Why The Xbox Series X’s Lack of Exclusives in the First Years Isn’t the Deal breaker You Think it is

William writes: "Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty recently dropped a bombshell in a recent interview: The Xbox Series X will not have exclusive games for the first one to two years. The games will, instead, be cross-gen across Series X, One and PC. The response was immediate, swift and unsurprisingly divisive. I’d like, if I may, try to address some of the concerns raised. In order to do this, I must first outline four of the most common talking points among this group and try to bring to light what may be the rationale behind the internal decision at Xbox Game Studios and Microsoft."

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Jin_Sakai13d ago

Sure thing

It’s a bad decision and it’s going to hamper next generation exclusives.

It’s like John from Digital Foundry said, the extremely weak CPU in Xbox One is going to be a problem.

Obscure_Observer13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

"It’s like John from Digital Foundry said, the extremely weak CPU in Xbox One is going to be a problem."

Linneman is a tech enthusiast, not a developer. Xbox One ports from third party developers aren´t mandatory. Only first party. Besides, there´s a gulf between it *can* be a problem and it *will* be a problem.

So, you better put your excuses in place in case (just in case) PS5 first party launch games fail to impress when compared to SX´s first party "current gen" launch games.

13d ago
_SilverHawk_13d ago

Buying a ps5 day one. Exclusives are very important

bluefox75513d ago (Edited 13d ago )

You've clearly never gamed on pc. Try to play a game from today on a 10 year old cpu that was laptop grade even at the time. Furthermore, what could possibly make you even entertain the possibility that ps5 first party would fail to impress compared to Xbox? Have you been asleep this gen? Lol

Spicyram13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

"So, you better put your excuses in place in case (just in case) PS5 first party launch games fail to impress when compared to SX´s first party "current gen" launch games."

Name ONE ps4 first party game that "fails to impress" visually against an xbox one first party game - i'll wait. You're just saying meaningless things - anyone can say meaningless things and try pass it off as an argument.

Obscure_Observer13d ago (Edited 13d ago )


I´m not trashing Sony first party games. I know those games will be visually stunnig.

My argument is against some people who thinks that PS5 launch games will be massively superior to SX´s launch lineup.

Revolutionary next gen physics, graphics, AI, bigger worlds, ray tracing, 4K 60fps... I mean, really? Launch games taking full advantage of PS5?

That´s bs and you know it.

DPO13d ago (Edited 13d ago )


gamer912d ago

Playstation always ends generations with great support, but I recall PS4 had very little system selling exclusives for the first year or so. I agree 100% with you that for all consoles, they never really hit their stride with the new hardware until a couple years in when they take full advantage of the hardware. I don’t see the huge deal if Xbox makes 1st party games available on xbox one, for say 1 year. Afterall they did that with their biggest exclusive in Year 1 of the xbox one, Titanfall – it was available on the 360. Does nobody remember that? I’m failing to see how this time is any different, but I guess you just can’t have a different opinion vs. some of the Playstation fans.

sprinterboy12d ago

Unbelievable yet again, you must love being known on here for being abit 🤔🙄😔

darthv7212d ago

@spicy... how about Knack?

You said to name one... so I did.

bluepets12d ago

When have PlayStation exclusives ever failed to impress?

I'll wait.

rainslacker12d ago

Just two weeks ago you were super impressed with HellBlade 2. If that is all it takes to impress you, I don't think you should concern yourself with what impressions Sony will have for PS5.

NXFather12d ago

I know I wasn't impressed at all by hellblade 2 but, yeah Obscure was.

Obscure_Observer12d ago


"I don't think you should concern yourself with what impressions Sony will have for PS5."

You said you know whats to expect from PS5 games. And how MS supporting Xbox One consoles will hurt game development.

Well, you´re a developer yourself, privy to some information that we might no have.

I´m gonna take your word for it and just watch.

Godmars29012d ago

How are SX 1st party "current gen" launch games going to impress when they're basically going to be XBX games?

What XBX 1st party titles impressed this gen?

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darthv7213d ago (Edited 13d ago )

The jag may be weak in respects to the PC but it has done okay for itself in the console space. Keep in mind that such games like god of war, horizon, spider-man were all designed with that cpu front and center. Next gen is an extension to this gen, unlike 7th gen to 8th. The tech and experience of working with that cpu are what is making this scalable process possible.

To call that cpu weak is to call those games weak or even the devs who worked with that tech weak. Do you want to rethink what you said there?

frostypants12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

This is some serious spin. No, the One X and the PS4 Pro were the "extension to this gen". This, however, is going to definitively be a new console gen in terms of hardware improvement. As for software, if MS chooses to make it a half-step for their system, that's their own bad judgement. And acknowledging that the Jaguar has fallen far enough behind the CPU curve that it is going to hold back design decisions across-the-board for demanding games is not "calling those [older] games weak" progresses, and hardware (be it console or PC) gets left behind all the time.

People, including you, are trapped in this false mindset that the only factor hardware impacts is graphics. But it's...well, it's false. There are things that are held back by a crappy CPU that can't be solved by just eliminating some graphical assets or sacrificing some FPS.

Otherwise, hell...I demand they design games that can be downscaled to run on my old Intel Core 2 smoothly. No problem, right? To say they can't without compromising the overall quality of the game is to call games of that era "weak", right?

rainslacker12d ago

It's weak in comparison to next gen. The CPU has oft been criticized as underpowered this gen. It died down after the first few years, but overall, there are numerous accusations of games having trouble because of the CPU. Devs made their games within the confines of the hardware specs. It's how games are made. What we want from next gen is that they be made within the confines of next gen, and not within the confines of this gen.

RangerWalk26712d ago

Fanboy's don't really think outside the box (their brand loyalty). If you think Sony is going to leave the 100 million PS4 install base in the dust... You'd be wrong. And if they do just cut them off and just relay on backwards compatibility, that would be a shitty move. My PS4 just crapped out about a year ago, so I just purchased a new one. So it would suck if I won't get any of the new exclusives come holiday 2020

timotim13d ago

"It’s a bad decision and it’s going to hamper next generation exclusives."

You can not guarantee that. Until we see what the launch lineups look like for both platforms, then none of us has any knowledge how much any of these games will take advantage of the new platforms. None of PS4's exclusive launch titles took advantage of PS4's capability outside of visuals and framerate...NONE. And just because they were exclusive did not magically make them great fact PS4's exclusive launch titles were average to above average at best.

Honest you see ANY PS5 exclusive topping 2018's God of War outside of visuals as a game??? Honest question. Sure, they could add some ray tracing here...maybe a little realtime physics there...but do you honestly see a game topping it at launch???

jwillj2k412d ago

you cant tell that the definitive version of the Last Of Us on the PS4 was a PS3 cross-gen game? it was higher res but you can by the amount of polygons in the character models and buildings that it wasnt build to take advantage of the PS4. this will be your life on the xbox s x.

MecheSlays13d ago

It is. We might get new's articles about shit that has been changed or held back because they want an equal experience across all platforms.

starchild13d ago

Why are some of you acting like this is some big new announcement? We've known for a long time that Microsoft was moving away from having distinct generations and instead was embracing backward and forward compatibility, similar to on the PC.

_SilverHawk_13d ago

Some people can be easily fooled to think not having exclusive for the next 2 to more years isnt a big deal. Xbox series x will never sell enough units for Microsoft to decide to make exclusives for the console and pc in two years imo

Having exclusive games for a new gaming console is very important and that's why I'll be buying a ps5 day one. The ps5 will be displaying great scope of tech not even possible on the ps4 and I cant wait to experience them.

Ausbo13d ago

Why are you mad though, you weren’t going to buy the series x

DJStotty13d ago

err no. as there are no Xbox one X exclusives, so the comment

"It’s a bad decision and it’s going to hamper next generation exclusives."

holds no ground as any xbox fan/owner is not expecting any console exclusives. I will be able to plug my Series X in, throw in a xbox one game disc, and play off the get go with my xbox one controller, add to that all the new games that will be out.

How is this a bad thing for the xbox gamer?

shaggy230313d ago (Edited 13d ago )


It wont be a problem, and I have proof.

The Witcher 3 has been released on Xbox One and PS4 and the Switch.

See the lack of a problem there?

Using your logic a game that can run on a system that has 6 Tflops shouldn't able to run on a system with 1 Tflop.


RabbitFly13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Not a fair comparison. The witcher 3 on switch came out a long time after the other releases and required a lot of optimization work.

The point is that it has been common practice to focus development around the lowest specced system before scaling up. Because that has and always will be easier.

With that being said. I dont really follow the hyperbolic thought that this will be such a dealbreaker.

shaggy230313d ago

"The point is that it has been common practice to focus development around the lowest specced system before scaling up. Because that has and always will be easier"

Soooooo what the problem?

Microsoft makes a new Forza game and they get it running at 60 FPS on the base Xbox One, they then up the resolution, increase the trackside foliage, introduce raytracing, increase texture quality.

What's the problem?

By the way RabbitFly, that wasn't aimed at you, that was aimed at all the "Doom Mongers" out there that think this will mean first party games wont use the power of the Series X.

jwillj2k412d ago (Edited 12d ago )

backwards compatibility:
I want to introduce a complex physics engine into my game knowing xbox s x and ps5 are the baseline. i allocate resources and write it in a way that takes advantage of the hardware without the worry of how it may need to run on an older system. if the need arises to port it to older hardware, i may not have the budget to rip out this physics engine and rebuild it so I end up gimping it to the point to where the game "runs" but has frame-rate problems across the board. all because of next gen optimizations.
newer gen version is amazing, older gen suffers but still has a version of the game.

forward compatibility:
I want to introduce a complex physics engine into my game knowing xbox one and ps4 are the baseline. i allocate resources and write it in a way that takes advantage of the hardware without the worry of how it may need to run on a newer system. if the need arises to port it to newer hardware, i may not have the budget to rip out this physics engine and rebuild it so I end up porting code to the point to where the game "runs" but has not really taken advantage of the new hardware. all because of current gen limitations.
older gen works as expected, newer gen version is on par with older gen with a little more flare, but still has a version of the game.

this is what you have to look forward to with xbox cross gen exclusives.


Are you going to act like the xbox one x is the only xbox console? Of course it runs on the one x just like all xbox one games do. There's no way a more powerful console would limit a slower one.

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Zeref12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

He also said it's not gonna matter in the 1st few years because launch and 1st year games never take full advantage of the hardware anyway.

Also Richard from Digital Foundry said it's possible to scale all of that back, like The Witcher 3 and Doom on the Switch. Was the witcher 3 held back for the Switch? Even though it didn't exist? It's all about scaling this generation. Tools have modernized. things like the missing flight mechanic in Horizon Zero Dawn could have been exclusive to the PS5 game. Like GTA 5 had First Person mode and several other features exclusive to Xbox One and PS4 versions

They were a bit divided on some things but both agree that it's not a big deal as PS fanboys who were never going to get Xbox anyway are trying to make it seem like.

froy40212d ago

Not only playstation players are being turned off by this news, I usually buy all three consoles as they release, but now xbox is definatly a no go, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Gunstar7512d ago

Have you watched the DF video on the subject? Not as cut and dry as you think.

NeoGamer23212d ago

In the first year, it will not matter. Dragon Age Origins and Destiny were the consensus GOTY's in 2014 and both shipped on both last gen and next gen consoles.

Great games aren't about their usage of hardware, they are a total package.

As the gen progresses the power of the hardware becomes more a role in great games, but at the start of the generation I doubt there are any games that truly utilize the full power of the hardware and therefore cannot be shipped on current gen consoles. Typically the first games of the generation are simply "prettier" then the previous generation... They get more complex later.

sprinterboy12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Nxt gen is this simple to cover all bases,
1) buy ps5 1st party, 3rd party and indie
2) buy Nintendo switch pro for exclusives and indie
3) buy a compatible project xcloud 4ktv or use my current laptop to buy a month or 2 GamePass every black friday (gp bf sale) to play the Xbox series X exclusives and indie over Xmas

Ms are literally making you not buy a xbox imo, especially if you have 50mb broadband and above, just use the cloud on TV, laptop or computer for those hopefully awesome exclusives.

rewen12d ago

I don't get why people WANT corporations to break backwards compatibility? Exclusives are not good for us. They're only good for them.

Since all of these machines are on the same architecture now, there's no reason for generational exclusives. That's like having PC games that won't let you install them on old PCs. It makes no sense to me.

I want the SX hardware and I want things to look and play best on it. That happened already with the One X. Excited to see it again on the SX.

Companies are going to continue to make games based on the best hardware and scale them back. It's easier than the other way around.

This comments section is a joke.

Nitrox12d ago

I think it’s actually the other way around. Having next gen games that support older hardware ensures they can sell more copies than would just be available to the early adopters.

This “It’s great for the gamers" is just PR spin. Exclusives are great for gamers because they can target a the best without having to make design decisions that account for lesser hardware. There’s no slider you move to the left to support lower specs, it’s built into the technical design.

That said... The argument that the first couple years of each gen don’t really push hardware to the point where too many compromises need to be made also holds some water.

rewen10d ago

I don't see it that way. I see exclusives as a way to try and sway people into choosing and locking themselves into an ecosystem. When games can be built using the best hardware/textures/resolutions/ framerates etc and scaled back, forcing consumers to have to make a choice and buy the best hardare is not good for them. It's good for the corporation who then has the assurance those customers are going to be around for more games in the future.

The developers of those games only benefit from exclusivity deals and perhaps doing less work to optimize for slower hardware (a task that often gets offloaded onto a third-party anyway), but in return they lose out on a massive audience of consumers who would have bought the game for other systems.

Exclusives are basically the iMessage of games.

The choice should be up to the developers anyway. If they don't want to target older systems and don't want to even allow a third-party to do it for them, then they shouldn't have to. But it seems to me that developers have already spoken up time and time again about being locked in and not getting their game to everyone they wanted to. See Ryse, Titanfall, Quantum Break, etc. Devs have spoken out again and again saying they would have rather supported more systems, but those in charge went for the exclusivity deal instead.

All opinions on this seem kinda moot anyway. Just reference PC games. PC games constantly push boundaries and the vast majority of gamers end up having to use reeled back settings. That doesn't seem to be preventing developers from making amazing products whatsoever.

NXFather12d ago

What PS5 games will have revolutionary physics and ai?

Christopher12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

It's amazing how quickly people parrot opinions from people they agree with but disdain those they don't.

DF is right. You are wrong. End of story.

It's obvious this has a Pro and a Con. Not just an "all bad." Obviously DF holds the Con to be more problematic than the Pro, which of course is their lifeblood (having new tech to investigate).

RangerWalk26712d ago

Buddy, Developers get Dev-kits that are much more power than the consumer products. They always build high and scale down to the proper hardware. The fact that Microsoft is being pro-consumer and not leaving out the Xbox One series of consoles is good for people that have recently invested in their hardware. iPhone does the same thing. And this " no exclusive" statement is just letting people know that the exclusive games that are coming this year and next will cater to them as well. But rest assure they will be taking advantage of the series X. And you know third-party developers will be developing specifically for the PS5 and Series X.

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THC CELL13d ago

It's a massive deal breaker

BLizardXD13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

does anyone know how much the console will be?
everyone is saying it will be equivalent to a 2080 in power at 1/3rd the cost.
i think that will be a deal maker for those that care about spending that kind of money.

rpvenom12d ago

Oh damn.. I just spent $1600 on my first gaming pc and it has a 2070 super.. damn it!!!!

13d ago Replies(1)
Tacobell32313d ago

Next box will launch with cross gen games.
PS direhard - "a massive deal breaker"

Sony - "here's a logo. "

PS diehard " totally excusable"

Sony - "and we won' be at this E3"

PS dieharde "also excusable."

.....yeah ok.

13d ago
leejohnson22213d ago

Wow really ? You sound slightly delusional. Sony show a logo and it blows up more coverage as and positive response than xb showing its form factor, so what we still no just as much about both systems. Yet all xb fans are here to defend no games built from the ground up to utilise new hardware they expect YOU to buy.
So all xb games must now run on the lowest version of xb and this is good for gaming ? Halo infinite looks current gen but they want you to pay for a new system ? Xb could shoot fans in the face and they would call it an accident and continue to buy their products. Why can't anyone just be honest? These companies aren't your friends.

ssj2713d ago

Ok since you seem honest let me ask you a question.

Its yes or no answer.

Will you like the xboxsx to have at least 5 exclusives games using it most power possible starting from day one, so at least 5 games each year, yes or no?

Spicyram13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

"Sony - "here's a logo. "

PS diehard " totally excusable"

O Yea it's inexcusable for Sony to keep their logo consistent with previous one's - what a bunch of failures /s. How could Sony drop the ball THIS HARD /s


This is great lol, I was just thinking that.

RangerWalk26712d ago

That's what being brand loyal does to customers. And YES, they are customers. Not real/true gamers.

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Bennibop12d ago

Yep decided to skip until a good proper exclusive arrives.

rainslacker12d ago

Not for me. I wasn't getting an XSX either way.

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2pacalypsenow13d ago

Series X is nothing more than another mid gen upgrade.

Neonridr13d ago

you can't honestly mean that. If it's ends up being more powerful than the PS5 then how is it not next gen?

2pacalypsenow13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

The Xbox One X is more powerful than the Xbox One and all the games for Xbox One X work on Xbox One.

The Xbox Series X is more powerful than the Xbox One X and all the games for Xbox Series X work on Xbox One X.

"Both are Mid gen upgrades"

PS5 will take full advantage of the new hardware, with developers not having to worry about making the games work on PS4, they will use all their resources to work on PS5 without any limitations other than the PS5 itself.

That's next gen..

Neonridr13d ago

@2pacalypsenow - ... for now

what happens when they stop making games for the XB1 and only on the Series X. Does the console magically become next gen then? Great goal posting moving.

2pacalypsenow13d ago

Until they do then its just another mid gen upgrade.

"Great goal posting moving."

Just doing what MS has been doing this entire generation.

Neonridr13d ago

@2pacalypsenow - so what about 3rd party games that are exclusive to the SX and PS5? Is it a next gen console then? I mean make up your mind.

Stanjara13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Just when Xbox series X starts to get next gen games MS is going to release the PRO model. ( or whatever they gonna call it) Why bother?

13d ago
DJStotty13d ago


So by your reasoning, new graphics cards etc for PC are all just upgrades?

Or a new generation of graphical technology?

Consoles are now on a tech stage with pc's architecture

fathertime446413d ago

Well according to all the specs floating around on the web it'll most likely be sony doing a pro console first, oh like the ps4 did......
There are a ton of arguments on this site, but you sir just gave the worst one

2pacalypsenow12d ago (Edited 12d ago )


PC's don't use the term "generation" because they're not locked to one configuration for half a decade,
and when a new one comes out, it was usually a massive leap compared to the previous one. (Ps1 to Ps2), until Sony and MS let us modify and upgrade our consoles part by part, they wont be "PC's".

If Nvidia released a new GPU every 5-6 years, then yes they would be the 7000 generation or the RTX generation etc..

Imagine if the Xbox one X had it's own games, I'm sure they would look even better, now when someone develops a game taking advantage of the new GPU/CPU and SSD, they have to scale it back to work with a mechanical hard drive and the awful Jaguar GPU, even Microsoft said they were done with generations.

Imagine if MGS 2 had to also release for the PS1.

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AngelicIceDiamond13d ago ShowReplies(2)
Obscure_Observer13d ago


"Series X is nothing more than another mid gen upgrade."

Sure... let me guess:

The real generational leap will come in the form of PS5 first party launch games, right?

starchild13d ago

And yet PC games will continue to look better than those so-called "tailor made" games. Mark my words. You guys do this before every generation and it never turns out to be true. Unless you're one of those delusional people who were claiming God of War 2 looked better than anything on PC hahaha.

leejohnson22213d ago

It's not incorrect, xb have released a console every 2 years and in 2 years support for the older consoles will stop and they will have another console in the series. Why can't people be honest? Is ms your friend ? Beyond belief how you defend a company. If Sony had no first party games only for ps5 at launch then my money stays with me. What motivation do I have for texture pack upgrades? Is this the pc platform?