Knowing When To Step Away From Your Clan/Team/Gaming Group

HalfGen discusses how to know when it is time to step away from your gaming group.

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P_Bomb39d ago

That sunk cost fallacy you talk about is an interesting point.

Recently got booted from my Warframe clan for apparently not logging in for two weeks. It’s an old af game and I’m already a high level with other games constantly on the go. Heaven forbid I take two! But the burn is, I contributed my fair share during my tenure in helping teams grind godawful boring goals like pigments and loot box weapon parts I didn’t need. I was there before we were a moon clan and suddenly we hit 1000 ppl, comprised of mostly low level padding. So the message I got was those low levels are more important than me now.

In the aftermath I’ve decided to ditch the game for even longer periods now. Found a new moon clan, better base already, docks at launch. Pressure’s off. More than happy to retire there in peace.