In Theory: Can Microsoft deliver next-gen experiences while still supporting Xbox One?


Ridge Racer, Halo, Super Mario 64. Some might say that the most impactful console launches were those where cutting edge hardware was matched with gaming experiences we'd never seen before - titles that set the stage and the expectation level for the generation to come. Even if a specific next-gen platform exclusive wasn't an all-time great, experiences that pushed the technological state of the art still held a special place in our hearts - games like Ryse: Son of Rome or Killzone Shadowfall, for example. However, Microsoft is charting a different course with its Xbox Series X strategy. Yes, there will be first-party exclusives but these titles will still run on existing Xbox One hardware. Nobody will be left behind in the inevitable cross-gen period - but does this mean that the pioneering next-gen spirit is gone?

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Obscure_Observer13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

This the question will be answered as soon the launch games for both consoles got revealed.

If "current gen" games on Xbox Series X will be held back because of Xbox One consoles as some people are claiming, I´m expecting PS5´s next gen launch games to be vastly superior in comparisson.

We shall see soon enough. Interesting times ahead.

Christopher13d ago

It's really not going to turn out that different than what we currently have, IMHO. There will be some slight things that stand out and are praised, but to the mass market the games will look as good as expected for their platforms and they won't complain. Honestly, I think most people are happy with the graphics we get and want better gamepaly. New hardware won't change that.

RosweeSon13d ago

They just want new games and being as these consoles the original incarnations have cleared 5-6 years its always time to have another gen or sequel In that time scale Nintendo are always 4-6 years max Sony we’re trying for 10 and they’ll support the system but they’ll move on within 7 max usually. I’m no major rush for next generation myself got many a great game to get through yet

rainslacker12d ago

Yeah. People have become pretty complacent and I guess they've forgotten what it's like to have new game designs with new generations. Funny it only took one generation of no major advancements to make people forget what it used to be like. Now it's just about graphics, because people like shiny things. Of course, we'll still see complaints about how games are becoming homogenized and there is no innovation, but we can ignore that, because people will claim innovation where it doesn't exist, and get too wrapped up in the hype.

yomfweeee13d ago

Sony exclusives are always vastly superior. PS4 exclusives are vastly superior than anything X1X has to offer.

WinDos13d ago

I really don't think that matters for years now the metrics for each platform changed. Xbox being more based on engagement and PS focused on software + hardware sales. Now for Xbox it really doesn't matter if the games are held back or not for the investors what will matter is the total number of user actually engaged in their platform, except Xbox series X will not be their only platform for them this will include game pass PC and Xbox consoles. So just to paint a picture it's going to be XO total userbase + game pass owners (remember it's engament what matters so even if 1 Xbox user also has gamepass that's 2 users for them, a possible physical or digital sale + the game pass subscription) , + whatever sales they make on PC (separate from Xbox userbase and gamepass).

It's really no different from publishers like ubi and blizzard who often come up with total number of users who have played their game instead of actual concurrent number of players. i. e " rainbow sigue/overwatch has reached 5 mill players " which doesn't always transfer to the actual number of concurrent players.

nucky6413d ago

i guess those xbox investors must be pretty pissed right now, right windos? that "engagement" number for x1 isn't looking so great.

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nucky6413d ago

i have a feeling, no matter what sony does - you won't be satisfied.

gamer780413d ago

halo infinite will be quite telling really, I have a feeling it will look fantastic on the X series, good on the X, and just fair on OG xbox one. Basically like having a High End PC, Mid Tier, and Lower End PC.

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Vits13d ago

Microsoft games also come to PC, so every single game from them is created to be extremely malleable as far as hardware requirements go. And current that malleability is just amazing, with some titles being officially rated for cpus that are more than 10 years old.

Based on that. I really doubt that supporting the XOne for one year or two will hurt their development process. What can be argued is that if they only develop for the Series X they would be able to leverage its hardware power more efficiently. And we will be able to prove if that is really the case. Once we see what features Sony implement in their PS5's exclusives (other than graphics) that have no equivalent in Microsoft's games.

Thundercat7713d ago

Digital Foundry and most of people have their doubts about it.

Obscure_Observer13d ago

No sure why since MS is making their games fully scalable across many PC specs.

I think their are putting too much faith and expectation on what PS5 only launch games will deliver in comparisson with SX´s launch games.

All eyes will be on Bluepoint/Japan studio´s next gen remake and any launch first party game. Hopefully, Guerrilla will announce/reveal Horizon 2.

yomfweeee13d ago

Sacrifices are made when you talk about scalability.

That is the sole reason why console graphics are able to match PC graphics with a $400 system.

When you can optimize for a single configuration you can achieve more. If you try to make it support 2 configurations, you sacrifice a bit and have to put more effort. If you have to support 3 configurations, you sacrifice a bit more and so on.

343_Guilty_Spark13d ago


Was Gears 5 held back because Eurogamer was saying in terms of graphical fidelity it is among, if not the best visually?

froy40212d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I played gears 5 on my og xbox one which has 1.3 teraflops, if gears 5 would have been made specifically for xbox one x 6 teraflops, og xbox one wouldn't be able to run it. It could of been way better in IA intelligence, a lot more detailed, a lot more things happening all at once etc.. so yeah it was held back.

Obscure_Observer12d ago


"I played gears 5 on my og xbox one which has 1.3 teraflops, if gears 5 would have been made specifically for xbox one x 6 teraflops, og xbox one wouldn't be able to run it."

Yeah... whatever helps you sleep at night

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darthv7213d ago

Actually, DF is taking a cautiously optimistic approach to it. They like the idea that older systems are still supported, especially if it means that those same games played on newer hardware would be part of the deal instead of having to double dip like previously. People are forgetting that next gen is an evolution to this gen, which makes this entire process possible unlike the vast differences in tech between 7th and 8th gens. Which is why there were usually two teams to make one game (for each platform).

13d ago
343_Guilty_Spark13d ago

They didn't have any issue hyping up the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X.

rainslacker12d ago

Yeah, and both those systems were pretty much unnecessary to this gen, and neither advanced games at all.

Unspoken13d ago

No, incorrect. One person on Digital Foundry has doubts. The other editors refute his assumptions and slant with logical reasoning and data instead of using feelings.

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Lennoxb6313d ago

Yes. MS and Sony have done it in generations past. For the life of me I can understand why people are acting like cross gen games are something new.

King_Noctis13d ago

Even most third parties will make their big games cross gen for at least one year in. No company in their right mind would throw away millions of existing current gen owners just to please the next gen owners.

darthv7213d ago

Usually cross gen games are built differently for the specific hardware they are released on. This time around it should be much easier to adapt a single version of a game to work on the varying degrees of hardware. Basically taking the approach that PC users have been touting for decades and finally applying it to a console. We have reached that evolutionary point where consoles can actually scale like PCs.

galmi13d ago

Because anything ms says is evil on this site and on twitter from pple like mbg and crapgamer, its quite fascinating, you'd think they have shares in sony

sibyl113d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Cross gen games are not bad, but being a first party console developer and saying your not going to have any games that take advantage of your expensive "next gen" console for two years is dumb.

Don't act like you don't understand what the issue here is.

VoiceMale13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

all the information out there and yet still here u are spewing nonsense...who TF said they wont have any games that take advantage of ur expensive next gen console .......??????
which person from MS said that???
u just look stupid saying these fanboy things...but then again it is the internet not sure why am even replying to such rubbish

rainslacker12d ago


Matt Booty said it.

They may push graphics, but they can't push game design when you make a game designed around last gen hardware. They'd essentially have to make a different game build to make two versions of the same game to truly take advantage of the new hardware in the XSX. There is really no way around it, unless they just use the most cursory of features available for the most minimalistic improvements.

Graphics will improve, but about the only other thing that will come with supporting legacy hardware in the design is faster load times, and possibly better performance. But, no bigger worlds. No instant streaming textures or worlds. No complex hot loaded data sets. Just more of the same, that runs faster, and looks prettier.

rainslacker12d ago

Cross gen wasn't ubiquitous across all of a publishers catalog. I don't recall that ever happening.

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MecheSlays13d ago

It would hold back game development. Maybe they want npcs and physics that can only run on the faster CPUs but now they can’t use those npcs or anything because the jag CPUs can’t run it.

Tross13d ago

It's possible that MS can have games that technically "run" on the XB1, but it's unlikely that the intention of their rule is for them to run as well as an asthmatic kid forced to run a school marathon. In all likelihood they will release games that run at least passably on the XB1, which means that even if the rumored specs of the new Xbox turn out to be true, all that extra ram and power will likely just be allocated to things like upscaling, increasing the frame rate and maybe having faster load times. Things like physics, AI, etc., will be limited to whatever is possible on the XB1.

rainslacker12d ago

If MS plans to make multiple builds of the same game, then they can do this with no issue. And it would even be good for the consumer, because they'd essentially get two versions of the game for one price.

But, I doubt MS is going to do that for the first year or two, and likely the games they have slotted that Booty was talking about were possible on X1/X1X and really all they're doing is doing a dual release of the X1 game, with a XSX patch pre-applied. So, pretty much what we have now with the mid gens.

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