Introducing the Zeebo: Brazil's New Console

From PS3 Informer:

"The Zeebo packs an ARM 11 main processor clocked at 400 MHz and a second ARM 9 Graphics chip clocked at 274 MHz. With this hardware, the Zeebo should be able to compete favorably with the Playstation 2 in terms of raw power.

Interestingly, the Zeebo does not use optical media of any kind. Instead, games are downloaded over a free 3G wireless connection and can be stored on 1 GB of internal flash memory inside the console. The machine also has an SD card port for game saves and other uses."

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clinker3626d ago

This thing actually sounds kind of rad. I would rather have this than one of those awful Chinese Wii knockoffs.

Bodhi3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

So many of you are so ignorant to everything.

This is going to rival the PS2 in the Brazil, this thing is actually priced pretty nicely in Brazil, and it does as much performance as the PS2.

Do any of you understand how Brazil protectionist economy works? They have almost everything overpriced and overtaxed that isn't from Brazil.

The hardware itself and how digital distribution is handled is really interesting, It has a 1G flash memory, has SD slots, games (between 8 and 11 USD) will be downloaded through a FREE 3G or Edge Network (Cellphone network companies are in).

Zeebo: R$ 599,90 ($ 240) with 5 games included: Quake, Fifa, Brain Training, Need for Speed: Carbon and Prey Evil.

Game price: R$ 9,90 - R$29,90 -> $ 3,90 - $ 11,90

PS2 = R$ 700,00 - Games: R$160,00 - pirated games: R$ 10,00

360 = R$ 2.999,00 (1.400 with importers) - Games: R$ 180,00 - pirated games: 15,00

DS and PSP = ~500,00~700,00R$

This would actually work with the prices in Brazil, that and it's proud people will buy the product from Brazil. Zeebo already has licensed EA, Ubisoft and a couple other publishers to release games on the Zeebo.

This machine itself is a pretty slick looking machine.

dude_uk3626d ago

hey that's what i tried to explain and a mod deleted my post..

skillshot3626d ago

To Bodhi:

"So many of you are so ignorant to everything."

Thats ignorant saying that. You cant honestly expect people to have great knowledge about Brazillian economics. It was a really insightful, good message, but dont horde your knowledge over people.

Silverman3626d ago

No one in Brasil pays R$10 for a pirated game, try R$2

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The Matrix3626d ago

Yeah that can stay in Brazil too...

Nikkelz3626d ago

matrix....good one

keep gaming

xaviertooth3626d ago

finally, a console where 360 will have an advantage over... finally!!!

Keele3626d ago

Catastrophe emerged that day, the attempt they created and the outcome of what they failed.

The plan was a recreation of a new superior Nasim with more brainpower which resulted in a complete backfire.. instead of creating a more intelligent Nasim.. they made a stupider one instead..

Thus Xavier was born.

xaviertooth3626d ago

*facepalm* kelee!

fact is xbots are those misguided idiots of gaming who liked to be assraped by microsoft over and over again.

kelee, just like pp are xbots! nuff said!

Keele3626d ago



God, what an idiot.


xaviertooth3626d ago

ooohh im so sorry kilii!

but then again, that wouldn't change the fact that you are an idiotic xbot.

Keele3626d ago

Do you have any valid evidence of me being an xbox fanboy? No, you don't. Therefore I win.

sak5003626d ago

@xavier And the only advantage you have is that your mom gives good head otherwise you would have been thrown out of the house being a 40 year old virgin living with your mom.

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Magnus3626d ago

Why do I see one of these things in a garage sale 2 yrs from now

The Matrix3626d ago

Um...maybe because you're from the future.

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