If you use a PlayStation 4 controller, this $30 attachment is a no-brainer

Sony came up with a cost-effective option for people who want back buttons on their DualShock 4.

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TheEnigma3135d ago

Imma pick this up. Can you map the a d-pad direction to it?

AshleeEmerson4d ago

Good to know because pressing up on the d-pad in The Darwin's Project is annoying as far as movement goes.

UltraNova4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Its a great accessory if reviews are anything to go by and I'll definitely pick one up. That said the price (half of the controller) seems a bit too steep for something like that. 19.99 would be a perfect price afaic.

bouzebbal4d ago

I'm sure the two triggers of the attachment will be integrated to DS5 and the OLED on the front side in the place of the touch pad with touch function for better visibility.

Muzikguy5d ago

What would be good buttons to map for those? I'd probably surely have L3 as one and maybe the options button. I don't like how small and out.of place that is. I miss traditional "start" buttons to pause games

rainslacker4d ago

I'd use it for dpad assignments on games which use that for stuff. Kind of a pain to take your thumb off the analog stick to use it. Otherwise, I'd probably do R3/L3, and maybe some other commonly used button. Option/touchpad never bothered me, since its usually just for the menu/map screens, but it'd be used if there was nothing else to use.

Would be nice if there was some in game support for the attachment to go directly to specific menus or in game selections.

Epicor4d ago

For FPS players the normal thing to do is to map two of the face buttons there (X, O, /\, [ ]). This makes it much easier to perform certain fast skills like jumping, crouching, reloading, or special abilities.

Muzikguy3d ago

L3 and R3 would be good for sure.

ActualWhiteMan4d ago

Just pre-ordered mine from Best Buy. My body is ready....

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