Sony is not attending E3 2020; Here's what it means for the future

Shrey Katsura writes-"Sony has officially confirmed that they are not attending E3 2020. Here's what it means for the future of PlayStation as well as E3."

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ps3rider82d ago

E3 is a show to raise the hype. Every one thought Sony did a wrong move last year by not showing their assets in the stage and they will be doomed by Microsoft & Nintendo Shows.

2019 show started and Phil said "This the largest showcase of games on any stage anywhere this year", after seeing the show. hold a second yes its the larget of nothing except the announcement of few first-party developers which is, in my opinion, was not necessary during E3.

Then I released sony is going in the right direction and E3 is only for third party developer studios to show their assets.

Apocalypse Shadow82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

It'll be fine. I find it interesting when gamers say it is the biggest show when more people go to the Tokyo Game Show. Like 4 times as many people recently. (66,000 compared to 298,000)

"Well, it's a custom." "It's tradition." "Sony should be there."

Traditionally, I used to get my information from game magazines. E3 wasn't televised. Then, I got my information from the internet on certain sites like IGN, Gamespot, Gametrailers, etc. Now I no longer use those sites for information for the ones still around. Especially after the biased way they handled 7th gen. Sony got up close and personal by allowing gamers to stream and see the truth about PS4 games and not doctored videos like on Gametrailers with PS3. Killed that nonsense real quick on PS4. Advertising dollars and green swag bags can't fight direct gamer to gamer and word of mouth.

Sony wants to do their own show and get up close and personal with fans for their 25 anniversary. Nothing wrong with it. I find it interesting that Apple, Samsung, Google, Facebook, Amazon,etc can have their on conferences. But Sony has to go to E3 because a certain section of the community says so. You're still going to get a reveal of the console at Sony's choosing. And, gamers will get up close and personal with the games. While information will filter to the public if not streamed over the net.

It'll be fine. Just a lot of fake outrage.

Atanasrikard81d ago

How many new games are shown at Tokyo Game Show? Stop conflating the number of people who go to the event with the event being the biggest as far as new games and hardware reveals are concerned.

Apocalypse Shadow81d ago

New games are shown all the time. Where you been? This isn't my first rodeo. You act like you can't get the same information but in a different way.

Point is, E3 is not the biggest show.
And I just looked and found that last year in 2019, 262,000 people attended TGS. E3 is not the biggest show like some want to make it out to be.

But even without a show attendance, Sony can reach millions using the internet. E3 is not the end all and be all of showing something new like you think it is.

I don't see none of you crying when EA, Rockstar, Nintendo, etc backing out. Why you crying over Sony?

Atanasrikard80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

@apocalypse shadow

First of all, I didn't say anything about Sony. I said to stop conflating attendance with reveals. Second, I didn't say NO new games are shown anywhere else. Take off your stupid fanboy glasses. E3 is still THE show when it comes new reveals for games and electronics (you know the first E in E3). Most other shows are all about playing the games that were revealed at E3. Don't take my statement out of context again, there are definitely other games revealed at other shows.

I said in another post that I agree, Sony can reach people through the internet. However, imo, it's mostly going to be the people who are already looking for that thing. They are playing to their fanbase, while forgetting about the average individual. Which is fine, they have sold over 100m systems so they have a large fanbase. They will also reach plenty of other people through the other trade shows they will go to.

I'm sorry that in your defense of Sony you forgot all about the people that don't sit on n4g reading articles about who is and who isn't attending e3. There are 7 billion people in the world and 100m ps5 owners. E3 isn't the end all be all, but it is FOR SOME people. That's what you don't seem to get, but that's fine. If Sony feels that don't need to be there, then they don't need to be there. Just seems to me that they are missing out on an opportunity. I do understand why they aren't, it is costly to go to E3.

I'm not crying about Sony and I never was. Just like I didn't cry over Nintendo, EA, Rockstar or whatever else you want to fanboy about. If they want to make that choice that is fine, it probably isn't going to hurt them too much. I am sure they feel they have plenty of fans out there, which is fine. Maybe they would have more, maybe they wouldn't, doesn't really matter.

81d ago
Abnor_Mal81d ago

It means everyone will have to come correct. No half stepping, be judged on your own merits and not judged compared to what others have done.

waverider81d ago

Times are changing, When a post of logo get 5 millions views on social media. Its most talk subject. Why spend millions on a show when you can reach a much bigger audience. Sony wont return to E3. Better get use to that.

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The story is too old to be commented.