new games, and I think they didn't want to compete because this was starting to show)

King_Noctis82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

“ I remember last June and how everybody said that Sony won e3 from MS without even being there.”

Who said it? And they won with what exactly? How can someone win something without even attending it?

rainslacker82d ago (Edited 82d ago )


Several major-ish websites with a penchant for cozying up to MS said it. Then of course, lots of people on here were laughing at how Sony pretty much stole MS thunder.

I know you were around, so i know you know that all happened.

Was it true?

I couldn't say, because the notion of "winning" is a rather vaguely defined and rhetorical metric.

I'd say at the very least, Sony didn't lose anything, nor did MS.

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The story is too old to be commented.