BioShock games rated for Nintendo Switch

Take-Two is planning to release the first three BioShock games on Nintendo Switch, according to new online listings from Taiwan's ratings board.

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Neonridr559d ago

Hopefully in a trilogy pack and they don't try to nickel and dime us with 3 separate releases.

Christopher558d ago

I was about to say "of course not, it's just like the PS4 and XBO releases!" but this just isn't true for the Switch usually. They will at least have a bundle deal for all 3 like they did Bayonetta I think, but certain will be individual because they'll individually be very large downloads.

lptmg558d ago

"hooooooooow much is that doggie in the windoooooooow...."

DefaultComment558d ago

that is sooooo NICE. I love Bioshock, in fact is one of the best series ever made. hopefully there will be a bioshock 3/4 however the want to call it.

Smokehouse558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

There is but there is no window of release. They just announced that 2k made another studio dedicated to bioshock and there is a woman as the head but I forget her name or what she has done. She sounds solid though and understands what bioshock is all about.

This is probably just the collection for switch. Hopefully it comes with a new trailer for bioshock 4 at e3 or something.

Neonridr558d ago

I mean technically Infinite is 3.. If they called the new one 3 it would just be silly. They'd be better off not using a number and just call it Bioshock (insert subtitle).

Orionsangel558d ago

The most memorable game the last decade to me in terms of the world created would be Bioshock Infinite. Sometimes I still think of that world. It's hard to explain but it haunts you. It feels like you lived there in a past life.

masterfox558d ago

Awesome Nintendo getting new stuff.

King_Noctis558d ago

Have you just woken up or something?

Neonridr558d ago

yeah we get it.. it's not new games. But is the Switch better off without these titles? That's the question here..

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