PlayStation will not participate in E3 2020

The company will instead attend 'hundreds of consumer events across the globe'

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Spurg74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

This is Ludacris, they are ruining an event that has run for years.
Sony won this gen because of the events at E3 and not showing up will be a huge mistake. All gamer's eyes used to be at E3 now its missing one of the big three. They are setting a bad trend by separating, I hope the rest of the gang stay together to keep E3 a thing.

Jin_Sakai74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Sony made the right decision. PlayStation doesn’t need E3. Time for change.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro74d ago

I watch E3 for the hype, not because I think a soulless corporation needs it.

Spurg74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

"Some publishers such as EA and Sony want to see E3 become a fan celebration of games, whereas others would rather the event remained an industry-focused affair."

E3 is all about the conferences with new game announcements.
What are we complaining about the Keanu reeves moment?.... Really, we don't want more of that? Want do you want ....flute guy and meetings mid conference.

Septic74d ago

Wtf man that's mad. I don't think that's a good idea although I guess Sony doesn't 'need' it. February reveal incoming!!

darthv7274d ago

Bu.. but... Sony made E3 with their $299 statement back in 95.

Prubar74d ago Show
Wontime174d ago

It's bigger than "PlayStation doesn't need e3"......
E3 is the biggest gaming convention.
Gamers look forward to it every year.
Not having Sony there is a huge deal.

gamer780474d ago (Edited 74d ago )

You are right they don’t think they need it. The problem this is what happens when a company gets ahead of others. They get complacent, make mistakes then fall behind, then start all over again. It’s an endless cycle.

crazyCoconuts74d ago

It doesn't need E3 but I kinda liked it. Especially when companies had a surprise or two to share with us. Oh well.

GTgamer74d ago Show
Army_of_Darkness74d ago

It's clear to me now... Sony doesn't need E3.... E3 needs Sony!!

Sophisticated_Chap74d ago

Sony's arrogance is back in full force unfortunately. It's quite something, when they believe they are too big to share the stage with all of the other major publishers out there, and their main console hardware competitor with Xbox, but this is a major tactical error. Honestly, this is going to be very entertaining to watch, and will be very educational to anyone who is interested in how business works in the big tech world. Time to just sit back and enjoy the show!

Christopher74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

"E3 is the biggest gaming convention."

No it's not. Gamecon, Paris Game Week, and Tokyo Game Show all are larger. It's not even in the top 5.

"will be very educational to anyone who is interested in how business works in the big tech world"

Uh, you might want to do more research. Apple (until this year and it was still a very minor presence), Google, and Amazon not at CES is a sign of...

S2Killinit74d ago

Building up to a reveal at PSX. Woot woot

UltraNova74d ago

Like Army said above, if it isn't clear that E3 needs Sony already, it will be the second time around. Not only that but it seems opposing camp fans are even more worried about Sony opting out of E3 than Sony and their fans are.

Lets see what Sony is planning in the coming months, I have a feeling it will be huge.

neutralgamer199274d ago


And without attending sony/ps4 were one of the most talked about at last year's E3. I think under Jim Ryan who was always more of a European guy(world wide market) Sony will focus more on other events leading up to ps5


That's the plan so far from the looks of it

bouzebbal74d ago

Shoots my interest in e3 this year.. Hope though PS5 is revealed before.

blackbeld73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Yep, Sony doesn’t need E3. E3 needs Sony. E3 should offer better deals with Sony. E3 was back in the days a real electronic event with nice gadgets to show.

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Unspoken73d ago

This is a far bigger issue than the made up exclusives problem that cropped up for Xbox. This feels like they are going back to their PS3 ways.

innocentrebel73d ago

European Space Agency ruins it for all. :P

kreate73d ago

Sony being stupid not to attend E3. For 2 years straight? They gonna stop being a video game company? Wtf?

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SoulWarrior74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Yes, Sony are ruining the event whilst the ESA are wanting to bring on 'influencers' and are keeping it far too industry focused instead of for gaming fans, complete nonsense.

Spurg74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

E3 is all about the conferences with new game announcements.
What are we complaining about the Keanu reeves moment?.... Really we don't want more of that?

AspiringProGenji74d ago (Edited 74d ago )


Blizzcon has Red Shirt Guy who goes every blizzcon to ask Questions to challenge the devs and writers of WoW and that has more hype than Keanu Reeves. Blizzard doesn’t need E3 for that and they do it at their own show. Sony can do that with any other actor too

Sophisticated_Chap74d ago

Personally, I tune in to E3 every year, because I like the industry focus, and the big corporate presentations. People need to go back and watch the E3 presentation that launched the PS4, with the $399.99 launch price, the fact that the PS4 would have 8GB of DDR5 Memory, and the Sony's used game policy... the crowd went absolutely nuts. There is no other environment where Sony could have gotten that same kind of effect, which catapulted them into their current successful run.

JackBNimble73d ago

The ESA are bringing in influencers which means they will control what they want you to know.
There will be no objectivity, it's nothing more then an industry power play.
Sony not going to E3 is what gamers need and many don't even realize it.
What it is , is a control on free speech.

Atanasrikard73d ago


Umm, until now I've never heard of Red Shirt Guy. How does that have more hype than Keanu Reeves' surprise appearance?


Maybe I am wrong but I thought E3 was now open to the public? Used to be that E3 was only open to the media but now a regular joe can get a ticket or at least that is what I thought. Am I wrong? It is hilarious that you think they are trying to control free speech through a gaming convention, lol. Take off the tinfoil hat.

rainslacker73d ago


E3 isnt about the conferences. The conferences arent officially part of e3, happen off site of e3, happen before e3 even officially starts, and are paid for separately from the e3 fees for the sales floor.

It's still possible for Sony to have conferences. They could have it smack dab in the middle of e3 week if they wanted. Hopefully they choose a better time, but if it's the conferences you want to get the info from, then just watch them when they do happen. If you want them all at the same time, I can only assume it's so you can compare them, and why would that matter? Does it matter if you get a conference a week or two before or after e3? Wouldnt the info be the same?

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SamPao74d ago

I mean I rather have them show whatever they are working on when its ready and not having to stress out their workers for an event date that cannot be moved

deathtok74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I said it last year too—the industry and news cycle has changed. E3 is a nice to have; no longer a necessity.

chiefJohn11774d ago

It never was for necessity, it's for fan service and promotion. I guess some forgotten that

NotoriousWhiz73d ago

E3 used to be the only place where big gaming news was shared. I'm talking about during the PS1 / N64 era. That's no longer true. Now it's just one of many.

Ninver74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I'd rather they use the money they would waste at E3 to invest in future exclusives for us consumers. The ps brand is worldwide, missing an event won't change it's popularity. Adding more exclusives will increase it!

Orionsangel74d ago

I hope Sony has a big presser on stage to introduce PS5. We need something with EPIC hype and with a cheering crowd that can be delivered. If they release some state of play video thing that will be low key lame!!!

SephirothX2174d ago ShowReplies(1)
Fluttershy7774d ago

Yeah! I mean I agree with every single argument sony fans will make in favor of this. It is pointless, it is silly, it probably is expensive... But it's fun. It's a tradition by now, and there's always like a little surprise... Bad news

rainslacker73d ago

Sure. I think every sony fan on here will agree that they enjoyed the conferences, would watch them, and I'm sure they wouldnt be opposed to somy being at e3.

But that's different than the principal of if they really need to be there. Sony can do a conference anytime, and since most of us only took information from the conferences, their show floor presence was less necessary, particularly since the press is terrible about utilizing the info that can be gotten from it.

If Sony had any conference, it wouldnt matter to me if it were at e3 or not. Not being at e3 means I dont have to have to hear all the talk about how it compares to the info of the other conferences, so there is some positive sides to it as well

Realms74d ago

Nintendo doesn't show up either, neither does Rockstar. EA did their thing last year and now Sony dropping out for a second year only confirms that it's become irrelevant. You sound like a child throwing a tantrum on the upside MS has the show all to themselves so I guess be happy for them.

Kiwi6674d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Nintendo held an E3 Nintendo Direct Presentation on June 11th 2019 and did a live stream also, so not bad for a company that "doesn't show up" plus they have stated that they will attend E3 and that info only took about 20 seconds to find

SierraGuy74d ago


Why should Sony help anyone with the free publicity they attract.

nucky6474d ago (Edited 74d ago )

nintendo hasn't had a presser at E3 for years. last year, EA and activision didn't have booths at E3. times are changing. E3 needs sony more than sony needs E3.

Christopher74d ago

"they are ruining an event that has run for years"

While I'm not sure if Sony leaving E3 entirely is good or bad, this isn't a reason for them to stay. If Sony ruins E3 by not being there, how good is E3 to begin with???

Muzikguy74d ago

They've skipped it before and were fine

mrmikew201874d ago

Relax my guy, people said the same thing about Nintendo when they decided not to attend E3 anymore and their Nintendo Directs has work wonders for them.

Sirk7x74d ago

E3 is nothing more than tradition at this point, we gotta let go. It's been diminishing for years.

CaitSith74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

@Spurg, LMAO do you mean ludicrous? Or are you saying you are Ludacris, the rapper? LOL, fuck man. Made me laugh.

ShadowWolf71274d ago

They're not obligated to participate. lol

RaidenBlack74d ago

Why are there so many downvotes and flagging inappropriate to proper comments, here?
Sophisticated_Chap said the best IMO.

Profchaos74d ago

I used to look forward to E3 but the last two years have been abysmal and contained nothing but filler from the likes of EA, ubi and Bethesda.

I'm not honestly surprised Sony are deciding to hold their own events instead

moriarty188973d ago

whats more ludicrous is the people defending their decision and praising them for it. Talk about brainwashed.

VoiceMale73d ago

welcome to the console wars....

leejohnson22273d ago

Maybe your just young and immature but Sony or any other company do not owe E3 or gamers anything. Sony and all platforms have to pay millions to attend E3. If any company wants to do it on their own terms that's fine with me. Are you telling me that some how in the digital age news from a platform announced other than E3 doesn't have impact or doesn't reach people? Sony released a logo which had more response than the form factor of another new console.No one wins a generation based on a conference, do you know how riddiculas that sounds.

NiteX73d ago

"All gamers" Actually you'd be surprised that there are many who don't even watch E3. None of my friends ever have before. I usually have to tell them what's going on and what new games were announced.

SolidGamerX73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

"Sony won this gen because of the events at E3"

Sony didn't show up and still won the gen, Sony has proven E3 is not needed to dominate the console generation.

"flute guy and meetings mid conference."

So you want them to show up so you can complain about it when they do. Considering your comment history regarding Sony that makes sense.

Jared250073d ago

Yo my mom is a huge fan Luda can I get an autograph

rainslacker73d ago

I'm kind of surprised about this considering they're releasing a new console. I imagine they will have other things in the works to promote the launch though

DarXyde73d ago

I didn't realize that Sony had so much pull at E3 that their absence "ruins" it. In fact, why not just call it "Early Summer Playstation Experience featuring Microsoft and some other companies"?

Last I checked, Sony and Nintendo skipped last year's event and Microsoft, like a teenager when their parents are out of town, partied hard. How has that worked in their favor thus far? It hasn't. On top of that, Nintendo, who hasn't been to E3 in some time, revealed Switch at a quiet event in October 2016 and sells remarkably well.

So no, not showing up is not a "huge mistake."

Also, Ludacris is a rapper. Ludicrous is what you meant.

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TGGJustin74d ago

E3 has been dying for years anyway. It has less and less significance every year. They don't need to go to it to get their messaging out. Plenty of other ways to do that in today's world.

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fr0sty74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I was at the last "real" E3, back in 2006, and back then the cracks forming were very obvious. The next year was when they scaled it down big time and moved it to Santa Monica, which, while interviews were easier to get with the developers, it was a complete clusterfuck, with the event spread across various hotel lobbies and then one main floor in an aircraft hangar at the airport. We spent most of our time waiting for and riding shuttles taking us from one hotel to the next for interviews and traveling to the main hanger to actually play the games, and the feel of the original event was completely lost. After that, they implemented a lot of strict rules keeping all but the most well funded gaming outlets out of it, and the decline continued from there until now.

Christopher74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

You do know that they moved back to the LA Convention Center in 2008, right? And tons of non-major news outlets attend and get into E3 easily since they moved back as well. It was only 2 years that they did those restrictions. They had 10k in 2007, 5k in 2008, and back up to 41k in 2009.

I will agree that they messed up huge trying to change the format rather than managing it better and utilizing space better for separating media and non-media. But, they didn't keep to those bad decisions and it's more like what it was pre-2007 now than ever before. Well, except MMOs take up a ton less space on the floor compared to those early 2000s.

JustTheFax74d ago

E3, The Game Awards, and Geoff Keighley are remnants of the mid-2000's dude-bro xbox 360 explosion. Things have changed a lot since then!

King_Noctis73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

If it had been dying for years, surely it should have been dead by now?

I mean, electronic stuff have their own show in CES. Mobile stuff have their own show in Mobile World Congress. Alot of big companies don’t attend those shows, yet I don’t see the fan of those product wishing and claiming that those shows are dying.

Only gaming fan want a show to die just because one company doesn’t attend it, which is pretty much embarrassing tbh. Yes there are other show, but which show is bigger than E3? Which show that gamer look forward to the most each year? You can’t say a Youtube video announcement is bigger than E3.

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74d ago Replies(8)
AngelicIceDiamond74d ago

Tbh not that it'll effect Sony imo but the E3 show runners are said to be evolving and finally changing things up at E3 this year.

But Sony doesn't have to answer the rules of E3 they been handling things on there own just fine. Sony doesn't need E3 at all.

ShadowWolf71274d ago


They're supposedly leaning back toward being industry-focused and trying to appeal to the masses via "Influencers" in attendance.

leejohnson22273d ago

Exactly the gaming news and announcements doesn't live and die by E3. It's riddiculas how pathetic some people are. It's not like there isn't going to be a huge ps5 event, what's really the problem here ? Why should anyone care

rainslacker73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

To me, when it comes to conferences, which is really all most of us care about in the big picture, it doesnt really matter if it happens during e3, or some other time.

E3 is, it has been a huge thing for the gaming community for a long time, but I feel our attachment to it is more about tradition than necessity. E3 made sense in a time where news wasnt happening every day, and there were no streamed conference events. Focused info could be relayed to news outlets with ease, and the conferences could be held in a meeting hall, instead of being million dollar spectacles.

Sure, we all like the conferences, but what is the only difference between an e3 conference, and a conference held otherwise? It's that we get to compare them. It's that the information from e3 isnt as focused, and too much can take away from what was said. How much content at any given conference even makes it to the main talking points in forums? Two, three, maybe four games? The rest is about who won.

Basically...whi had the best conference...not, what was the best thing shown.

Conferences can still happen. Hell, the conferences weren't even part of e3 to begin with. It was just a convenient time to have them. Truth be told, sony could still have one like they always had, and the ESA couldn't do anything about it. I think though, theyll likely wait until they can have the spotlight to themselves...probably 2-4 weeks before e3 for some sort of ps5 conference. After e3 is possible, but they've been good about not seeming reactionary to MS announcements, and going after means that people will say they are, or potentially anything they have to announce becoming old news...kind of like what happened with MS and their SSD announcement. Can anyone honestly say that MS dive into Scarlett at that E3 had the same kind if impact after Sony merely did an interview some weeks prior?

And that's how things are now. E3 is a constraint to their marketing plans and competitive announcements. Going after MS gives too much chance their message can seem stale. Doing it the way they've been doing it has worked for them for some years now, and they started doing more focused marketing before they stopped going to e3

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