I Wish I Experienced Control's Ashtray Maze Much Sooner

Greysun writes: “The Ashtray Maze in Control is one of the best moments from Remedy's action-adventure game from 2019 and you all need to check it out.”

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Kaze8814d ago

I wish they had implemented the DLC sooner or better. Now when I go to the game that is 100% finished, I cant find enemies anywhere no more. So I cannot grind the coins for the jukebox to try the timed waves of enemies that the DLC has to offer. Would like to play the DLC but unable since I cannot receive coins. Other way is to buy coins at 10k...pff quite steep.

Cobra95113d ago

Wait, what? Did the DLC put a stop to the constant, timed incursions of enemies in the vanilla game (even after completion)? I have not gotten the DLC, so I wouldn't know.

Kaze8813d ago

Forgot about that. did you have to pickup those missions from the main hub? the incursions DLC is FREE update.

Unspoken13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Timed incursions still exist but you would still have to wait on the event.

Kaze8813d ago

@Unspoken I wish they would let players to reset the enemies and go on a killing spree with 100% abilities lmao

Kaze8812d ago

After playing around 15min it gave me one random incursion. Completed that one and waited around 15min...did not get a second one. Decided to quit after that, its boring to roam around empty hallways waiting for random incursions. The ones you can choose from the hub are "kill his with weapon x" or "kill hiss x 25 times"

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ShadowWolf71213d ago

God yes, easily the best moment in a game in 2019.

greysun12313d ago

Def top 5 for me. I'm prob never going to forget it.

greysun12313d ago

Lol so I died like 5 times during this but I didn't mind it just cause I was having so much fun and the music was rad

FTLmaster13d ago

I rolled my eyes so hard when that music kicked in...

stefan_77113d ago

I wish I got up to it. Got stuck on the Salvador fight and gave up

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