The next Assassin's Creed maybe a double edged sword

Shrey Katsura writes-"Ubisoft's alleged Assassin's Creed Ragnarok sounds incredibly ambitious but may end up being a double edged sword."

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Takwin13d ago

So pumped. I had so much fun over 100+ hours in Odyssey and loved Origins as well. The Witcher 3 inspired overhaul was exactly what I personally wanted out of the game.

carcarias12d ago

Yeah, I agree, the format was slowly expanding the size of its worlds and I think the last two were natural progressions that have greatly renewed my interest in the series. I've been sorry to read its not to everyone's tastes.

I really enjoyed the last two, particularly Odyssey and, if the rumours are true, I'm looking forward to more mythological creatures :) After all, while a lot of AC has historical themes, they already play fast and loose with that with regards to the lore, the artifacts etc, so why not go all the way? Having mythological bosses gives them more scope to create interesting enemies and battles.

I also hope they continue and expand the bounty hunters/nemesis style elements as well as the 'cult' system from Odyssey.

RazzerRedux12d ago

Right there with you. Love the huge open world from both those games. Ready for more AC.

SyntheticForm12d ago


I dumped an exorbitant amount of time into Odyssey and really fell into the grind, story, and ship upgrading. I always look forward to the AC games and I'm happy about the apparent viking theme.

Italiano123456713d ago

So i love Odyssey and origins. Think origins is better. My problem is their really not assassins creed games. So i recently bought all the old games except the 1st one since its not on ps4 and after playing them i think their better games. The new ones are great but my point is i really want a new assassins creed of old.Whatever ill buy the new one and love it still want a real AC game

kingfortoday12d ago

Origins is not better. Odyssey literally made everything better

TotalHitman12d ago

Odyssey is either a grind fest or a P2W game. The map is big just for the sake of being big. Most of the environment and vegetation is repetitive and looks the same. It's just boring. The cities are boring. The architecture is too repetitive. There are too many repetitive forts just for the sake of the grind. There are way too many pointless collectables that add to little to no reward. The mechanics are off. There is no sense of gravity and weight during running, climbing, freerunning like the previous games. Most of the minor side quests are fucking boring and repetitive and there is way too many of them. The story is unfocused because of the many options to choose from and the story suffers for it. The loot system can suck a dick.

Odyssey isn't a game, it's just a P2W service barely hidden. Assassin's Creed would have been fine without the change to the RPG genre if Ubisoft didn't pump them out nearly every year.

RaidenBlack12d ago

They've changed the genre to much degree. The result is pretty good but its no more the original lore-heavy, stealth focused Assassins Creed game.
Can we have an Assassins Creed 1 Remake? Just improve the story's progression a bit. Bring a little charisma in it. Take cues from RE2

mandingo12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

It’s basically a reskinned far cry not that that’s not cool but they should be much more different

RazzerRedux12d ago

How is it like Far Cry? Because they are both open world? Just don't get the comparison.

SyntheticForm12d ago

That's kind of a stretch.

Yeah, they may have a few things in common but to call it a "reskinnned far cry" is wrong on many levels.

phantomexe12d ago

It breaks from cannon and lore. Last one not an AC game

mandingo10d ago

Idk when I play them they just feel so similar in design obviously cause they’re from the same company.

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mandingo12d ago

Haven’t played odyssey but really didn’t enjoy origins. Big open world with repetitive side missions and a story that did nothing for me. Beautiful game tho.

yoshatabi12d ago

Why don't they just change the name at this point? It's not even about assassin's at this point

TheEnigma31312d ago

Yeah the story is far gone from what was intended.

jbull12d ago

I 100%, agree at this point there practically fantasy RPG like Dragon Age and Witcher. Seems ubisoft wanted to do that genre but kept the AC brand name for casual sales.
Like at this point after AC 3 who gives a damn over Templar's vs assassins or abstergo etc.

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