Sony And PlayStation Are Skipping E3 Again. And That’s Okay

"Sony has once again caught fans off guard by announcing that they will be skipping E3 2020, and this might be a smart move," writes Deville Louw.

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Thundercat7774d ago

Everything will be fine just like nothing happened last year. In fact, PlayStation was the most talked about at E3 2019 while Microsoft, who had all the show for themselves, failed to gain any momentum.

Apocalypse Shadow74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

It seems to work for Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Nintendo, etc in doing their own presentations.

But as soon as Sony says they want to do their own presentation of PS5 and get up close with the fans all year of their 25th anniversary...

Sony didn't go last year and outsold their opponent in hardware and software when their opponent had E3 all to themselves. Must not be that serious. Just fake outrage.

Sony now has access to the entire internet to show or filter information. Some things change. I used to get information from game magazines. That no longer happens. Used to go to ign and game trailers. That no longer happens. Change happens. Might even be better for third parties as Sony won't be overshadowing their presentations by not being at E3.

Thundercat7774d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I just want to watch the news!

It doesn't matter to me if the news come from E3 or directly from Sony. It's not about the medium it's about the content.