DF Direct: Xbox Series X First Party Games To Run On Xbox One - Is This A Good Thing?

Microsoft has recently revealed that all Xbox Series X first party titles for the next 1-2 years will also run on Xbox One and Xbox One X. Is the era of the groundbreaking next-gen launch game a thing of the past - for Microsoft at least? What are the pr…

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sibyl15d ago

Wow, I really expected Richard to collect the check but even he was pretty honest about it.

There will be limitations on the types games they can make by tying the games to the base Xbox One, that's just how it is.

Septic5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

This is a new narrative getting primed now that DF are in MS' pockets in light of rumours and leaks suggesting that the new Xbox will have the best specs. It started building as the X1X got revealed and flexed its muscles and IF the leaks are true, I imagine we'll see more of the ill founded and frankly silly "DF collecting cheques" statements.

It really is silly and it isnt fooling anyone other than all those that force themselves to subscribe to it...

_SilverHawk_5d ago

Why would anyone want to buy the xbox series x. I cant wait to buy the ps5 day one

Battlestar234d ago

Sounds like something a conspiracy nut would say Septic and trying to start a row here to stop people talking about the fact that Microsoft screwed up badly is typical of you.

sibyl14d ago

Septic, it's not a "new narrative" people have said DF and Eurogamer especially Richard have been on Microsoft side since way back on PS3. It's hardly a new opinion, and people see it continuing evidence of it all the time still.

Septic4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

So all those comparison videos were based on lies and being paid off and we will see conspiracy theory posts all the time in the event that the SX will be besting the PS5 technically. That's.....well....I'd be lying if I said I'm surprised

@Battlestar- the fact that you have so many agrees for such a nonsensical post is pretty typical

Rude-ro4d ago

The stigma is there because digital foundry did everything to boost Microsoft’s weaker Xbox one..
From “how close and the type of tv you need” to comparing to pc then grouping console as if nothing is different to fluffing 720p implementations etc.
They are pc focused... pc is Microsoft.

sibyl14d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Septic I am not going to argue with you any further.

But let me say I think it's adorable that you seem to believe that people are above personal bias and that people are so noble that even if Microsoft offered money or just access that everyone would refuse it out of pure chivalry.

But that's not how the real world works, in the real world people have bills to pay or wages to pass out or they might just want something for free like early access to a console to report on. People who write articles on the internet are not above saying something for a company for money or free goods even if they didn't necessarily believe what they were saying.

Haven't you ever seen a commercial or a infomercial? Do you think people on those all believe everything they say and aren't doing it for money?

It's just the way the world works, it happens in every single industry.

umair_s514d ago

The example of Witcher 3 on switch comes to mind. The series x version will shine but base Xbox one would be seriously limited.

rainslacker4d ago

Well...better than the old narrative that everything Sony does is anti-consumer, and MS is somehow Godly and can do no wrong. But, I didn't see you calling out false narratives during those times.

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S2Killinit5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Basically the series x is really a mid generation upgrade it seems. Its not like DF needs to spell this out for us either.

Eldyraen4d ago

A temporary one anyways, unless third party pushes a next gen game for them first. But next gen games from third party are already rather few and far between for 1-2 years anyways—and this could make that even more true.

I’m still buying a Series X because long term it will be what most want want from next gen—a true next gen console. Until then, I’ll treat it like I do my Pro/X or even pc gpu. I enjoyed having them as well.

But no denying that I was expecting 1-2 next gen exclusives even if smaller in scope than halo infinite (which we at least knew was crossgen for quite a while).

BLizardXD4d ago

series X will be able to take ps5 visuals and upgrade them if that's what you mean.

RangerWalk2674d ago

How is it a mid generation upgrade when it's more powerful than the PS5? Did you miss the video of hellblade 2?
Both consoles are a day one purchase for me. So I don't care what either decide to do about whether or not they leave those that invested in the hardware this gen. It would be a poor choice for the consumers to just drop those that invested. Sony did that going from the PS3 to the PS4 and then they charged people for remakes of the game instead of making them backwards compatible

King_Noctis4d ago

So what happen in one or two years when games stop release on Xbox One?

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ThoedEssay7734d ago

Are you a developer, or working in the gaming field?

Tech54d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I'm guessing that Ray tracing will be the major difference between cross gen games. Ray trace lighting, ray trace reflections, ray trace global illumination, and ray trace ambient occlusion. All of these features still do have an effect on a rtx 2080.

Also increased tesselation and drawing distance. Among the expected advancements.

Zeref4d ago (Edited 4d ago )


Then you're a terrible developer or you're lying. I'm a student and even i know that it's pretty easy to just turn off things to make it work on weaker platforms. If it wasn't possible we wouldn't have Witcher 3 on the Switch. GTA 5 had first person mode and several other features exclusive to this gen because it wasn't possible on the 360, same with Shadow of Mordors nemesis system. Horizon Zero dawns missing flight mechanic could have easily been an exclusive PS5 feature. This isn't the early 360 days. Tools have become much more advanced at these kinds of things.

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gamer78044d ago

I mean honestly its not hard, games like dead rising, the design would work, but like other games they wouldn't have as many zombies on the screen or the draw distance in the open world would be reduced. PC games do this all the time. They could also add calls to different functions in the code to call on different types of physics to be implemented depending on the hardware. PC already does this... this video really didn't shed any new light on anything new.

Doggy1234d ago

So many downvoted for what is a true statement

rainslacker4d ago

I remember a couple years ago Bethesda gave some teasers for a couple next gen games. They couldn't specify the consoles, because at the time, they were still unnannounced. I recall how everyone was all excited for the next gen, and despite the frequent comments about how much Bethesda sucks, everyone seemed pretty much on board with the excitement about what next gen would bring.

Now, less than two years later, we're seeing some people say how they don't care so much, because the first two years there was nothing to look forward to anyways.

I'd be the first to say that this particular gen didn't really push the boundaries of game design. hell, I've been saying it since the beginning of the gen. But at the same time, I also said that the idea of a new generation should be more than just graphics increases. My criticisms of this gen weren't meant to mean we should become complacent and expect less.

With the new gen, there is hardware that can really bring advances to game design like we used to see between generations. That has me excited, because I want to see what creative devs can bring to the table. What I don't want is just another gen with prettier visuals.

I fully expect the first year or two that will be what we get, but some people are talking like this is a good thing as if it were going to go on indefinately for the generation, and that to me is just people who have no expectation of improvement, and are too blinded by shiny new graphics.

NXFather4d ago

Can you name a game on PS5 coming that will have revolutionary physics and ai? At launch or ever?

sibyl14d ago

LoL... well considering we only know of one PS5 game and it's not from a first party you may as well ask me to guess what what number your thinking of between 1 and ∞.

NXFather4d ago

Take a guess with established franchises. I'll give you that. And explain.

rainslacker4d ago

If we guessed, then it'd just be speculation. What's the point in your question? How could we possibly know if any next gen game from Sony would take advantage of the new hardware features for sure?

What we can assume is that Sony's first party at least will make use of them. MS has pretty much said the first year or two, they aren't going to be doing that.

It's not about what Sony's doing, because people can discuss if their games are taking advantage of next gen when the time comes. Trying to deflect to Sony to say that what MS is doing is OK seems pointless with no known games for comparison. We know what MS is doing, so why not discuss how that is good or bad, and how that relates to their own decisions on how to advance their own first party.

I mean, for over a year now we've been hearing how these devs they brought, or their existing devs, were going to deliver all these great next gen games. It just takes time as I recall. But, as it is, if those games come out in the first year or two of XSX's life, they'll just be pretty current gen games.

NXFather4d ago

Take a guess with established franchises. I'll give you that.

NXFather4d ago

Are you not understanding that you have not seen either revolutionary physics or ai. That's the point. You have no proof of what you are talking about. Hence why I am asking you to take a guess. Thanks captain obvious.

chiefJohn1174d ago

That's played out, who the hell isn't on MS payroll? Y'all say everyone that has anything positive to say is getting paid by MS. Grow up already and get that hate out your heart

NXFather4d ago

I just find it funny how none of you back-wood/armchair developers can actually prove anything you say. For example give me just one example of physics and AI that would revolutionize gaming or a group of smaller ones that is plausible and possible with the target specs/confirmed specs by Microsoft or Sony. I will gladly walk it back if you can but, I already know you cannot. Just one suggestion that could be done even if they won't but, preferably something plausible and relevant. And it better be good. Or don't waste your time. Since I know you don't believe it with the established franchises or else you would just go with one of those and give examples.

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Apocalypse Shadow5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

DF is trying to be nice about it and taking a wait and see approach. But don't like the idea of it even if they understand the business sense of it. But as we have said, this design philosophy affects the next gen version. Worse if Series X online games have to play against lesser versions and there's no side mode for that. Next gen gamers want to play against next gen gamers with all the trimmings like physics and A.I.

Next gen will be about what's not possible on the previous gen. It's always been that way. Gamers will say it take 2 years to get a handle on next gen systems. But when you look at Sony's first parties, they already started preparing for next gen during this gen with split teams. And as we have seen, none of Sony's games coincided with another first party's release of a game. It's been round robin. To think it's not possible to have advanced games at launch is foolish.

Can't wait for the new narrative though. I know it's coming. Just like Xbox fans were saying that Sony was making gamers rebuy PS2 games(ludicrous with no gun to the head) when Sony didn't have BC to begin with on PS4. They are going to say this:

"Sony is making you rebuy games again across platforms." "With Xbox, all we have to do is buy one copy of a game and it will work on all systems including PC." "We just download a patch for new graphics and features."

That's what they'll say. Sony is making you buy a game twice. Only thing is, Sony's exclusive PS5 games won't be on PS4. So, how can you buy a game twice when it's offered only once to sell a new console?

Can't wait to see the articles and narrative.

Daz4d ago

I just dont get this guy the hate is strong with this one. Does it make you fill better going to xbox artical, writing a couple of paragraphs why sony is best and xbox is crap or talk about fanboys when your clearly one yourself. It's like a full time job for you..

Also there allot of articals out that fits the narrative on both sides.

Apocalypse Shadow4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

You mean, because I bring facts or highly possible speculation, it digs in your craw? DF just doesn't want to ruffle feathers and get on Microsoft's bad side.

***But they don't like it either***

You can tell from the video. That's not why gamers buy next gen games. For marginally better graphics. We want to see ***gameplay*** not possible on current gen.

Also, if Demon Souls Remake is true on PS5, you guys are going to say:

"Sony is making you rebuy Demon Souls." "You should be able to put your PS3 version in PS5 and download new features."

I know how you guys think. You already did that about PS2 games on PS4. You can't deny it. It's already truth.

chiefJohn1174d ago

Just ignore him shadow got his head so far up there he hasn't seen sunlight since the PS3 released. He's in his own little world.

darthv724d ago

"Sony's exclusive PS5 games won't be on PS4." well that is by choice because they want to sell units. They are a hardware company first and software company second. MS is the opposite. They both have the same goal though. To make $$ and both have been successful in doing just that.

Apocalypse Shadow4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

By producing consoles themselves instead of Nvidia,


Sony makes great hardware and software. They have to sell both to be successful. You're giving Microsoft an excuse when they make tablets, laptops,etc. And software like Windows and games.

Excuses. Don't give very rich companies excuses.

nucky644d ago

if MS is such a software expert - why, since the first xbox back in '04 have they struggled to consistently bring great 1st party games?

Apocalypse Shadow4d ago

Makes you wonder Nucky. Makes you wonder. Especially with all that money they got.

NXFather4d ago

They have to take a wait and see approach since there won't be any revolutionary physics and ai from anyone next Gen much less launch window? Can you name one coming?

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Thundercat775d ago

I don't needed DF to tell me this. We all know there is going to be limitations. Only a certain group is on denial.

darthv724d ago

There are always limitations. But know that the limitations of one will not effect the other.

Gahl1k4d ago

I don't know how you could say that. Unless Microsoft is willing to develop the same game for both consoles simultaneously (something I suspect they'll do otherwise all that Series X power talk is for nothing), the limitations will affect next-gen games.

Just look at PC, for example, average one is 2 to 3 times more powerful than base consoles, however, it only gets nicer graphics and more frames. That's it. No advanced AI or physics (except those select games the GPU manufacturers pay for and are so intensive to run anyway), no different paths to quests, no change in gameplay, no more locations or NPCs. It's the exact same game with same design choices that devs made taking consoles as a base. If developers are unwilling to put effort and time, then there'll be a lot of untapped, wasted power here.

slavish05d ago

Seems like people that dont plan to buy xbox complain more about xbox. I love the fact sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are drastically different. It actually makes it better to get multiple consoles since your experience is so unique. Remember xbox ps2 and gamecube? Basically the same approach by every company.

toshiye965d ago

You don't think John Linneman owns an Xbox...

No one is even complaining, it's just a fact that games will be held back by this decision. The problem is people trying to deny it that's causing the argument.

PyroMessiah864d ago

That would depend entirely on the development pipeline and you and noone else here in the comments is privy to what Microsoft has planned in ADVANCE with having their games scale.

Everyone needs to sit down and relax, and stop treating EVERYTHING like an opportunity to score console war points.

4d ago
UltraNova5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Its like saying that only people who don't plan on voting for Trump complain about him...well duh did you expect Trump supporters to complain?

I always laugh when this argument comes up. This is democracy, you can support something or complain/criticize it as you see fit.

MS made an unpopular decision and they are rightfully criticized for it. Enough with this bullcrap.

darthv724d ago

MS made a very popular decision that Sony fans are upset about because Sony didn't make it first. As is the case with many things MS has pioneered (and been criticized for) only for Sony to adopt in the next round (and take all the credit for).

RazzerRedux5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

"Seems like people that dont plan to buy xbox complain more about xbox. "

Right....cuz PlayStation fans were the ones mocking the logo reveal? Just saying.....this works both ways.

Daz4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

That's what happens when some people hype things up and falls flat, happens allot on both sides less for sony..

All them streams for a logo.
But hey carnt have a bit of fun tacking the Michael might offend the snowflakes ^^. The bin and fridge mem also many others is funny for the xbox (tracking the piss out of the shape).But I bet you didnt say the same thing then.

RazzerRedux4d ago

I have no idea what you just said.

RpgSama4d ago

This is bringing back the entire generation, not just exclusives, third party games need to be the same across the board and now that MS has come out to say that they will keep developing the same game across generations for w whole years Third Party developer might follow suit, which is bad news for all of us.

ArmyVetGamer4d ago

Just like only xbox fans are shaking fences and crying fowl ball about Sony not attending e3? I thought so

rainslacker4d ago

I'd have more of a problem with it if MS were mandating it for 3rd party. That would hold back everyone that publishes on Xbox, because they're unlikely to make a special version for the PS5. They'd probably still be able to make a PS4 version if that's the case.

Since MS is not doing that, then I'm not that fussed about it. I do find it an interesting philosophical discussion. But if MS doesn't want to push the limits of it's hardware or it's dev teams to make use of that hardware, that's their decision. It's not even a bad thing for me, since maybe I'll get a bit of use out of my X1. I certainly am not buying an XSX, but that has nothing to do with what's being talked about here.

NXFather3d ago

The point rainslacker for the next gen games since I have to spell this out for you and some others is that since you don't have a reference point to judge what next gen games are capable of why are you people complaining about how Xbox games will be hindered in physics and AI due to choosing this forward compatibility strategy. Wow freaking DUUH. Read all of the text between me and people i am conversing with for proper context next time. Now if you are not talking about what we are talking about then kindly but out in those cases.

I will re-post for you:

"Are you not understanding that you have not seen either revolutionary physics or ai. That's the point. You have no proof of what you are talking about. Hence why I am asking you to take a guess. Thanks captain obvious."

"I just find it funny how none of you back-wood/armchair developers can actually prove anything you say. For example give me just one example of physics and AI that would revolutionize gaming or a group of smaller ones that is plausible and possible with the target specs/confirmed specs by Microsoft or Sony. I will gladly walk it back if you can but, I already know you cannot. Just one suggestion that could be done even if they won't but, preferably something plausible and relevant. And it better be good. Or don't waste your time. Since I know you don't believe it with the established franchises or else you would just go with one of those and give examples."

"They have to take a wait and see approach since there won't be any revolutionary physics and AI from anyone next Gen much less launch window? Can you name one coming?"

rainslacker3d ago

Unlike some in here, I do have a reference point, because I've seen what the new hardware can do. Reference points will also be made as time passes, and more games are shown. It's all good and fine to say we just don't know, so no big deal, but it's kind of foolish to assume that no major changes are coming, and to act like it's no big deal if devs don't push the software.

You don't need to keep spelling it out for me. I understand what you're saying. I just think what you're saying is wrong.

NXFather3d ago

Well then what is one suggestion bro damn? Are you trolling?

rainslacker2d ago

I've seen an in house demo which had exceptional detail built into the objects, and almost everything reacted to the player. It was a quick demo made by in house engineers. They were testing streaming textures and objects from an SSD, and using it as a virtual memory to hot swap objects. Going from one part of the scene to the next, things that weren't needed anymore were stored on the hard drive ready for quick access should the player come back to them, or they went into another area that used it. Databases kept information on these objects readily available on the hard drive, and only loaded what was needed to be drawn or potentially interacted with at any given moment. It was like occlusion culling that went beyond just not drawing what wasn't needed. Since not everything was stored in resident memory like it is for the most part now, about 40% of the typical memory usage was freed up to allow for better graphics or other applications to be applied to objects.

That is just an implementation that can utilize the SSD virtual memory space. Something that is not possible on current consoles, and would require a pretty heavy redesign of the fundamental core of the rendering process.

If that same scenario were to use older hardware, it would either have to be made different, and with much less interactivity and details, and likely wouldn't be any better than anything we have now.

That's just one example. I've seen numerous, and have personally done quite a few data transfer and data handling tests which are less exciting as they don't output anything visual, but the amount of data that can be used relatively least within what is required for a game loop, far exceeds what is currently possible, and is more than what you see implemented on PC now. It's essentially giving the system more available memory, and allows for more data to be stored, and is currently not implemented due to lowest common denominator having to be considered. On PC there is the added OS overhead which makes it less effective even if the lowest common denominator called for SSD, as current PC API's don't allow direct access to the hard drive without going through the OS layer.

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Echo_5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

These guys are speculating just like we are. They're not developers. They pretty much mentioned the argument of both sides. They're not sure. 'I can't see how..' 'I don't know how..'

rainslacker4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I'm a developer, and I've been saying this same thing before DF decided to take a stab at it.

Most developers don't go around talking about this stuff. I personally don't have to worry about it, and since I don't speak for any company, and talk as a consumer on these forums, I can say how I feel about it as a consumer, knowing what I do about development and game design through my profession and experience in the field.

It'd be wrong to assume that everyone on forums is clueless. There are a lot of people who take gaming seriously, and even if they aren't developers, they can understand complex systems and what goes into making games. It's not like that information is super secret trade industry protected. There are hundreds of resources on how to design and develop games, and many developers have talked about the process over the past couple decades.

Using the argument you are is a weak attempt to discredit anyone who may have the opinion they do without offering any kind of counter argument that is worthwhile.

If I were to say "I can't see how", or "I don't know how" it'd either be because I can't see how MS plans to advance game design with their ideas due to my own expertise, or because I am incredulous that MS would even imply that they'll be able to maximize the new hardware, while supporting the old. Or, because not enough is known to make a full conclusion, which may be the case here, because while I feel MS has been pretty open that this is limited, there is some room for interpretation, so speculative analysis is possible, which can lead to rhethorical discussion.

Stanjara4d ago

Lots of words but you did'n say anything.
Since you are game developer I will reply with my thoughts.
True next gen games, at this point are still unknown territory. Future concepts, design advancements and stories are yet to be developed, and those take 3-5 years.
Sony is finishing their generation of games and moving forward, while Microsoft is still developing theirs.
Last of us and Ghost are 90% done and ready for this year, while Microsoft is still in development with 8th gen - so they are going cross gen.

Neither console will show true next gen concepts for the next 2 years, but Sony move is to sell more consoles, while MS is to sell game pass.
New games on Xbox vcr are going to look and run like ass thou.
Sony's move is the way. Closing generation with a bang and bringing it to PS5.

rainslacker4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Games for next gen have been in development for at least a couple years now. Bethesda was the first to tease a couple next gen games at the 2018 E3. Other games have already been shown, like HB2 and that Gearbox game I can't remember the name of.

Are they super advanced and can only be run on next gen? I couldn't say. but it's not like next gen starts development when dev kits go out. Even a couple years before a gen starts, devs start getting target specs to at least start their game designs. Not all the details of course, but enough to get started. This is why early gen games seem like better looking versions of next gen games, and any kind of advances are minimal at best.

But that doesn't mean that it's a good idea to just concede that you won't be able to use that tech, so might as well just make a cross gen game with the lowest common denominator. Since there is usually a year or more to have time with the dev kits, and a dev doesn't have to release on launch day, but maybe release a year in, they can still have time to realize bigger visions of their design they may have cut because it wasn't possible on last gen hardware.

All this is going to be selective to the situation, and not all devs will fall into this category, but a blanket across the board ruling that games will support last gen by the publisher(MS in this case), just proves their games are designed around this gen, with next gen improvements being incidental, but because of the legacy mandate, there is no room to improve them outside graphics, or complete removal of features from the older gen build.

"Neither console will show true next gen concepts for the next 2 years,"

If you say so. We can't know if that's true from Sony, because they showed next gen concepts on launch day with PS4. Maybe not super exciting games, but the concepts were there. We can say for sure that MS isn't going to show next gen concepts, because they've already said they're only making cross gen games for the first year or two.

Just because MS is doing something, doesn't mean it's going to apply to the competition, and just because MS says that typically games don't show advancement in the first couple years doesn't mean it's true across the board. Again, maybe not huge advances on the scale of a full game, but certainly smaller more incremetal changes.

MS statement also only applies to last gen and this one, because every gen before this one showed an advancement of game design day one. Maybe MS doesn't realize this, but outside the Atari 2600 to 5200 gen, and this gen to last, there was a start improvement and advancement to game design out of the gate.

You're talking as if you expect nothing. And because of that, you will get nothing. You make your bed, you lay in it. I'll ask for more, and hope for the best.