Is skipping E3 2020 a risk Sony don’t need to take?

TSA writes: "The next generation, and 2020 in the games industry at large, are already shaping up to be more unusual and controversial than those that have gone before – and we love unusual controversies in gaming. Microsoft have dropped a seemingly huge clanger by telling us that there’ll be no Xbox Series X exclusive games coming out within the first year of its life – which obviously has brought the cries of “what’s the point then?!” from people that have never bought a new graphics card."

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Apocalypse Shadow13d ago

Did it hurt their sales last year against their opponent? Then it's not an issue until it does.

The internet and YouTube don't shut off the other 364 days of the year.

Thundercat7713d ago

There is simply no proof that last year had any negative impact in fact, there is a lot of proof about how positive the rest of the year was for Sony.

Nintendo already did it and they are doing good, even better than Microsoft.

isarai12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Is there a drawback? maybe, but in today's age where everyone can be reached directly fairly easily, and people can watch streams anytime, they can easily negate any negatives with proper online marketing and streams. But if you bother to actually do a bit of research you'd see that E3 has become more a hassle than it's worth. has been dying for years, in fact many journalists stated last year that it was actually kinda sad as nearly half the show floor was empty. Not to mention the lack of security and amount of leaks cause by said lack of security, i can see why anyone would be weary of E3. Top that with their plan to make the next E3 "a celebration of influencers" their words not mine, and yeah, not as good of a place to be as it used to be.

CrimsonWing6912d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Can you fix your headline? It just comes off like you never took an English course.

Here I'll help you.


Is skipping E3 2020 a risk Sony don’t need to take?


Is skipping E3 2020 a risk Sony doesn’t need to take?

The verb doesn't agree with the subject when you use "don't."

Also, why would skipping E3 be a risk? It's not like Sony won't get coverage in any other way.
I mean, you do realize not everyone goes to E3, right?

The_Sage11d ago

I don't see how it's a risk. I haven't watched E3 in years. I just watch the trailers on YouTube. I don't need all the blather and cringe worthy stuff that goes on.