Polygon : Yes, the $29.99 PS4 controller upgrade is worth it

Can a simple attachment turn you into a pro gaming god?

Abnor_Mal1358d ago

Glad to see this attachment is getting good reviews. I will be picking one up soon and won't have to pay two hundred dollars just for similar functionality as the expensive custom controllers.

ilikestuff1358d ago

Looks cool but why wait til the end of this gen? Hopefully it’ll attach to the ps5 controller.

arkard1358d ago

My guess is to make ps4 controllers compatible with Ps5 via this attachment.

Muzikguy1358d ago

It's been said that PS4 peripherals will work on PS5. I'm going to pick up one or two of these myself

Abnor_Mal1358d ago

"Looks cool but why wait till the end of this gen?"

Who ate you asking, me or Sony? If Sony others already answered, if me, that's easy it wasn't out till the end of the gen. That's if you're asking me why get it now. Thought about an Astro C40 but I'm not a pro gamer or anything like that so wasn't willing to pay $200 for a controller I didn't see say it would be compatible with PS5. Of course it couldn't ask PS5 wasn't in development at the time or Sony wasn't willing to share any specs with a third party peripheral so early in development.

ActualWhiteMan1358d ago

PS4 controllers are compatible with PS5 so the answer is yes.

Segata1358d ago

DS5 will probably have paddles built in and this is a way to make DS4 BC with PS5 more easily.

indysurfn1358d ago

I'm in as long as it to remap the options button. Because you use it a LOT in trails of cold steel 3. Every other button is perfect (except options and share). For my non-skilled-at-hitting-options -self. I will start off with TWO of these bad boys!

343_Guilty_Spark1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

PS5 controller will have its own next generation exclusive Back button.

silenthillstrangler1358d ago

I doubt it will, the DS5 is likely to have these buttons built in.

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deadfrag1358d ago

Theres many good features on a 150€ Pro Controller that are not achievable on a DS4 even using this new attachment!You only gain two new buttons so in anyway the DS4 with this attachment is comparable to a Pro Controller!

Fluke_Skywalker1358d ago

If you actually read the review you would know that he said the expensive pro controllers do offer more than just rear buttons, but that for most folk they aren't worth the cost but this attachment is worth it.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod1358d ago

No one cares. 29 bucks versus 150. It's a no brainer

UltraNova1358d ago

Surprisingly well written hardware review by Polygon, its explains everything about the attachment. I'm interested in this, I'll give it a go.

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Normann1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

.. "only for selected regions" <-- if getting this message.. it might be due to what access you've given Sony about your personal data and/or if you allow email notifikations

jznrpg1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Or it just came out and supplies are limited to see how well it sells. They aren’t going to flood the market with these as they don’t know how well they will sell . It doesn’t make sense to have a lot inventory for an add on at the end of the generation . Most people can buy one off the internet anyways .

terstomp1358d ago

A buy for me - cheaper way to get paddle buttons. I'll need to remove it when not in use as I using that connector for charging.
That aside, I hope that controller design is not stuck for another 20 years. I'm hoping for some bold innovation in controller design way before then.

BlackDoomAx1358d ago

The number of people who don't know the existence of the strike pack is too damn high !