Sony Is Not Anti-Consumer for Making PS5 Exclusives

There will be games that you can only play on the PlayStation 5 when Sony’s next-gen system launches this holiday, and that’s anti-consumer according to some enthusiasts.

While the Japanese giant is merely following the natural order of all hardware transitions, Microsoft has thrown a spanner in the works by revealing that it will release all of its Xbox Series X titles for the next year and a bit on the Xbox One and PC

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darthv7214d ago

Of course not. Sony is a hardware company and they will want to sell units. MS is a software company. What MS does should have no effect on what Sony does. Each can take their own approach to things and that is what I like most about them.

14d ago
leejohnson22214d ago

I've never heard so much damage control and fake terms as anti consumer. If a new platform launched you need a reason to upgrade, something fresh to play, new unique experiences. Not just a more powerful platform for the sake of it. I think xb are really screwing their base customers, but it's their fault. If they accept it and damage control for them, what else can you expect

RpgSama13d ago

It's the most backwards thing in the world, you create a new console for a whole new generation, a machine that is 7 years newer than your last console and if you have the "audacity" to build games from scratch for that machine, a machine that people will pay hard earned money for, then that constitutes "anti consumer" now, so stupid.

nucky6413d ago

agreed. i'll preorder a ps5 as soon as i can.

343_Guilty_Spark13d ago

That's just one of many reasons to upgrade.

Some want more power and greater fidelity.

Some like features.

Many upgrade because their favorite game series have moved on to new hardware only: for example

MARIO 64 would have been impossible on the SNES

But Uncharted 4 wouldn't have been impossible on just wouldn't look quite as good.

TheHan13d ago


My friend you mention damage control yet that is exactly what you are doing for PlayStation when they can’t even show up to the biggest gaming and entertainment expo in the world. Clearly Sony did this to see what Microsoft reveals and wants to do damage control on their fuck up. Yet it’s PlayStation that’s dropping the ball on this one.

Unspoken13d ago

Looks like Sony fanboys paint themselves into a corner by claiming Xbox not having exclusives solely for the Xbox Series X would be some kind of new issue for the console market.

*Grabs popcorn* 🍿

UltraNova13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

They did it once and it worked. I'm talking about the X here. MS released a more powerful console 3 years ago and marketed the hell out of it calling it the most powerful console ever but never released a worthy game that showcased the very reason it existed (and why people bought it) - games possible only within that power/feature envelope. Their fans didn't even flinch. They got away with it and now that they know it works they're doing it again.

New leaps and bounds better CPU, 12 tfl GPU, SSD, 120fps support etc etc etc all shackled and depended on 10 year old tech so games can work on the latter.

Well done MS, you might have fooled them but some of us are aware.

cigi13d ago

How are they screwing their customers - they all have XBOX one S/X. They let it up to them if an upgrade is worth it - shows a lot more confidence if you ask me.It seems to me that Sony is not that confident that they can create real differences from this current versions.

There is also the difference that MS has virtualized their hardware that make it agnostic to hardware, and hence make it work on all versions on the same code. Not necessary so easy for Sony as they code to the metal.

cigi13d ago

@UltraNova5h ago - you are clearly not the sharpest knife in the kitchen.

XBOX one X did mostly 2 - 3 times higher resolution than PS Pro on multiplats. I think they showed off their power in spades.

UltraNova12d ago (Edited 12d ago )


Oh you are one of those people who still play the rez card and fail to understand that the end result -what you can see on screen is what really matters.

You understand jack shit about how games are made and how hardware is/can be used or what constitutes graphical fidelity, like animation, artwork, level of detail etc etc. Games like GoW, Uncharted 4, Horizon, Spiderman, Days Gone, Death Stranding etc are far far better looking games than anything on XB1X despite their resolution limit (tbh Gears 5 came close though).

Let me spell it for you: Power means jack shit when you dont know how to take advantage of it.

I usually don't bother with uneducated trolls like you but what the hell, you seem like an extra special troll so the hell with it...

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Kribwalker14d ago

This. They are both taking different approaches.

Rimeskeem14d ago

Agreed, one is giving new experiences on a new console and the other is telling you to play your old games on new hardware. I have a PC for a reason. Xbox is now useless for PC gamers.

Rude-ro13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Except for the part where op said Microsoft is a software company... what software as far as the console goes? 🤔😂
Sonys gaming division is a gaming company.
They spent the last four years having their developers creating new game engines for the rest of this gen and next.. Microsoft has done what to push software? A subscription service?
I understand “windows” ... < but windows did not create an 8 years and counting drought of new and interesting AAA ips.

343_Guilty_Spark13d ago

What new experiences did PS4 offer over PS3? All those PS4 exclusives could have been made for PS3. It did exactly the same thing just better especially graphics.

AI isn't better, sound ain't much better. What was better?

Realms13d ago


Enjoy last gen games on your new xseries, developers have already confirmed that MS's mandate will force them to make game design decisions based on the xbox one's limitations. Don't be surprised if some third party developers choose to skip MS's console all together if this ends up being true. Also how many new Ip's has MS had this generation? I rest my case.

Fluttershy7713d ago

yeah MS is using the hack approach

343_Guilty_Spark13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I'll be enjoying all 3rd party games at 4K60 and all Xbox Exclusives from Hell Blade 2, Fable 4, Forza 8, Halo Infinite which will all look just as good as other games in 2020 and on.

Jin_Sakai13d ago


“I'll be enjoying all 3rd party games at 4K60”

Neither Series X or PS5 have released the official specs. You're making false claims.

“and all Xbox Exclusives from Hell Blade 2, Fable 4, Forza 8, Halo Infinite which will all look just as good as other games in 2020 and on.“

Another BS claim. We haven’t seen a single PS5 1st party exclusive in action.

Stop with the damage control already.

RosweeSon13d ago

Yeah one is good and based on games another is bad and based on monthly yearly subscriptions and upgrading to new consoles that don’t offer anything new other than more power like the powerful X that still hasn’t been utilised at all let alone fully.

RedDevils13d ago

@343_Guilty_Spark “and all Xbox Exclusives from Hell Blade 2, Fable 4, Forza 8, Halo Infinite which will all look just as good as other games in 2020 and on.“

You missing one important factor, you ain't gonna be playing any next gen in 2020 more like for the next 2-3 years after. Now let that sink in.

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brrdat13d ago

Playstation and Xbox are both video game companies who want consumers to buy their respective console platforms. Apparently only Playstation only understands how to do that, hence their dominance this gen and their understanding of exclusives.

RosweeSon13d ago

Microsoft is hardware the only software they release you use in an office

giovonni13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

They aren’t just a hardware company ms also makes the software that’s Compatible to its hardware products things like windows, office suite, internet explorer are all software made by Microsoft, who then sells it to other hardware companies to use like compaq dell, and them...

RosweeSon13d ago

So as I said Giovonni hardware company that release a few bits of software you’d use in an office ie Microsoft office excel word. Not great fun to play tho.

Muzikguy13d ago

The fact that this is even being brought up is just sad. It's like MS couldn't complete so they try and change the rules. If they don't want to sell next gen consoles that's fine, just stick to software then. Don't spread lies though. Remember last gen how they abandoned their 360 to work on X1 games? Games they wanted for launch. Now we are supposed to believe it don't matter? Ok....


@darthv72 Sensible comment is sensible.

Jin_Sakai13d ago

A great example is how Guerrilla Games we’re considering adding flying to Horizon: Zero Dawn but couldn’t due the the slow HDD and weak CPU.

If they add the feature to Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 on PS5 they’d either have to cut it from the PS4 version or cut it from the PS5 version. A compromise that shouldn’t have to happen and won’t happen thanks to having PS5 only exclusives.

GaboonViper13d ago

Someone get my boy Jin a beer, well said.

Muzikguy13d ago

"but games scale".... Lol. You're spot on. This is why people keep saying hardware holds games back, which it does. We hear it all the time with PC.

LMosche13d ago

You forget that Sony is the reason these games exist in the first place lmao.

NeoGamer23213d ago

You make it sound like Sony relies on hardware sales for a profit. That is not supported by facts. With the R&D, testing, and marketing of new consoles, by the end of the generation hardware is more or less a break even exercise for all three console vendors.

Where they do make money is on store royalties, subscription service, network services, and game sales.

There is no justification for the gaming community to have to buy specific hardware to play any game. This generation I spent $1,200 buying all the current gen consoles and their accessories. There is about $600 of that I could've been spending on games had I only needed one console to play the games I want to play. I know people are brand fanboys and think that the only way their console will sell is through exclusives. But to me that is also factually untrue. It is kind of what I call the easy button to spur sales. The hard way is to sell a console on its hardware network, and services merit while being on all platforms with games. None of the console vendors are living up to my expectation. Some are better then others, but, they all should be shipping their games on all platforms.

cd112d ago

Exclusives have been part of gaming since the very start - that isn't going to change now. Plus exclusives that are developed for a specific HW configuration are where we see the best results...well graphically anyway.

NeoGamer23212d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Exclusives have been part of game marketing since the start. That should change. Specific HW configurations do not result in the best games. What makes great games is solid budget, talent, and time to create the best story, sound, graphics, environment. game play, depth, and breadth.

There is nothing in God of War, Uncharted, TLOU, Forza Horizon, Mario, Zelda, Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, etc that could not be done on another console or PC with a similar configuration. What sets these franchises apart is how well the developers deliver the game as a total package.

What is a total shame is that some gamers cannot afford to buy multiple consoles and enjoy the great games from all console platforms. And some gamers think that this is OK or "the way this has been from the start". We are all gamers, and we should be about gaming, not segregation to "PC/PS/XB/Nintendo" gamers.... Agamer is a gamer no matter what device they own.

gamer780413d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Exactly, but in this case the end result will be nearly the same for the consumers of Xbox and PS, at launch titles are never taking full advantage of the hardware anyways, I don't see why there is much discussion either way, there will be titles available that take advantage of the hardware at launch, even if not fully on both sides. I can't believe we are still talking about this, neither way is bad for gamers.

cigi13d ago

What about looking at the articles claim about anti consumer. You are looking about the Company and what is good for them. Not the same.

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TK-6614d ago

Who is saying they were?

"according to some enthusiasts."

I can't see anywhere that has this narrative gaining traction.

Thundercat7714d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Only a little group who made fun of a company logo are the only ones saying that.

TK-6614d ago

Yes only little group that doesnt number past single digits. Quite the narrative to write an article about.

2pacalypsenow13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

All the articles saying what MS is doing is "Pro consumer", meaning that if you're not doing what MS is doing then you're not pro consumer.

Same thing they did with exclusives, how they "hurt" gamers because it doesn't let them play all the games they want on the console they bought or some bullshit like that.

Smokehouse13d ago

That’s dumb. Saying one thing is pro-consumer doesn’t mean everything else is anti-consumer lol. Who makes this shit up?

aconnellan13d ago

That’s a leap in logic that doesn’t work at all. Just because what MS is doing could be seen as pro-consumer does absolutely not mean anything else is anti-consumer.

It’s like saying that if one game is a 10/10 then no other game can be because they aren’t exactly the same. Or how The Witcher is considered one of the most productive-consumer’ games because of the love and care it had at launch plus the post launch support it received. Does that then mean that when other games don’t do what the Witcher did, they’re anti-gamer? Of course not

Profchaos13d ago

Yeah but most people seem perplexed by Microsofts decision and find it weird. I think it's a good indicator that the series X will be stupidly expensive so people can keep playing without shelling out a mass amount

2pacalypsenow13d ago (Edited 13d ago )


Looking at all the comment on this site, tells me my logic is not far off.

And the fact that they need to make articles explaining how Sony is not being "Anti consumer" because of this, should tell you something.

The Wood13d ago

Pro anything doesn't automatically mean anything else. . . Correct. . But you do so some on here championing Microsofts decision as if it's best for gamers and anyone who doesn't agree with that is somehow anti consumer. You don't have to search too hard to see this

TK-6613d ago (Edited 13d ago )


Can two companies go in different directions without condemning the other? Does Nintendo making a handheld mean they think home consoles are bad? Does Sony focusing on SP experiences mean they think multiplayer is bad? Or is it possible you're just being a snowflake and taking offence at everything?

Gamer: Likes something that doesn't mention Sony
Fanboys: The fuck you just say about Sony!?!??

DOMination-12d ago

Microsoft cant do anything with N4G users.

Last gen they were useless because they dropped support for 360 early on. Now they are useless for making some games cross-gen. They cant really win.

2pacalypsenow12d ago


As long as both companies are competing , we will always point the flaws depending on which side you're on, humans are competitive by nature. And no matter how much you want gaming to be hands across america, its never going to happen.

Funny you call me a snowflake for making critical comments against MS and Xbox , but then you go and reply to every single comment I make to defend Xbox, apparently my comments must offend you?


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isarai14d ago

When i buy a new generation console i want to play games that do things that aren't possible on the previous console, not just prettier versions of a game that is easily possible on previous consoles. At that point you're paying hundreds to play remasters. How in the world is it anti consumer to provide a good reason to own a new console?

darthv7214d ago (Edited 14d ago )

We havent had systems like that for years. Pretty much everything we have gotten since the HD era has been prettier graphics. If you want to go back to the days of a next gen platform really is a revolutionary upgrade (and not evolutionary) then going from 8bit to 16bit is one example and then from 2D to 3D of the 16bit - 32bit days. After that its all been evolutionary.

Ricegum13d ago

Your damage control is mind boggling. Are you not even a little disappointed you will have no next gen exclusive games on launch?

UnSelf13d ago

What on the ps2 could do what LBP, Uncharted 2, TLOU, and Warhawk could?

SugarSoSweet13d ago

8-bit to 16-bit wasn't really revolutionary though because it was essentially the same style (sprites/pixels) just done bigger and more detailed. I agree with you on the "3D revolution" though 16-bit Sprites to 3D 32-bit era was revolutionary though. Completely looked and felt different to play then all the previous eras we had. To be honest we probably won't get anything like that again until VR matures a lot more and there is some breakthrough VR game or experience....

343_Guilty_Spark13d ago


Will XBox games suddenly run on a PS5? What does he have to be upset about? The Xbox Series X is like buying a new computer with the lastest hardware to play all games BETTER.

cwhit12213d ago

RiceGum are we sure Ps5 will even have next gen exclusive 1st party games at launch?

rainslacker13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

You mean for this one generation to the next, we haven't had that, so it's just something we should not want anymore? PS4 from PS3 is the only generation in history that hasn't had a leap in game design. Have you become so accepting of the idea that games just can't advance anymore, that you'll support the idea that they simply can't, so why not just have developers and console makers give up trying?

Sony and MS have both included hardware in their next gen that can move game design forward. That's pro-consumer because it moves things forward and can give us new things to look forward to. If this was more than what MS has said it was, then i'd even call what MS is doing anti-consumer, because it means they don't care one iota about moving gaming forward. This wouldn't even surprise me, because MS has in the past actively not cared about it when they were more than complicit locking DX behind new versions of Windows, which means that gaming using those features never happened and whole generations of the API went unused.

TheSaint13d ago

That's a straight up lie, the PS4 and X1 had better graphics and more sprites on screen.

Maybe don't lie, just a suggestion.

darthv7212d ago

^guess most of you don't understand the terms evolutionary and revolutionary. Guess those are just too big of words for some people. Everything is evolutionary to a degree but a few times we have something truly revolutionary that changes the direction moving forward. Like I said, the change from 2D sprites to 3D polygons is revolutionary. Increasing resolution and graphical fidelity... thats all evolutionary.

@saint... "better graphics and more sprites on screen" yeah thats evolutionary my friend.

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GaboonViper14d ago

Exactly, I planned on buying both this year but now will wait for XSeX to have console exclusives to that machine before I buy, and before anyone says Sony fanboy I would do the same if Sony did the same with PS5.

Thundercat7714d ago

Exactly. That's common sense.

Rimeskeem14d ago

I felt this gen was going to be more about physics and interactive worlds etc. How the hell are they gonna make a games world more interactive without gigs of patch work or overhauling engines.

sibyl113d ago

A game made for SSD and Zen wouldn't even be the same game if it was scaled back for HDD and Jaguar.

ElementX13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Those things take time. PC games don't have physics/AI that is much better, even though the processors are. Developer tools and programming have to be improved first before you'll see any "next-gen" realism. The first thing you'll see is better graphics.

jznrpg13d ago

They don’t have physics and such on PC because they have to take into account that most PC gamers don’t have high end rigs . That’s the beauty of a closed system. If you focus on it you can get games you couldn’t on the previous generation .

ElementX13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Yes that is a positive thing about consoles, but the developer tools still have to be improved. Almost every 3rd party game is also released on PC, so are you saying that because a lot of gamers don't have expensive rigs, console games will be held back by less powerful PCs? That's not how things work because PC games have minimum system requirements.

sibyl113d ago


What you just said is so obvious. And it has been explained to this guy in a dozen ways and he still argues what is obvious. Even DF who often comes across as deep in the pockets of Microsoft is telling people it's going to hold back next gen but these guys just aren't hearing it. They have dug into the trench and they aren't leaving...