Final Fantasy VII Remake delayed until April 10th

SQUARE ENIX announced today that the global release date for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE will be April 10, 2020.

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Neonridr253d ago

I mean, should we be surprised?

RpgSama253d ago

Actually even better, because these first couple of months are going to do some serious damage to my pocket.

RpgSama253d ago


With some personal stuff, I know this is just my situation and doesn't have to be agreed or shared by anyone else not going through it, on a separate note, if they need the time to polish the game I'd rather wait than buying a game in serious need of patches.

xTonyMontana253d ago

Have you seen the schedule for game releases? P5R, RE3, FF7R and Cyberpunk all released close together.

ActualWhiteMan253d ago

Its very personal, jeeze. He just wanted to tell us half the story, and get all defensive when we ask to elaborate.

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Atom666253d ago

No. It wouldn't be a modern FF game if it wasn't delayed.

Veneno253d ago

I told someone on here that it would be delayed and they cried that it wouldn't. So yes some will be surprised.

DigitalHope253d ago

I mean, yeah, a little bit. Delay it a month and move it into the same time frame as RE3R and Cyberpunk. Seems like an ill fated move.

Neonridr253d ago

I just mean it's Square Enix after all. Delays are part of their grand plan :P

-Foxtrot253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

Thank God

Too many games near the start of this year

Neonridr253d ago

it's a blessing in disguise I guess.

Pennywise138253d ago

7 days after resident evil and 6 days before cyberpunk with Last of Us part 2 about a month after that is not what I’d call a blessing in disguise.

-Foxtrot253d ago


Someone will move, who knows who

Pennywise138253d ago

Yeah I hope either cyberpunk or FF7 move. I assume Resident Evil 3 campaign will be relatively short so I’m not worried about that one but cyberpunk will be hundreds of hours worth of things to do. Seems like we still have no idea if FF7 will be 10 hours or 100 hours.

rainslacker253d ago

I'm a bit disappointed because this was the game I was most looking forward to early in the year. But it's not an exceptionally long delay, so I'll live.

RedDevils253d ago

I will skip this game, and buy cyberpunk and TLOU 2.

-Foxtrot250d ago

And just like that....Cyberpunk is delayed until September


*smug smile*


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BranWheatKillah253d ago

I'm surprised. They made a big deal about charging us early for the super edition of the game. It sure felt like everything was on course for a release at the specified time.

Lionsguard253d ago

The only thing I'm surprised at is that it was only delayed by a month. I was fully expecting a delay but one that would be pushed well into the summer, perhaps even after the summer olympics for that advertising.

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jambola253d ago

Only a month but stll disappointing

Jinryo253d ago

So close to Cyberpunk 2077 release date...

WickedLester253d ago

I'm waiting for next gen to play all these. FF7, Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima, etc. I want to experience all of these on next gen consoles.

Thunder_G0d_Bane253d ago

lool have fun playin no new games until November loool

This is why its great to have a beast PC i'll be playin Cyberpunk in beast mode the next gen consoles won't be anywhere close to it.

Atom666253d ago

I was going to hold off on FF7 just because the full set will be available on next gen. GoT will probably be close enough to next gen that it won't hurt too much.

But Cyberpunk and TLOU are too much to wait on for me. Hats off to your will power.

yoshatabi253d ago

I'll be getting them on PC. With the exception of console exclusives obviously

Exvalos253d ago

I'm doing the same thing, I'm done with this gen, except for going back and picking up straggler games, I missed.

253d ago
WickedLester253d ago


Believe it or not I have a life. Gaming isnt the ONLY thing I enjoy. I also have a Switch, which I fully plan on continue playing throughout 2020.

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King_Noctis253d ago

Big mistake. June or July would be much better.

bouzebbal253d ago

Crap! Was looking forward to this date.

Seth_hun253d ago

Was there a FF game that was not delayed at least once ? :)