Exclusives made the most money on Epic Games Store in 2019, more on the way

Epic does not plan to change its aggressive plans to increase the Epic Games Store's market share.

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Blu3_Berry13d ago

You do you then, I will just wait for your so called "exclusives" to release on other stores. I will be staying far away from your pathetic platform.

Blu3_Berry13d ago

Why? I did initially make an account for the free games, and guess what? I legit got emails that someone was trying to access my account on 3 separate occasions. That has never happened to me with Steam in my 7 years with them, while with the EGS I only had it for about 8 months, and someone tried to sign into my account 3 times. The EGS is all that not secured. That's why I refuse to buy anything on their store. It is insecured as hell and it is run by a Chinese company that probably sells information and spies on your PC.

KeenBean34513d ago

I mean, wouldn't that be expected? It even mentions that 90% of new releases are exclusive on EGS so how is this impressive?

Spenok13d ago

You read it wrong.

90% of new releases ON THE EPIC GAME STORE are exclusives. NOT 90% of game releases...

That would be an insane number of games for them to have exclusively.

KeenBean34512d ago

No I read it correctly, hence why I wrote "new releases". It still doesn't seem too impressive