Marvel's Avengers Has Been Delayed

The Marvel’s Avengers game has been delayed in order to allow more time to polish the game.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane13d ago

Lool funny enough i was saying this to a couple a friends a few days ago that this game gonna get delayed cause theres been no follow up gameplay other than the tutorial part.

They still haven't shown what this multiplayer loot driven gameplay is supposed to look like.

solideagle13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

SquareEnix is on the roll today. first FF VII Remake and now Avengers :)

UltraNova13d ago

Let them delay both, if that's what it takes to iron out issues and deliver a better product.

AnubisG13d ago

They should change the main hero. Once they showed that and her powers, I was like ; nope, thank you.

SeanScythe13d ago

you would think, it's an Avengers Game....Let us play as an actual Avenger not some 3rd rate SJW character no one knows about.

AnubisG13d ago

My point exactly and her powers are repulsive to me and not cool at all.

KwietStorm13d ago

Since when was there a main hero?

AnubisG13d ago

Kamala Khan is the main protagonist of this game. It has been announced last year and she was shown with her ability to stretch and bloat her bodyparts. Rather disgusting "powers."

KwietStorm13d ago

I know what her abilities are, she's the same character from the comics. But where was it said there is a "main" hero of the game?

AnubisG13d ago

When they revealed her in one of the trailers or an interview. I don't remember where exactly but I'm sure a quick google search will show you.

rainslacker13d ago

She isn't the main hero. They just decided to make her a marketing point soon after showing off the game, after no one seemed to care about the rest of the heroes because of their outfits.

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ninja2ri13d ago (Edited 13d ago )


thatguyhayat13d ago

First final fantasy and now this

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The story is too old to be commented.