Epic Games exclusives don't bother nine out of 10 PC gamers in US

Epic Games Store is well on its way to becoming one of the leaders on the market as both the recently revealed revenue numbers and analysts' projections of consumer behaviour suggest. In fact, nine out of 10 US gamers didn't mind another launcher to access the exclusive content.

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BlackIceJoe13d ago

I guess the nine out of ten that say that work for Epic, because no gamer would honestly say that.

TK-6612d ago

We should actually point out that what the article is claiming and what Superdata study says do not 100% line up. The author (and Superdata) have had to make a small leap to connect this to EGS. Their question in the study was "would you be willing to download a launcher to play a game you're anticipating?" and 9 out of 10 answered yes. That does not mean 9 out of 10 gamers dont care about EGS exclusives.

You can dislike the idea of EGS buying timed exclusives and still purchase the game on that platform. I find it quite laughable that even Superdata couldn't distinguish between those two positions.

"What's more, it's exceeding expectations as it raked in $680 million in revenue . It is unclear what the profits were or whether it was profitable at all but since this is the first year where the platform aggressively wrestled with Steam, it's hard to call it shabby."

I mean considering that EGS is having to pay for games to make their way to the platform we can potentially call it shabby. It's been a year now and games have begun making their way to Steam. Hades (one of the EGS launch titles) has over 8000 reviews on Steam and currently 2500 players in-game currently. Thats a lot considering the game arrived on the client a year later.

Takwin12d ago

I am a gamer and I have NO problem with Epic exclusives, Sony Exclusives, or Nintendo exclusives. I have no problem with all the launchers. I think a game like Tarkov having its own launcher is fine.

I support Epic when it benefits me. And I have claimed every one of the 73 free games over the last year, made a few purchases (not on Fortnite, actual games), and am glad Steam has real competition that GOG didn't offer with its size and uPlay and Origin didn't offer due to what they do.

So your statement is factually wrong. I have been gaming for almost 40 years, and I do not work for Epic, lol.

Aeery12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

"I support Epic when it benefits me."

And this is the problem with our society.


ps 9/10 ?! Out of 100 ? 1000 ? 1000000 ?

RazzerRedux12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

"And this is the problem with our society."

And so you only buy or support products and services when it is to the benefit of all mankind?

KaaF12d ago

No, it just means 9/10 are not annoying loud dumb steam fanboys, you are just a loud minority.

TheRealTedCruz12d ago

I have multiple launchers. I don't use EPIC's because I don't like their tactics of buying out exclusives; specially on games like indies that used Kickstarter for funding.

I would like to see how this makes me a Steam fanboy.

KaaF12d ago

@TheRealTedCruz Then don't use Steam either, it also bought indie exclusives when it was starting out but steam fanboys conveniently forget/ignore that. Watch this:

TheRealTedCruz12d ago

You haven't explained my fanboyism yet. Anyway, I started PC gaming in 2012. It is now 2020. You link me to a largely disliked video; of which I was aware of when it first released, because people in a rather small circle (according to its less than 700 views as of today) as this big gotcha moment but, again, you're defending what people find as an anti-consumer business practice in 2020, because it was done, seemingly on a smaller scale even, back when I was 12.

Insert me into that time period, I'd be saying the same thing for Steam; refusing to use the launcher until said practice ended. Instead we're here in 2020. EPIC is the only company I'm aware of using these practices, and doing so brazenly, and has promised to continue this through the coming years.

You didn't make much of a point here.

TK-6612d ago (Edited 12d ago )


Or do whats right and just dont buy 3rd party games that are paid to be kept exclusives to one client over another? You don't have to boycott EVERYTHING on EGS because of paid exclusives. Just the games they pay for to show you don't support that practice. Was that too difficult for you? Or do we need you to link another channel with 2 subscribers?

ecchiless12d ago (Edited 12d ago )


do u have games made with unreal?

edit; are you only hating the store or anything epic related?

Orionsangel12d ago

Exactly, there's too many gamers who are loyal to a single brand. Why? What do they get out of that?

TheRealTedCruz12d ago


Notice how I mentioned the practice used by the EPIC store. Not the engine. Not their games. The business practice used by the store.

There lies your answer.

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Fluttershy7712d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I think it bothers 9 out of 10 n4g gamers

Rude-ro12d ago

It’s “nine out of 10”... because of reasons.
Surely removes any validity when the writing is as such about said topic... no?

NeoGamer23212d ago

On PC, you just need the store software to get the games and stores are free to download by anyone. So it doesn't matter whether it is Epic, Steam, Windows store, etc. You can still run the store and games on the same hardware.

On console you only have one store and that is the console vendor's store. It would be nice if console vendors would be more like PC!

CaptainCook12d ago

I've spent £100s purchasing games on the Epic Store. It's only those biased fanboys who don't like competitions.

Seafort12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Epic is not competition to anyone. They buy a game's exclusivity to only sell on their store. They are competing with themselves, no one else.

Epic doesn't like competition or they wouldn't tie down any game to only selling on their store and just compete for people's custom by lowering the prices or making a much better store than anyone else.

They didn't do that. They used their Fortnite money to buy off developers and publishers and didn't put any hard work to establish themselves at all.

It took years for Valve to build up their trusted reputation and develop their store to what it is today. Epic is just trying to skip all the hard work and buy notoriety for short term gain.

That is not a store that will last as eventually the money will run out and all they'll have is people on their store for the free stuff and will leave at a moments notice. I know many people that have just got the Epic launcher to get all the free games but not buy a single one. That bought community will collapse under it's own inadequacies and greed.

Watch this space.

BayAreaBird12d ago

Because gamers back then hated having 2 consoles to play games, they only bought one. We all hated buying all these cartridge games that we would rather buy action 52 because it contained 52 games without the need to get up and change the game we were playing. People can't download a free launcher that takes seconds to open on a desktop? Are people really that lazy?

Orionsangel12d ago

Why not? Competition is a good thing. Why should Steam be the only game in town?

rainslacker12d ago

I've seen quite a few gamers say it doesn't bother them.

Flewid63812d ago

Control was amazing. It had game of the year nominations. How would staying away from it for this reason be the lesser gaming thing to do?

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IcedOmega1312d ago

I've got too much money and too many titles on steam to switch now

RazzerRedux12d ago

Why would you have to switch?

Agent_00_Revan12d ago

Because apparently you're only allowed to have 1 Launcher installed on your PC. You MUST choose!!

People are silly.

Unspoken12d ago

Yeah that is odd people believe they have to get rid of the rest of their games library.

Teflon0212d ago

ppl don't get that people don't want 40 launchers on their PC. That separates all the games they own. But also ppl aren't even that against it. As the epic launcher always existed. BUT the problem is the practices. People don't like that they're playing to force you to use the launcher. I want steam achievements on the games I play. Games that I don't have on steam barely get played because I only make Steam auto open on launch as it's not necessary to boot your pc to 40 launchers. I had the Epic launcher before it was a store but I'm against it now because what they're doing. As is the same with others. People just like to pretend like they don't get it. It's a big inconvenience to the players.

RazzerRedux12d ago


The "40 launchers" is just a huge exaggeration. If you don't want to use a launcher then just use Windows explorer. You can create a shortcut and launch it from wherever you want. I guess I'll never understand how that is some huge inconvenience. Either way, none of this requires you to "switch" entirely to Epic, which is what I was asking about.

If you want to stick to Steam for its features, achievements, or whatever then that is completely understandable. If you don't want to use Epic because of their "practices" do you.

"People just like to pretend like they don't get it."

lol.....get what? That you don't have to "switch"? There is nothing to get. You just don't have to.

"It's a big inconvenience to players like me."

Fixed. You speak only for yourself.

rainslacker12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

40 launchers? Maybe if you get a lot of porn which case, they're probably back door trojan software, and not really launchers.

I mean, I could list the number of relevant launchers that most serious gamers would likely need to have on their hard drive on one hand. Steam, Origin and Uplay(although Origin is on Steam now isn't it?), Battle.Net(if you're into Blizzard games, and EGS. Maybe add some others if you're into a niche game or VR or something.

Seriously, how many launchers do people already have if one more is becoming too much?

I like a clean desk top probably more than the average person, but even at work, where I have all the big launchers for work purposes, I can keep them all neat and tidy in the corner of my screen. Since I only play one game at a time, it's never become a problem for me.

At home, the games I play regularly(which are few on PC), I just have a direct link to the game. I have more direct links to games on my desktop than I do store launchers.

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yoshatabi12d ago

It's just a launcher. Why does it matter so much?

Father__Merrin12d ago

It's mainly Internet nerds whom this bothers. Great to see epic doing well with their latest figures, by Xmas 2020 EGS will be huge

tontontam012d ago

yup the majority does not even know that there are people who hates epic and why they hate th epic store.

TheRealTedCruz12d ago

So we should follow the opinions of the uninformed. This would have no disastrous consequences in other aspects of day to day life.

Speaking of uninformed, as was pointed out by someone already, if you were to actually read about this poll, the question was presented as "would you download a launcher to play a game you were excited for". Doesn't take anything else into consideration.

TheRealTedCruz12d ago

Dude. You're not even a PC gamer. You come into the comments section of every article that promotes EPIC store in any way, purely because you know it's a salty conversation amongst PC gamers and like to run your mouth on the subject.

RazzerRedux12d ago

No problems here. I'm enjoying getting the free games.

kernel12d ago

But that one of of 10 posts all over the place.

sander970212d ago

Sometimes minority fringe opinions are the loudest, same with veganism, feminism and "LGBT+++++" movements.