The Witcher 3 will keep selling like hotcakes forever

Gamepressure: "No expansion have been coming out, there's been only one patch in 15 months, modding community is barely active – and yet, the Witcher 3 is still on bestseller lists. Here's why."

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Orionsangel14d ago

Meanwhile me: A year later and still can't beat the wolf in the little red riding hood part of the DLC because my weapons are broken and I have no repair kits and no blacksmith are around and I'm trapped in fairy tale land. WTF brah?!

Lighter913d ago (Edited 13d ago )


Seriously though, idk what difficulty you're on, but have you tried dodging and igni? Or maybe your fists? You'll get there.

Orionsangel13d ago

I came close a few months back. I have it on easy. I was never good at the combat in Witcher 3. Obviously. Even though I beat the base game. Keep in mind that I've attempted it maybe 10 times in a year. So it's an on and off thing. I haven't been trying everyday all year lol.

TheOptimist13d ago


I consider myself a noob and still beat the game on Death March with the right use of potions. It wasn't easy, but manageable. On easy I would suppose it was a cakewalk for anyone. The damage you take is negligible to the damage you dish out.

Powerhug13d ago

And in all that time it didn't occur to you to use a console command or something to get past that fight?...

Orionsangel13d ago

Yes but it says you need to mod Witcher 3.

FreeFallFrenzy13d ago

Attack, Attack, Dodge. Attack, Attack, Dodge. Works every time!

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masterfox14d ago

hotcakes will be always be good like forever. :D

TheColbertinator14d ago

But SP games are dead according to the idiots

P_Bomb14d ago

CDPR were smart to future proof it with some 4K up-res’ and HDR before they left. The curtains match the drapes, as they say. Not to mention all the quality of life toggles. Would never guess it’s 5 years old. Could pass for new.

SinisterKieran13d ago

Maybe because a very successful tv series has Come out and people wanna know more? Not rocket science

anonymousfan13d ago

Never got through the Witcher 3 for lack of time but I loved the series so much I just want to go back and play the whole game.

frostypants13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Yeah, that show...I wasn't sold on the first episode but stuck with it and I'm so glad I did. Just got better with every episode and the big battle at the end was amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.