The Most Anticipated Open-World Titles for 2020

Player 2 looks at the open-worlds that are going to steal your time in 2020.

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Smokehouse14d ago

I got the 399 collectors edition of destroy all humans for 200 bucks. It was the last purchase I made with the 20% off Best Buy gamers club before it ran out ☹️ You will be missed gamers club.

CannOfPoo14d ago

Shouldn't that be closer to 50% if it was pretty much half off?

Smokehouse14d ago

I had rewards points on top to make it 50% but I can still get rewards points. The 20% is gone now though.

Profchaos14d ago

For that price does it come with a console?

Smokehouse14d ago

No. It’s actually kind of a ripoff but I’m a big enough fan for 200. I just want the crypto statue lol.

Inzo14d ago

Though there are many games I am interested in and/or looking forward to, only one game is on my highly anticipated list so far and that is Ghost of Tsushima.

Abnor_Mal14d ago

Was only here to say the same.

UltraNova14d ago

Elden Ring and then GoT for me.

isarai14d ago

I really want to be excited for Destroy All Humans remake, but the devs making it have a rather underwhelming track record.

Profchaos14d ago

But the source material is solid I just hope they can pull it off sounds like they are making some design changes though to modernize it

Giblet_Head14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

No Dying Light 2? Pretty much the only game I'm excited about this year so far, especially since Chris Avellone is writing for it. Man knows his way around narrative branching.

Hewso14d ago

We featured that one in our most anticipated FPS titles, knowing it could probably fit in a few genres

RaidenBlack13d ago

Damn BioMutant and Skulls'nBones ... Lets see if they survive the development hell.

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