Sony Skipping E3 is Bad for Gamers

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "...while we could could go on and on about the decision to attend or not and whether it was the right decision to make, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the real losers in all of this – us the gamers"

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mrmikew201874d ago

That’s interesting, you really should speak for yourself.

bouzebbal74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Fake media trying to be objective, nothing else.. Well yes, I wish they didn't have to skip cause I've been loving their last shows, but they know they have to be everywhere this year to promote the new console and games now that they're skipping a major gaming come together...

starchild74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Just more evidence that Sony doesn't want to be a part of the wider gaming community. They want their walled garden and they hope they can get you stuck in it, otherwise they couldn't care less about gaming as a whole. It shouldn't be surprising, I guess. Sony has always been about stupid proprietary standards, arbitrary exclusivity and walled gardens. Having their own gaming event separate from the rest of the industry is just more of the same kind of behavior.

Zeref73d ago

You're proving their point.

Sony doesnt need E3 but gamers want it.

AspiringProGenji73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Ah please... They don't go to E3 and now they don't care about gaming? what's the next narrative ?

Blizzard has been doing their own show since forever and R* doesn't even go there, so they must not care about gaming either. Just beat it already. They don't want to go there and do their own thing or attend to other events like they said. That's all!

RpgSama74d ago

The only thing "bad for gamers" is if they do not release great games year after year, not if they attend or not one out of multiple events in one year.

If they do their own event, which I'm very sure they will, I do not see what we are missing.

nucky6474d ago

agreed. i don't feel bad.........i'm excited for this year of playstation - FF7 remake; LoU2; GoT plus 3rd party games dying light2 and doom eternal - i'm playing all of them! THEN, there is ps5 launch this fall and sony has guaranteed NEW EXCLUSIVES for the NEW CONSOLE - it's like christmas all year!

kreate74d ago

Not attending E3 once is forgivable. But twice is unforgivable. Sony is a fail.

RpgSama74d ago


"Sony is a fail."

Lol, I guess everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

kreate74d ago


I dont watch 'other events'. I only watch E3. I dont follow gaming the way I use to. So Sony not attending E3 for 2 years annoys me. I am happy for u since u are ok w it. I'm just saying I am not happy. That is all.

b163o174d ago


Seems like you can skip E3 yourself then...

notachance74d ago

@kreate lol there's like only 2-3 other events per year with ~1 hour duration, you're talking as if they take weeks of dedication to watch or something

kreate73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Now I'm just baffled at the fanboys. Yea I guess E3 doesn't matter at all and everyone is just over-reacting.

I mean Sony's last few E3 shows sucked already and now they stop attending E3

How is that in any way good for US gamers? E3 is the biggest event for gamers for the year. By not attending is either Sony is:

-dont care
-taking 2 years off from work
-Xbox is a epic fail and everyone knows it so Sony not really trying

Pick ur reason.

Zeref73d ago

You're gonna tell me you're not gonna miss watching the shows back to back? Or the "Who won E3" discussions?

Its not "bad for gamers" but it sure as hell sucks.

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JackBNimble74d ago

We all should be boycotting E3 anyway with the changes the ESA are putting forward.

Obscure_Observer74d ago


How Sony skipping E3 is good for gamers?

Atticus_finch74d ago

They can attend more shows worldwide obviously and no free press for the competition. So how is it bad.

GTgamer74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

It's just a Venue you clown sony never said they won't have a conference they just said they won't be at E3 and nobody cares where sony has a conference we just care that they have one 🙄 buttttttt I digress. so tell me how is it bad for gamers again?

Obscure_Observer74d ago


"They can attend more shows worldwide obviously and no free press for the competition"

Yeah, like they did last year by skipping E3, Paris, TGS, Gamescom press conferences not to mention PSX.

Easily said than done.

RosweeSon74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

How is it bad for gamers. 99% of gamers go to E3. No. So for us common folk we’ll watch it get announced via twitter/YouTube from anywhere in the world not at E3 ok their set dates for a price that ain’t cheap. Sony can now announce anything they want when they want don’t have to wait for e3 we’ll find out more by March. End of March once financial years out of the way ps5 gonna be getting a lot of info hype games and something actually next gen.
if Sony said we’re skipping E3 as were not releasing any games this year or next and we’re gonna release a next gen console with no next generation exclusive games then I’d be worried.

starchild74d ago

For most of my gaming life E3 has been the major gaming event of the year. It was always exciting and nice to see all the game announcements in one place, as well as all the personalities and other aspects of gaming culture. Random announcements throughout the year aren't the same thing. Not as exciting and I will probably miss many of them when done that way.

rainslacker74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

How is it bad for gamers? That's the topic of the article.

What possible loss are we as gamers having from Sony not attending? Did them not attending last year take anything away from us? I mean really....what did we lose? Hell, we even got to be able to pit Sony against MS to say who won, because that still happened. That's about the only thing that comes from E3 that is different than a press release or any number of other shows they may have done.

E3 is an exciting time. The conferences are what made it exciting. But, it's the content of those conferences that was exciting, not E3 itself. Whether I get the information from an E3 conference, a press release, a video uploaded to YouTube, or some interview, it doesn't change the excitement of what I hear or see. About all I lose is the excitement leading up to being able to watch all this stuff at once during what is an exciting time where news actually comes in rapid succession. Since other publishers are still doing conferences, there is still exciting stuff for E3 to make it worth watching. And if hypothetically, every publisher decided to abandon E3, would it be bad for gamers? If so, then gamers are fragile creatures who rely more on hype, than information.

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SyntheticForm74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I think we'll all be fine; it's not as if Sony aren't going to show us anything. They also have some heavy hitters releasing this year.

They can surely afford not to be at E3 at this point.

Zeref73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

It's not about them(sony) its about us core gamers. They don't need E3 as a business but Anyone who calls himself a gamer WANTS sony at E3, whether you're Xbox, Playstation or a Nintendo fan. It's the biggest celebration of videogames. I understand skipping it once because you got nothing to show but skipping two years in a row is a slap in the face of gamers.

rainslacker74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Sony skipping E3 means I can't play PS4 games. Means I can't possibly find out anything about what games may be coming for PS5. Means that any new info on PS5 will be unknown to me for eternity.

Obviously, Sony not going to E3 is going to be the end of gaming as we know it, and our identity as gamers will be challenged, and our community will fall into disarray. Like all great nations, it's the corrupt power that ruins it for everyone, and soon, we'll be stuck with Xbox, because they are the only one's consumer friendly enough to talk about their products at a singular trade show. So long PlayStation Nation. All hail the new kings. The king is dead, long live King Spencer!!!!

Or, I'll just read the same news, watch the same trailers, and get the same information through a different streaming method, or news outlet through a press release, and I'll still be able to consume the same inane opinion pieces about how Sony is screwing up and will fail miserably, because E3 isn't needed for any of that.

I can see why Sony not attending E3 is bad for the gaming sites. Without Sony to give them their fodder to pit these companies against one another, to pit the readers against one another, to drive their own clicks, how can they possibly make any money?

I think on the flip side making these sites work to actually make good news people want to read is going to be good for gamers. But I doubt these journalists will live up to the challenge.

CBaoth73d ago

This year is different with the impending release of the PS5. I don't have an issue with them skipping E3 provided they schedule a big event in NA to replace it. It's far by the biggest market for consoles and you better have a ton of publicity here. A bunch of Nintendo Directs and 4A.M. livestreams ain't gonna cut it. I'm neither a journalist nor a Phil Spencer mouthpiece but I will say there's something about a live stage reveal and the excitement that comes with it that connects us as a gaming community. Sony handled 2013 wonderfully. Jury's out on 2020.

Zeref73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

SONY doesn't need E3 to sell consoles. It's not necessarily "bad for gamers" but E3 is a gaming tradition, it's like the superbowl for us. Everyone who says they're not gonna miss Sony at E3 or the "Who won E3" discussions is a liar.
The same people who are here arguing for weeks after E3 is over are now saying E3 doesn't matter?

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Atom66674d ago

I don't know that you can go that far. In the long run, it's probably not going to have much impact.

But unless you're completely anti-Sony, I don't know how you can say it's not disappointing. A lot of E3 is a mess, and there are a number of financial reasons why it doesn't make sense. That dosen't make it any less of a let down.

Having that hype and excitement has always been a highlight of the year. When the screen goes dark and an unexpected trailer begins.... the crowd starts to go crazy. That's just good times all around.

It's odd to think that just a few years ago, Sony was filling theaters across the country to watch this conference. Some of the all time best moments of E3 came from Sony's stage.

It's just disappointing. ESA and E3 have a lot of issues, but I'd rather these guys work to make E3 better rather than just leaving it altogether.

AspiringProGenji74d ago

It is disappointing indeed, but at the same time I don’t care especially if Sony has other shows and their own to show stuff. E3 has become a cringefest with and without Sony Anyways . Most of what has been show to us in recent years are disappointment and lies. Everything also gets leaked days prior.

If Sony doesn’t want to go then they must have a really good reason.

Atom66674d ago

True, but we still see cringe and disappointment in these other shows too. How many times do we see Inside Xbox, State of Play, or Directs get labeled as underwhelming and disappointing immediately after they air?

Then people rightfully point out that these smaller shows aren't meant to be like the big shows. Well what happens when the big shows aren't there?

Not sure about the "lies" you're referring to, but it's not like we're getting less CGI trailers and bull shots on these smaller streams and shows. Arguably, the best state of play announcement was TLOU2 release. Weeks later it got delayed.

We get leaks before those small events too. All of these are definitely E3s biggest problems, but we're not seeing them being resolved by these other shows. These are things I wish they'd focus on fixing at E3 rather than walking away.

Sony's reasoning is likely that it's cheaper and easier to control messaging through other means. It's a good reason, but it doesn't make it less disappointing.

Hopefully the NY thing they're planning contains all of the same hype and excitement that we're used to.

imtiyaz674d ago

E3 without Sony seems pointless. I can’t even get that mad the last time they were at the show, they showed 4 AAA exclusive gameplay footages and were widely panned by the media while its competitor mostly showed Multiplatform games and got heaps of praise. Sony is held to a higher standard.

Atom66674d ago

They earned themselves that higher standard by delivering great shows. I don't think there's anything wrong in hoping for more of those.

2018 wasn't their best show, but it still wasn't their worst. Flute guy wasn't one of those special moments I was talking about, but it was at least memorable.

DJStotty73d ago

The only thing you will be missing out on is Sony exclusive game trailers.

All 3rd party games will still be shown at E3, via the conferences

Neonridr74d ago

E3 was always that time of year when every company would get together and show off what they are working on. I get that the need for this has lessened thanks to other shows throughout the year plus companies doing their own announcements and such, but it was always a good time to gather together to see what was coming.

While it's not the end of the world or anything, it's still disappointing to not see them there.

SpaceRanger74d ago

I don’t think any of that has changed. If it has, how does it? 99.9% of the world’s gamers don’t go to this conference. Heck neither you nor I will be there. Most watch streams online or watch the directs or state of play. We still get it through an online mechanism.

This changes nothing for the vast majority of gamers. Anyone who says Sony is “anti-consumer” for not going is simply stirring up nonsense.

Steveoreno174d ago ShowReplies(1)
nucky6474d ago

i'm not speaking for you - but i only tuned in to e3 to see what sony is doing. as long as they keep the gamers matter what format they choose i'm happy.

Neonridr74d ago

well I own multiple hardware, so I liked to see what was going on in the gaming world as a whole. Plus sometimes 3rd party games would appear during one specific show (usually down to marketing or partnerships).

DJStotty73d ago

COD being the main culprit

Kurt Russell73d ago

E3 was the place to go for the big reveals and announcements.

Times have changed now. A simple tweet from Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo reaches a far bigger audience than an E3 show does... Why should they bother with it anymore?

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Thundercat7774d ago

That's a lie and you should speak for yourself.

Sony didn't attend E3 2019 and gamers keep buying their console and their games to the point that they crossed the 100m mark and had an amazing Christmas season in terms of sales.

This year PS4 gamers have, at the end of the lifecycle, 3 of the best exclusive games of this generation... The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima and Dreams while Xbox has nothing memorable.

So don't come here to spread that lies about this being "bad" for gamers.

Thunder_G0d_Bane74d ago

The fanboyism is too much you just said 3 of the best exclusive games of this generation regarding 3 games that aren't even out yet.

I own all platforms, PC, PS4 and Switch so I don't care for the fanboy nonsense. But this is just a whole new level of stupidity.

Wait for these games to even come out before you start hailing them best thing since sliced bread.

Spenok74d ago

100% agree.

BUT, it's hard to deny he has a possibility of being right.

TLoU2 is highly unlikely to disappoint.

Ghost of Tsushima, for me at least, I am expecting to be near or as good as God of War. Which for me is currently crowned as Game of the Generation.

And Dreams is just an incredible piece of technology that has already made some impressive pieces of software.

So I guess I'll see.

Neonridr74d ago

@Spenok - what does any of that have to do with MS? Nobody is saying that people won't continue to support them. It just sucks not having them there. It's the biggest gaming convention out there, it was always great to get news from the Big 3 of what is ahead.

nucky6474d ago

oh, here's the "i own all the platforms" guy who thinks his thinking is beyond reproach. i think anyone who throws that kind of money away to buy all formats and then has to buy games for each is either A - a moron. or B - a sad individual with no real life. having all formats doesn't make you any smarter or impartial.
and btw - from the last 25 years of PS consoles, it's a pretty safe bet that LoU2 and GoT are going to be fantastic. it isn't "fanboyism" to expect sony to produce great games since that's all they've ever done. since you "own all platforms" - you should know this.

Thunder_G0d_Bane73d ago


You wrote probably the dumbest comment I've ever read. IF you're a fan of gaming which I am you don't limit yourself to one platform and miss out on great games. I own all platforms so I can play any and all of the great games across these platforms.

If you can't afford all platforms thats a YOU problem, some of us work hard and get to enjoy the spoils of our career. To say someone doesn't have a life cause they own all platforms is moronic itself.

I'm a father and I have a enjoyable career to go along with it. I would never stoop to the low life level of fanboys who are loyal to a singular corporate company brand. When you should be a fan of Gaming in general regardless of brand/platform end of.

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SegaGamer74d ago

None of this has anything to do with why the writer is saying this is bad for gamers. Read the article next time.

galmi73d ago

nobody ever reads here, just comments based on headlines

leejohnson22274d ago

Exactly, fuk E3 ms don't pay as they use their own conference centre across the street, Nintendo haven't paid for years, just more propoganda and lies from the media

Thunder_G0d_Bane74d ago


You wrote probably the dumbest comment I've ever read. IF you're a fan of gaming which I am you don't limit yourself to one platform and miss out on great games. I own all platforms so I can play any and all of the great games across these platforms.

If you can't afford all platforms thats a YOU problem, some of us work hard and get to enjoy the spoils of our career. To say someone doesn't have a life cause they own all platforms is moronic itself.

I'm a father and I have a enjoyable career to go along with it. I would never stoop to the low life level of fanboys who are loyal to a singular corporate company brand. When you should be a fan of Gaming in general regardless of brand/platform end of.

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2pacalypsenow74d ago

Here we go, another "Sony is anti consumer" bs article.

Sony not being at E3 doesn't hurt gamers one bit.

nowitzki200474d ago

Sadly for them, Sony not being at E3 only hurts E3 convention lol.

starchild74d ago

Missing any big publisher would hurt E3. But it still sucks for gamers.

ShadowWolf71273d ago

How so? What would I see there that I couldn't see in their own direct streams?