Not Having Xbox Series X Exclusives Right Away is Great for Consumers

Gamerheadquarters; "Recently it was announced that there will be no Xbox Series X pure exclusives for a year or so after the release of the next generation console. From a consumer stand point this is actually a great thing."

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2pacalypsenow9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I’m amazed how every selling point of PlayStation over Xbox is now “anti consumer” 😂

First is was power, then sales numbers, then exclusives, and now next gen games.

Gotta give it MS, they sure know how to spin, turn all their negatives into a positive great PR.

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AspiringProGenji9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

It’s ridiculous

Dead Rising 3, Ryse, and KI were day one games that showed what the Xbone was capable of and got people excited to make the move. Over a million people bought the console and MS was proud to make sick notes for the fans so they skip work. How was that not “anti consumer” to not have those games on 360 and why is it anti consumer all of a sudden to have exclusives that showcase what new gen consoles are capable of?

It’s a good thing that they are not dropping support for the xbox one like they did their other consoles as soon as the new gen dropped, but waiting two years to bring a killer app for the new console? To me it sounds like they finally realized they can’t deliver the promise of forward compatibility. Anyone with a brain knows that can’t be done without serious compromise

NeoGamer2329d ago

You are assuming that the games will not take advantage of the next gen when played on next gen consoles. This is 2020. There are literally billions of PC combinations yet games can take fully advantage of the different hardware now. I am sure devts got this figured out.

You statement was true before 2010. We live in a much different time now.

cwhit1229d ago

Porting X86 games to run on a IBM Power PC cpu on a X360 would have been a nightmare. Much easier to do it this generation at least.

shaggy23039d ago


The way some people are talking you would think that the PC version of Battlefield V only runs on RTX graphics cards, I mean it can do ray-tracing, so you must have to gave an RTX Gfx card to run the game.........right?

Oh wait no, you dont. The game was made so ray-tracing could be turned off if the player didnt have an RTX card.

The same has been done with loads of the fancy top end physics effects, if your Gfx card do it, the effect can be turned on, if not its frayed out, Nvidias PhysX for example.

mkis0079d ago

People really need to go look at how Star Citizen runs when not on a ssd... Sony's launch titles will have some mechanic that will be impossible to dumb down to hdd speeds. mark this. Think about traveling across the world map instantaneously over and over to solve a puzzle. How would a player deal with 30 second loading every 10 seconds?

DJStotty9d ago


Common sense has no place on here for gamers with delusions that the Series X is gonna "hold back the games"


CoinOrc9d ago

@NeoGamer and DJ
Digital foundry is already disproving what you stated.

fiveby99d ago

It is great for consumers there are no Series X exclusives at launch. I don't have to consider a Series X purchase for a while. I'll buy the PS5 first.

Christopher9d ago

"@NeoGamer and DJ
Digital foundry is already disproving what you stated."

99% of games don't take advantage of new hardware for gameplay improvements, but they do it for graphics and physics. DF is really leaning on what they focus on, which is latest technologies. But, those technologies are, for the most part, related to graphics and physics, not actual gameplay.

I'm honestly not worried if there's two versions of graphics or they don't use the latest when what we need are improvements in gameplay with new hardware more than anything else.

rdgneoz39d ago

"We live in a much different time now."

Yah, in 2010 MS was reporting game sales and console sales. Oh how times have changed... Now having a reason to buy a next gen system is a bump in graphics (and the people that want that already bought the One X), as those same games will be available on the base xbone...

bouzebbal9d ago

I think this is a dumb approach.. People expect something tailored for the new console they are about to buy... Not some cross gen for 2 years.
A few games could be cross gen, like TF back on x1 360.. All games cross gen when competition will go ask our2 with exclusives is suicide

bouzebbal9d ago

All out with exclusives. . Sorry for the typo in post above

Unspoken8d ago

PC already does it. Same issue with PS3 Cell and PS4 hardware. Same issue with Xbox One and Xbox One X. So basically a non issue. Still haven't heard anyone come up with a legitimate reason this is now a problem.

rainslacker8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

What MS is doing is consumer friendly. But that doesn't make everything else anti-consumer.

I've noticed that apparently no one really knows what the term means anymore. It's used so liberally to apply to so many things that it's meaning has become lost.

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Silly gameAr9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

That's Ms's true power. PR. Oh, and software monopolies.

nucky649d ago

so true. we're just lucky they can't force us to buy their game system the same way their forcing people to give up win7 for win10.

Gunstar759d ago

Software monopolies... don't cry

fathertime44648d ago

If you don't like go buy a mac book or a chromebook ya cry baby

Tross9d ago

Xbox fans are also complicit in that spinning, or maybe MS has done so much spinning they've managed to put their fans in a hypnotic trance.

Xbox fans: "Power is the way to go!"
Also Xbox fans: "What's so important about power? Why do PlayStation fans keep moving the goal posts?"
PlayStation fans: "Um...we're not dignifying that with a response."

Gunstar759d ago

But y'all bought Ps4 Pro's right ?

The hypocrisy is painfully delicious

BlackTar1878d ago

y'all as in who?

Y'all as in like 5% of the ps community play son pro and y'all means everyone?

What exactly are you saying Gunstar?

Also you "software monopolies... don't cry" like you have no idea why monopolies are bad for consumers in an article about how not releasing things are pro-consumer. Bro you're not the brightest.

derek9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

They spend all that money to spread their propaganda and still can't get the public in general interested in their XBOX apart from a few loyalists willing to go down with the sink ship.

Muzikguy9d ago

They know how to spin but it's not a good thing. These articles sure are getting annoying. I'm guessing they won't let up until the consoles release either.

NeoGamer2329d ago

So, saying that you can only play certain games only if you buy a specific console is pro-consumer? Please explain how this is pro for all video game consumers? It may be a pro for the people who buy the console. But, for me I bought all three consoles the last few gens because i like Mario, Halo, Gears, Uncharted, TLOU, Forza, GT, Zelda, Metroid, etc. It was not pro consumer telling me I had to spend $1,200 to buy three consoles plus accessories, and network subscriptions so I could enjoy all the best games. If I told you, you had to buy a blu-ray player for groups of movie publishers you would laugh. If I could only play certain record labels on certain CD players people would laugh... But for some reason this is totally fine in video games.

Sales numbers are neither pro or anti-consumer. But there is a strong argument that console sales numbers mean nothing. First, many people buy more then one console. Second, in the last generation the Wii was the number one selling console... But, people viewed it as least successful by the end of the generation because sales plummeted, and the attach rate for services, software, and accessories was lousy compared to PS3 and 360. Which is where these companies really make money.

As for next gen games how is making your games available on both current and next gen consoles anti-consumer? Gamers often complain MS does not support previous gen consoles well. Is this not the ultimate support? Making your next gen games available to the previous gen as well? As a consumer that allows me to decide when I want to goto the next gen console. No longer do I have to buy on day one to get the new games. I can buy a year or so out and then start playing my games on the next console. There is no consumer disadvantage to that.

As for power... To me more is better. XBO shipped inferior to PS4... Then, XOX shipped superior to PS4 Pro in power. We will wait and see how the next gen ships. But it is unlikely that there will be all that much difference between XSX and PS5. Or at least noticeable difference in power.

sibyl19d ago

My goodness quit pretending to not understand the difference between graphical scaling and being able to use the CPU and SSD to do things that can’t be done on the old hardware. Even the xbox brown nosers at DF are telling you this decision will limit development. If you don’t want to believe me fine but how are you going to deny people who do nothing but analyze games.

The Wood9d ago

Dude.What industry that you know of that has more than one player that don't compete against each other. Have you ever heard of a unique selling point?

fathertime44648d ago

@neo your right, problem is your talking about Microsoft. If Microsoft said the earth is round sony fans and the vast majority of n4g would call them assholes and chant that it was flat

343_Guilty_Spark8d ago


It's not limiting PC GAMES that are spinning on 7200 RPM Platters.

rainslacker8d ago

Maybe explain why it's anti-consumer that we're expected to buy new systems in a new generation, to play next generation games.

This has been the norm for over 40 years. Why is it suddenly anti-consumer because MS is going to make their games for a year or two on both consoles.

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Muzikguy9d ago

These are opinion articles for a reason. It's NOT a positive, unless we are talking Sony. They are going to have such a head start but I'm sure by then MS will probably try and say that next gen don't start until they say it does or something like that

King_Noctis9d ago

Think. If you’re a consumer, and you can play nextgen game without having to purchase a new next gen console, Why would you not happy with that? Why you you want to spend more money?

But I guess you’ll have to actually own an Xbox in order to have that opinion.

Muzikguy9d ago

Think. If you can play next gen games without getting a next gen system, then what makes it next gen? Is it not still current gen? Why are people wanting next gen to come if you can get next gen games without it coming at all? The spin these days is dizzying

King_Noctis9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

"If you can play next gen games without getting a next gen system, then what makes it next gen?"

Then why do developers still making games for GTX 1070, 1080, or GTX 1060? Why not just skip those and make your game only compatible with GTX 20XX series? And why don't you upgrade to a new GPU whenever the new one come out?

"Why are people wanting next gen to come if you can get next gen games without it coming at all? The spin these days is dizzying"

In case you haven't noticed, next gen is still coming. Third party games can remain on on gen console only, they are not forced to work on current gen. The only games that work on both are MS's games. And MS's games will fully take advantage of their next gen console. Also, if you don't own or don't have any intention to own an Xbox, please tell me this affect you how?

dumahim9d ago

Because if I'm buying a next-gen console, I want it playing games that can't run on previous-gen hardware.

King_Noctis9d ago

“ Because if I'm buying a next-gen console, I want it playing games that can't run on previous-gen hardware.”

So why did you buy this gen’s console? It could play games of past generations as well, with remastered and HD re-releases.

Also, why would it make you enjoy the games any less if it also run on current gen hardware On top of next gen?

starchild9d ago

Games running on an RTX 2080 Ti won't look or run the same on a GTX 1660 Ti. The same would be true of the Xbox Series X relative to lower end Xboxes.

But if you're talking about games on a new console that literally couldn't be scaled down to be run on previous gen hardware, well the truth is, it has never happened before. All this talk you guys are engaged in is nothing more than wishful thinking. There's nothing on the PS4 that couldn't have been scaled down to run on the PS3. Nothing. No new radically different gameplay systems or anything like that. Games wouldn't look nearly as good on the PS3, but they could have still worked. The same will be true this next generation too. There's even less difference between the PS4 Pro and the PS5.

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Chaos_Order9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

*Releasing a console with exclusives in 2020*
"Bad, bad, very bad. Anti consumer. Doesn't matter if the games end up being incredible, or if PS4 support remains strong, everyone should hate this."

*Releasing a console that gets its exclusives in 2022*
"Wonderful! The two year wait has completely cleansed and completed me! Thank you, MS, for giving the gamers what they want and deserve! Praise be!"

Lunacy at its finest.

The Wood9d ago

Microsoft has really got their fans flip flopping. . They're more vocal on Sony not attending e3 than their console maker blatantly saying they'll be on sX specific exclusives for their new console. . . . . These guys are funny af

Exvalos9d ago

Funny thing is microsoft really is not spinning anything, it's the toxic fanbase doing Microsoft's pr for them for free.

fr0sty9d ago Show
Gunstar759d ago

Please explain how xbox's move is anti-consumer instead of flipping it around an creating an argument that wasnt even made?

It's up to ms to deliver across generations, not yours or your precious demi-gods, Sony.

You were never gonna get a series X, so let xbox consumers worry about it.

isarai8d ago

Ok im going to make it as simple and neutral as i can. Yes, it can be considered pro-consumer to owners of current gen consoles. However, to me and apparently quite a few others here, it can also be considered anti-consumer for anyone buying or planning to buy the XSX. Why? Because the main point in buying a next gen console is to play games doing more advanced things the last gen console just cannot do. But if the XSX is going to ensure that their games have to also run on the XBO then you're not going to get that. Instead you're getting what is essentially remastered XBO games. Now why would i put up with that when i can just go the competition who WILL be providing experiencs defined and shapped by these new high speed SSDs and massively upgraded CPUs?

BlackTar1878d ago

Gunstar is a paid MS employee.

starchild8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

What you're saying is nothing but a console fanboy myth. Please point me to the PS4 game that fundamentally couldn't have been done on the PC. (The PC is the ultimate example of multiple hardware configurations.) Or, hell, show me one that couldn't have run even on the PS3.

What some of you don't realize is almost everything is scalable within at least adjacent generations of hardware. Physics, advanced lighting, the number of NPCs, draw distance, and almost every other aspect of games is scalable.

Theoretically there could be some crazy puzzle game or something that fundamentally required new technology and couldn't easily be made to work on other platforms, but I can't think of a single example from previous generations. And even if such a game were made this next generation it would be the exception, not the rule.

I guarantee that the vast majority of games that will release on the PS5 would run just fine on the PC or contemporary Xbox hardware. So there's no excuse for any console maker to restrict all new games to their newest console. IF--and it's a pretty big if--a game comes along that truly couldn't work except by using some new hardware-based technology it should be the case that THAT game, and that game alone, should be restricted to the new console.

isarai8d ago


Since i already did on a previous comment ill just copy paste it here:

Earliest example is Shadows of Mordor, had a last gen version but couldn't do the nemesis system so it was missing from the 360/ps3 version which is pretty much the main reason to play that game.

No way in hell you could do the crowds in Dayz or Days gone on PS3/360 which is pretty integral to those games. Pretty much any of the open exploration segments and the entire animation system of U4 is not possible on PS3. RDR2 would not even be the same game, the maps so damn big it has the entire 1st games map in it and thats only like 1/8th of the whole thing and yet its detailed af and full of stuff to find and discover.

I could go on but i'm getting tired of this whole subject. Bottom line is MS once again lost me as a potential fan/customer, and i know 1 person doesnt mean shit so im not saying that matters, just expressing my disappointment in the whole thing.

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Unspoken9d ago

I agree they have gotten a lot better at turning all of the FUD thrown at them and correcting ignorance that comes from the haters.

Christopher9d ago

This is a Pro vs Con thing.

Pro: Gamers are being forced to move immediately and are given more time to move to the new generation.

Con: Microsoft loses potential to sell new hardware by making it optional, much like the Xbox One X.

starchild9d ago

Quit your spinning. Hardware power has never been anti-consumer. Neither are sales numbers. Sales numbers by themselves are usually just irrelevant.

Artificially restricting games to only the newest hardware IS bad for the consumer. The PC, and now Xbox, are more consumer friendly in that regard. Backwards and forwards compatibility have always been very good things for the consumer.

The Wood8d ago

What do you mean by artificially restricting. . .?

If Sony stated ghost of tsushima was going to be next gen only then that's artificially restricting as it was announced for the ps4. Anything that hasn't been announced for this gen that appears exclusively on the Ps5 is fair game. I've not seen any restrictive movements as of today.

starchild8d ago

That's a funny definition. No, artificially restricting means keeping games off other hardware that could reasonably run versions of those games just fine. I guarantee the vast majority of, if not all, games on the PS5 could run on the PS4 Pro and PS4 with little issue. Not at the same level of quality of course, but that is to be expected.

Now, hypothetically it's true that a game's gameplay could revolve so thoroughly around a new hardware-based technology that it would be difficult to make it work on hardware without such technology, but that's extremely rare and it wouldn't likely belong to most of the popular shooting, action or RPG genres. It would likely be a puzzle game that revolved around a very specific mechanic.

Think of a puzzle game that used ray tracing as part of its main gameplay loop. Such a game could be said to rely on ray tracing hardware, but even then there's the chance that it could be faked in some other way or that hardware without ray tracing acceleration could still run enough ray tracing to serve the mechanics of the game. In any case, most games would use that same ray tracing technology to create prettier, more immersive environments and that's the kind of situation you're going to see with most any new technology. It has certainly been the case in the past.

343_Guilty_Spark8d ago

@THE Wood

It's quite obvious. There is nothing fundamentally different aside from graphical quality between the current gen and last gen. Sony says buy a PS5....the gameplay isn't likely to be radically different than a you'd be force to upgrade because?

Because Sony said so.

The Wood8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

ok.. makes sense. You pretty much covered bot sides of the coin but I do think using resources on both gens hardware isn't as simple as clicking a button. I would much prefer teams be working solely on a single platform. If this, the last year, was bereft of titles I would say its a little unfair but that's definitely not the case. Sony and Nintendo more so than MS are trying to sell hardware with incentives and gen exclusives will be a thing like it always has been. Rightly or wrongly these factors should be taken into account. I think a large portion to majority of adult gamers understand this and welcome making the jump. We may not see the true benefits for a couple years but that's not quelling my or many others desire at all. I want to see what these new hardware's I can drop my money on can do that the current cant. I think there will be some cross gen titles but I totally understand if some aren't

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NukeDaHippies8d ago

Except no one is buying any of it

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isarai9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Ok, never, in the history of gaming, has not having next gen only games been seen as a good thing, how the hell is it suddenly a good thing?

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Muzikguy9d ago

There are either some very gullible people out there or many new to gaming. I'm going to go with the former

RpgSama9d ago

Now NOT having next gen games for your next gen console is a good thing, I'm amazed at the stupidity of some people.

starchild8d ago

The only stupidity is on the part of you fanatics that infest this site.

Using terms like "next gen" doesn't change the reality. Those so-called next gen games on Sony platforms are no different than high end games on other contemporary platforms. In fact, the games on PS4, PS3 and PS2 didn't even look as good as PC games from the same era, even though the PC platform has a very wide range of hardware configurations.

Supposedly having a range of hardware options keeps games from being "next gen", yet history proves this wrong.

abstractel8d ago

It really is a shame. They are tying developers' hands. I'm curious how most third party games will react. Of course Ubisoft's games this year are going to be cross generation but how many others will be?

"PC Settings" has too many people thinking you can just turn off and down settings and all is well. Doesn't work like that if you want to make a true general leap. I've done this for two decades, but you only have my word to believe that my statement is true which online doesn't account for much. Doesn't matter, time will tell. IMO Microsoft is teeing Sony up for a home run.

BlackTar1878d ago

Starchild with the metal gymnastic GOLD MEDAL

Muzikguy8d ago (Edited 8d ago )


You can't play PS4 on PS3 or PS3 on PS2. That's how it is. Games don't scale that way. Console hardware is not the same as different graphics cards for a PC. You can't honestly think that's how it works. That's where the term "generation" comes in. It's talking about consoles NOT PC. I've seen a lot of level headed discussion and valid points made. Fanatics honestly would be more like you and those trying to downplay something that's good and changing the narrative because MS says so. Not having exclusive games is not a good thing. MS killed support for the 360 to create launch games for the X1. They did the same from OG to 360. They know, but they couldn't keep up so now they want to change the narrative. That doesn't mean what they say is correct

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KillBill9d ago

Missing the point... having games for next gen that still have a playable option on older systems is far from a bad thing. Do you imagine it is bad for the gamers that they can buy said games for their XBSX with much better everything or simply purchase it for their current XB1S and still be able to play it later on their XBSX when they choose to upgrade. People keep imagining games will be gimped because of support of older systems but PC development has proven that simply is not a reality.

Muzikguy9d ago

Not true. If you game on PC you can't automatically play everything. Games scale but only so much.

specialagent45329d ago

We are talking about consoles not PCs. LoL Consoles are closed platforms; therefore, it doesn't work the same as a Gaming PC. At this point just go with PC or PS5 or Nintendo console. The Gaming PC is as cheap as a console plus you don't need keyboard and mouse to play games. I was playing Draugen a PC exclusive but it is best played with a controller odd no

OB1Biker9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

From the beginning if this gen people have been whining about the Jaguar CPU but now should be happy they still dont want to let it go?

KillBill9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

@Muzikguy - the level of difference between last generation consoles and new generation consoles is far smaller than the variance in scaling for PC. It isn't like they are scaling from Next gen to OG Xbox.

@specialagent4532 - you are correct in that it doesn't work exactly as PC as it actually is much easier on console due the fact there aren't as many variations needed as the PC.

FragMnTagM8d ago (Edited 8d ago )


I just don't see how people aren't getting it. This is actually a great thing. Everyone gets to play the same games and don't have to buy a new version of a game when they upgrade. I predict that the Series X will enable features that are exclusive to that console, such as improved tessellation, hair physics, particle physics, and potentially much more. The core game will be the same but it will look much much better on the Series X.

Besides, most of the people complaining were never going to buy an Xbox anyway.

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Edito9d ago

It's good now because it's convenient for Microsoft and all the media outlets that are being paid by them... But Sony will show the industry again what really matters.

starchild8d ago

Suuuure that's it. I'm sure you believe in the flat earth theory too. Take off your tin foil hat. Most people just have more common sense than you blind loyalists. You don't have to defend every little decision your favorite company makes, you know.

I'm not going to be buying any console this next generation. There's too few truly great exclusives to warrant spending hundreds of dollars on a console that does nothing else for me except play those few exclusives. The PC has a far bigger library of games and offers the most freedom and consumer friendly options. The industry is moving towards more freedom and open standards anyway. It's good that at least some of the console makers are moving in that direction.