Is PlayStation right to skip E3?

Sony does not need to go to LA to get people excited for PS5.

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isarai14d ago

It's been dying for years, and there are tons of other events including their own PSX and State of play. I like how when Nintendo did it it's "looking to the future" and "ushering in a new format for gaming events" but sony does it and suddenly it's bad news? People need to chill tf out.

TK-6614d ago

Did you just forget that Nintendo had its fair share of "Nintendo is doomed" articles?

AspiringProGenji14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Those articles were more about the Wii U and their draconian ways rather than them abandoning E3. I remember when they decided that it was met with positive articles because how often Nintendo would get overshadowed by the other publishers who used to overhype they games to heavens, especially that time when the Wii u wasn’t doing too good. That, and the fact that fans won’t have to wait a year for game reveals which was a genius idea

TK-6614d ago (Edited 14d ago )


This conversation is about the responses to E3 attendance. Nintendo got criticism just for not having an on-stage conference. @isarai tried to suggest that Sony is being treated worse than Nintendo for the same thing and that's just flat out false in this instance.

Just having a brief look at the comments on this site for some of those articles shows the striking difference in reactions for Nintendo and Sony from the users. Nintendo doesnt have an on-stage conference? Bad decision from Nintendo. Sony chooses not to be at E3 at all? E3 is dying. Lol.

Army_of_Darkness14d ago

I bet you Sony is doing this to save cost. An E3 booth is insanely expensive! Better to use that money on developing games I say.

"Semiformal Studios secured a 600 square foot space on the E3 show floor this year, and it ended up spending $100,000 on the entire show. That figure may be shocking – because it's so low.

"If we hadn't second-guessed everything, worked really hard, and gotten clever it would have been about $300,000 - $500,000, but the necessity to put on a good show and the lack of funds forced us to think cleverly and work hard to make it happen on the cheap,"

Now just imagine what it's costing ms and Sony.

fr0sty13d ago

I've been to e3 as a journalist 3 different times, 2006, 2007, and 2009. Each time it was obvious that by only allowing journalists in, it was basically a multi-million dollar opportunity to interview people and put on a hugely expensive press conference event in a place where renting venues is not cheap.

Why bother when interviews can be conducted over the phone, internet, skype, etc... and you can throw your own pressers on your own time at the venue and production team of your choosing (thus saving up to millions in production and venue rental costs)? The ends don't really justify the means when you look at it from their angle.

Back in the early days of E3, most people got their gaming news from EGM, GamePro, Game Informer, etc. Events like E3 were necessary to get the news out then. In this modern age, the internet replaces much of that need. Nintendo caught on early and started doing Nintendo Direct, now Sony is realizing how much better it is to just reach out directly online to the consumers, no expensive expos needed.

I loved my time and experience at E3, I made friendships that I still have to this day, but I do understand why it needs to go, having seen first hand what these companies are having to invest to make it happen. There's a metric shit-ton of money dumped into that event every year, and the ROI isn't producing profitable results.

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darthv7214d ago (Edited 14d ago )

It is rather costly to be there and Nintendo was there but not all the time. when they are succeeding... they show up to promote. when they are lagging... they still do their own thing to promote.

As for sony, they certainly arent lagging so their reason (as they said) last year was they had nothing to show other than what was shown before. They cant use that excuse this time. They have stuff to show and they would be foolish to skip again. They were one of the principals behind driving E3 to its success... it is bad form for them to back out of this year even though they can still have their own event prior.

If the rumors about their dealings with the ESA were true then people wouldnt get upset if Sony just said, "we dont like dealing with the ESA and have decided to back out of any further E3 shows" but instead... they said we have nothing to show this year which may have had some truth to it but it also sounds like a lie to cover their issues with ESA. They don't need to protect us, they can be honest and people will understand.

AspiringProGenji14d ago

Some things can’t be disclosed between two companies to either avoid lawsuit or bad press. This is just like Konami and Kojima. Kojima never revealed anything about The fallout because it would get him in trouble

Septic14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

I don't think it's a good idea but then again I get that Sony is leading by a big margin so it can afford to miss it.

But I think it's still a bit of a risky play. Not as risky as it would be historically though as there a multitude of events, whilst not as big as E3 afaik, can get just as much exposure in this more digitally focused age.

Spicyram14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

"They have stuff to show and they would be foolish to skip again."

I'll give Sony a call and tell them to hire you, seeing as you have a better grasp on the dynamic than the company itself. /s

RosweeSon14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Nintendo haven’t shown up their for years so to suggest they drop in and out when they popular or not is absolute guff. They do their own treehouse and directs and slip e3 smart being as they prob get charged thousands and their own thing is much cheaper and on their terms not on the terms of a conference hall in San Fran over 3 days of the 365 days a game can be announced in a year ;)

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TheGamez10014d ago

Psx has been kinda trash with the exception of probably just lou2 and there hasn't been a SoP that completely wowed me and Im pretty sure many others. It was always e3 that sony has had many great showings. E3 is like Christmas for gamers and for sony to abandon that quite saddens me. Although this could mean sony could show off games too early much less and have less pressure which is nice.

CaptainHenry91614d ago

TBH Sony should skip it every year and just do PSX


Sony knows what they're doing..everybody just sit back and enjoy the ride.

blackblades14d ago

From what I heard its because of ESA besides games just gonna get leaked like last time. Can't blame them from dropping out of E3.

King_Noctis14d ago

If it had been dying for year, then surely it would have already been dead by now? Surely MS, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Square Enix (and even Nintendo, with their usual E3 Direct) would have already packed up and left E3?

Sounds to me like just because Sony doesn’t attend E3 for one year, you are crying for E3 to shut down.

DaveZero14d ago

It's always packed out you can't make that kind of assumption.

It is bad news, it's spiteing gamers who are fans of the console, they should have a presence there even if they only are limited in what they can show at the time.

neutralgamer199214d ago

Right or wrong that's the path Sony is going down. They dominated E3 news without attending last year and dropped the news of insomniac on first day of games on so they just want to do it the way they see best benefit their brand

King_Noctis14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

“ They dominated E3 news without attending last year”

Let me guess, Death Stranding right? The one sole game that dominated E3 and eclipse everything MS, Nintendo, Bethesda, Square Enix, or any publishers announced or did during the show combined?

neutralgamer199213d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Don't mean it like that after E3 usually they release what people searched/watched the most and ps4 was pretty high up there

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TK-6614d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Depends on what you refer to when you say E3. EA doesn't attend E3 but still holds an event during the same time period as E3. Is that E3? Officially, no. It does, however, show that the industry sees this time as a good period to market upcoming releases and, broadly speaking, calling that E3 is the easiest way to communicate what's going on.

As to whether it's right to attend or skip. You never know until after the fact. Marketing is one of these things where it can be very difficult to measure the impact, and E3 hasn't always been the best way to measure interest in a product.

darthv7214d ago

If you think about it... EA does attend. They just do their show elsewhere like MS does. E3 is more than just the one big show floor. it is all the conferences that are scheduled during that time frame. It's all part of E3, be it demos on the show floor or big flashy stages down the block.

TheColbertinator14d ago

I don't care. People forget Sony once unveiled vaporware at every E3 conference. Games that never existed nor will ever exist

Elda14d ago

The Getaway,Agent what else did they present that turned out to be vaporware.

TheColbertinator14d ago

Eight Days

I don't count Deep Down because that was Capcom.

Loktai14d ago

Agent was also rockstar wasn't it.

Apocalypse Shadow14d ago

Now, counter balance that with the amount of games they did reveal over the course of 25 years that came out.

Games get canceled. What else is new. Nintendo and Microsoft revealed games that became "vaporware" too. But you somehow are forgetting about that now?

ssj2714d ago (Edited 14d ago )

8 days tech was used to create uncharted so its unfair to mention it and agent was canceled so Rockstar could focus on their gta and rdr they didn't have more time for anything else. Plus that money help them stay alive and they still help sony make money by sales and online. I am sure there are plenty getting plus inly for gta online.

But i agree all the devs waste time creating demos for e3 its a easte of time they could use to make the game better then the pressure to have wow moment no meter what for example ubisoft always upgrading their demos to have wow factors but then their games come out downgraded huge time and etc etc. E3 is good but also has bad things like those.

I think deep down was way to ambitious and free to play it was supposed to be a free game and it can still come but i hope it doesn't it sounds like it will be a microtransactions pay to win game. The idea was cool until they mention free to play. Good it hopefully got canceled.

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mark_parch14d ago

I would still prefer sony to be at e3 but I remember when sony won e3 2015 with Shenmue and ff7 remake, turns out neither are even exclusive lol

RosweeSon14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Prob as it happened once it’s not a yearly occurrence this entire gen they’ve done nothing of the sort.
Anyone for a game of scalebound... oh wait.

NukeDaHippies14d ago

Somehow my life went on, weird. Everyone forgot, cus they didn't care.

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WGAF14d ago

So which one (E3 or PSX) has more exposure in general?

TKCMuzzer13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It won’t matter, the PS5 reveal event will get the most exposure. Times have changed, a single tweet can reach more people than an event.
People need to look at this from a business point. At some point soon Sony are going to unveil the PS5, along with that there will be gameplay. This gameplay has to be prepared by devs, who have stated in the past that preparing on stage demos (like E3) can take up to 3 months of their time.
So it will surely be better for Sony once their devs have shown of gameplay just to be allowed to get on and make games for the release date and take the pressure away from them having to attend E3.
I think last year Sony did an announcement release trailer for Death Stranding and that got more attention than MS conference.
What do remember from MS conference? Oh yeah, Keane Reeves promoting a game that will sell more on a rival platform. The only one to benefit was Keane Reeves.

Elda14d ago

I support Sony's stance on this,they want to take they're promotion in a new direction. I can't wait for upcoming news & events. There will be a month long Sony event called Playstation Experience here in NYC which starts tomorrow & ends February 16,I'll definitely will be visiting the event.

thejigisup14d ago

I must have missed this, where is it located. I remember when Sony shut down their midtown location and haven't been to an event since in NYC.