The PC market, once left for dead, actually grew during 2019

Not only is the PC market alive, it's thriving. Researchers IDC and Gartner reported that the PC market grew during the fourth quarter of 2019 and for the full year, ending eight years of declines.

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CaptainHenry91614d ago

It was never dead to begin with. Been a PC gamer for two decades

Giblet_Head13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

This is regarding the big brand pre-built side of the market. Self-built PCs have always been steadily growing, especially in recent years as build guides have made it less intimidating to those without any knowledge.

rockwhynot13d ago

Same! Remember all those magazines with the covers saying "The Death of PC Gaming?"

Nobody even bought into that - it was such a lame attempt to sell issues.

drizzom13d ago

I think I'm becoming far more comfortable playing on PC nowadays. I feel like I have more control over my games. It's also nice not needing to pay for an online subscription just to play with other people.

RazzerRedux13d ago

This isn't really about gaming, just the overall PC market.

kneon13d ago

This increase in sales was driven largely by the end of Windows 7. Talking to some IT people it seems a lot of companies are replacing machines rather than upgrading the OS. So soon the decline will resume as PCs last longer than ever for most people.

RazzerRedux13d ago

Too true. For most applications out there, a PC 5 years old or more is fine. It used to be the IT shops I worked in would roll out OS upgrades but these days it really isn’t cost efficient. We upgraded to Windows 10 last year where I work. By “upgrade” I mean they shipped a new laptop to my home. Times have changed. lol

Father__Merrin13d ago

i think that has to do with those ps360 gamers who are now older find more value in a decent gaming rig