Spencer: Fans Are Amazing Part Of E3, Respecting And Talking With Them Is A Special Part of the Show

Phil Spencer's statement comes after Sony announced that they'll be skipping E3 2020.

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sibyl180d ago

I thought you guys didn't want to go head to head with Sony?

Septic80d ago

This Tweet means Xbox is going head to head with Sony?

CaptainHenry91680d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Really?? You really feel like it's a head to head match? It didn't feel like Sony really had a competitor this gen but I guess that's subjective

fr0sty80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Fans aren't allowed into E3.... Gotta be a journalist (from a well funded outlet) or an industry insider.

yomfweeee80d ago

Sony announces they won't be going to E3. Then you think it is sheer coincidence that Phil Spencer makes a tweet about how important E3 is?

S2Killinit80d ago

This is MS as they have been from the start. What is he implying here and why cant he come out and say it like a man if its so true? Well, that’s MS for you in a nutshell.

Mooncake80d ago

He implies that Sony are not respecting their fans

Mooncake80d ago

For some reason I can't reply to fr0sty, but E3 has been open to the public since 2017.

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bouzebbal80d ago

Well he better respect the fans he has left by giving them games, not lying on stage, showing live demos and not downgrading games every single time

Smokehouse80d ago

He’s taking advantage of the situation like Sony did with the “game sharing” ad. It’s not going head to head as much as capitalizing on a blunder. I personally can’t blame Sony for skipping e3 after they botched the security.

S2Killinit80d ago

Except it isnt a blunder. They are trying to make a blunder where there is none using funded PR campaigns. Sony had already stated that E3 was not going to be their venue of choice going forward.

Smokehouse80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Right. And here swoops in Microsoft saying they are going to be there in full force capitalizing on it. That’s my point.

rainslacker79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Somehow I think Sony's attempt at capitalizing on a blunder will prove to be more effective when we look back on this.

MS has been talking about how how they've been about the fans all gen. It hasn't changed jack squat for them.

coolbeans80d ago

1.) Matt Booty recently stated that, not "you guys."
2.) The full quote provides some necessary context.

timotim79d ago

What does what he said have anything to do with going head to head??? Why must you guys always attempt to say something negative?

galmi79d ago

see pple like these are the issue with gaming really, always has to put a negative spin on anything MS does

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timotim80d ago

We will see how this plays out for Sony...Im sure Microsoft will take all the spotlight they can get.

CaptainHenry91680d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Okay we'll see. I admire your confidence and I'll give you that. I'll salute you on that.

timotim79d ago

Im not always confident about everything, but this is just gaming ain't that deep.

AspiringProGenji80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

It will play out just like last year... not even MS capitalized well on their absence. Maybe this time they will because of the new gen coming up will be different, but not E3 will damage sony at all

jukins79d ago

Microsoft didnt capitalize when sony missed last year. And now with new consoles coming. Sony is confident enough to do their own show. To put in simpler terms xbox couldnt capitalize when Sony did nothing they'll definetly struggle when Sony does it's own show. Not to mention 3rd party devs will most likely show ps4 games or at least announce they'll be on playstation even if shown on an xbox or pc

Thundercat7780d ago

Same story as last year. Microsoft had E3 for themselves and still PlayStation was the most talked about even when they were not there.

3 p I c80d ago

I think you're making shit up.

fr0sty80d ago

Then provide evidence to back up your thought... otherwise you too are just making shit up.

galmi79d ago

@3 p I c

They always do here lol

rainslacker79d ago

Some people have the memory span of a goldfish and are unable to ever look at history to judge the future.

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gravedigger80d ago

Like last year, yeah!

Microsoft Fails To Capitalize On Sony’s Absence With A Surprisingly Light Xbox Scarlett Reveal

nucky6480d ago (Edited 80d ago )

sony didn't attend last year - has it hurt their sales?
btw - i can see phil on stage at e3 trying to explain this: there will NO seriesX exclusives for the 1st 1- 2 years. i can't wait for that story.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod80d ago

Sony will just have their own event..why do people have this bizarre thinking that E3 is the only place games are or can be announced? E3 is just a venue lol.

Atticus_finch79d ago

Spoiler alert. It play out just fine, Sony will attend more shows possibly spending less money and PS5 will be the biggest console launch of 2020.

HannibalLecter79d ago

Like last year? How did that go

timotim79d ago

Oh I'm sorry Sir, Im talking about E3 2020, not any other E3. I know Microsoft enjoyed the spotlight last sure they will enjoy this year even more with new software and hardware and new studios on the way...

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Jin_Sakai80d ago

That’s nice. Sony will be also attending 100s of shows throughout the year and also have their own events.

FanboySpotter80d ago

All those shows but 1(e3) is impossible? How that sounds right to you I'll never know. Easily could've done all

Shane Kim80d ago

Pretty sure Sony knows how to run the company without your expertise.

MrVux00080d ago

Last i checked E3 is the most expensive gaming Expo in the world, have you ever considered that for SONY it simply isn't worth the cost anymore, especially when there are much cheaper ways of presenting their games.

When you look at the whole picture, E3 certainly needs SONY more than other way around.

Hell if this continues, i would not be surprised if E3 slowly starts dropping down in popularity in the coming years.

rainslacker79d ago

There's some back end politics involved in Sony's decision. It really has nothing to do with disrespecting the fans, or even the money it costs to attend. I think the money involved helped spur this decision, because of the political divide with the ESA in terms of E3, and the lessening of need to spend that kind of money to market at E3, they decided to just take their business elsewhere.

Spurg80d ago

They have skipped most of the events in 2019 even cancelled their PS Exp.
They will have state of play, which is a mediocre format to show off games. There is no excitment in a 10-20 min full of indie titles.

80d ago
TK-6680d ago (Edited 80d ago )


"There is no excitment in a 10-20 min full of indie titles."

Speak for yourself. I'd take an hour of indie titles of that's what they want to show off.

This generation: Indies > AAA

S2Killinit80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Ummmmmm is this the upside down? Who has been releasing games this entire gen? AAA or otherwise.

rainslacker79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Before the last E3, Sony did an interview about the PS5. That interview generated as much excitement as an entire E3 press conference. It crippled MS own announcement at E3. That interview didn't cost them anything. We lost nothing as gamers. We didn't even lose the pitting of MS against Sony, because the whole "who won" because "Sony Won" by not even attending.

Stop being so dramatic about it. This same discourse went down last year, and for all the apparent disappointment, and all the claims Sony was making a mistake, it didn't change anything, and all the people who claimed Sony was making a mistake were proven wrong before E3 even ended.

Do you really want to go another year where you will just have the same thing happen again? Really? Do you guys not learn anything from your past mistakes?

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CaptainHenry91680d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Pretty sure Sony respects their fans at PSX, TGS, PGW, and GC last time I checked

S2Killinit80d ago

Those dont count. MS likes to limit statements to very specific timeframes. In other news, 2 billion tire rotations in Forza today.

froy40280d ago

Slaps 👋... .. .. excuse my little playstation minion maybe not hundreds of shows,, but there will be alot!! Yeah dam right!!✊

moriarty188980d ago

if they are ateending ‘100’s of shows’ then why skip one of the biggest??? like i said its a dumb move to do it with the PS5 due out this year.

S2Killinit80d ago

They already stated that E3 wasnt their forum of choice going forward. They do their own events. They dont have to attend the “biggest one”. Especially if its not the “biggest” if its missing one of the big three. But, even before Sony stopped going, E3 was on the decline if I remember correctly.

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n-skyline80d ago

Basically implying that Sony does not respect their fans.. okay

TGGJustin80d ago

Exactly. The biggest thing these companies can do to show they respect me is produce great games for me to enjoy and let me tell you Xbox and Phil Spencer haven't done that pretty much this entire generation outside a couple games. Sony on the other hand has done it several times per year for years now. Microsoft needs to stop talking so much and actually do something for once.

Echo_80d ago

He gave a statement that has nothing to do with Sony. You are making it about Sony. Basically being offended on Sony's behalf.

Echo_80d ago

responding on time to fans on twitter?

AspiringProGenji80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

No. He responded to the fan that replied to his initial statement about E3. Perfect opportunity to throw a shade there, and I don’t blame him

crazyCoconuts80d ago

So clearly a jab at Sony - that timing is no coincidence, this is his MO. He's always looking for an opportunity to make Xbox look better, which I guess is his job. But then he'll pretend to be some Mother Theresa that wants all gaming companies and gamers to get along in some non-competitive Utopia. His lack of genunity is really apparent in cases like this.

UltraNova80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Spot on crazyCoconuts. Phil is always on about MS not competing with Sony and that they have a different direction, yet he never misses the chance to take a jab at Sony - promoting direct comparisons aka competition, ironically.

Taking jabs is fine, its part of the industry, but being consistent with what you say you are what you are actually doing is paramount to your credibility.

S2Killinit80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

It was clearly implying that if you dont have a E3 presence, you are not ‘respecting’ gamers. thats what they are trying to say. I would have thought making games was the best way to respect the fans. But no, its showing up to E3.

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porkChop80d ago

That's not true at all. It wasn't in reference to Sony. Someone thanked him for caring about the fans, so he responded. Not everything he says has to be about Sony.

It's well known that one of the reasons Sony is moving away from E3 is because ESA is doing such a poor job of integrating the fans into the show. Sony and Microsoft both wanted ESA to do far more for fans, while other publishers are fighting back to keep the show focused on journos and industry people.

Phil Spencer obviously knows that, he isn't throwing any shade.

Vokun80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

But they don't. Why do you think the PS platform and ecosystem is so inferior and lacking in features compared to Xbox in near every single way forcing you to beg for simple pro-consumer features MS have offered for years? It's because Sony doesn't give a shit about you guys.

The Wood80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Yeah bro. . . They've respected their fans and took xbox fans with games. They gave a s#it and put effort into producing and procuring games. . Sequels.. remakes, new IP's of quality for the majority of the generation. Maybe fan service is your idea of respect but millions of ex xbox gamers think otherwise.

You ironically speak about begging for pro consumer features like those are the life blood of a console or Sony's miles behind. . .priorities bro. . Games and consistency pulled gamers to the console manufacturer that allegedly doesn't give a s#it. You just seem sour your brand of choice got it's ass kicked

80d ago
AspiringProGenji80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

PSX is actually the event for PS fans to interact with them and show off game demos. It is an event for PS fans to meet and hang out. How is that not caring for their fans? Ah because they don’t do everything MS does? Really?

Elda80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Sony is doing a month long event in NYC starting today "Playstation Experience & it's a month long event that Sony says is strictly for the fans to play demos of PS4 & PSVR games.

Master of Unlocking80d ago

The PS platform and ecosystem is so lacking in features? Which ones exactly?

ShadowWolf71280d ago


That's "Experience PlayStation", not "PlayStation Experience". Sliiiightly different.

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gamer780480d ago

you realize that saying that they "respect their fans", doesn't imply anything about any other competitors, its you who are taking it that way for some reason.

Atticus_finch79d ago

All Phil is good at is talking. I'm glad Sony doesn't respect me the way Phil respects his drones. I wouldn't be gaming anymore.

rainslacker79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Apparently, E3 is the one not respecting the community, and that's why Sony is having this political divide with them, which is the main reason for not going. ESA organizers are trying to pressure E3 into being more about influencers than the fans or the general press, and Sony and EA seem to have a problem with that.

I can respect that MS may still believe that E3 is a good place to reach their fans. I don't really respect that they would use the recent news to try and make it seem like the competition doesn't, because in no way can I believe this statement wasn't made as a passive aggressive way to put down Sony. Spencer has proven himself very adept at giving his fan boys their next talking point when they can't seem to come up with it on their own. He's been doing it all generation.

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Echo_80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

" Sony announced that they'll be skipping E3 2020 "

edit: Whatever the reason I'm not bothered if they skip E3 or not.

Shane Kim80d ago

That's not the reason. Maybe you should read their official statement.