Microsoft Engineer about PS3 Horizontal Scaling in SDK

From Bruce Dawson (Microsoft senior software design engineer) on Andre Vrignaud's Blog:

I see no sign that the PS3 contains a chip that can do vertical scaling, and this new feature (horizontal scaling) is a poor substitute for a true hardware scaler. It is a step forward for owners of 1080i only HDTVs, once PS3 games support it, but it is nowhere near as good as the Xbox 360's scaler...

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hellraiser5014305d ago

oh pwnage jk but I wonder if it does or not I dont think MS employee is the most ceditable source when it comes to this information wise considering sony is the compition

Donkey Slayer4305d ago

His neck was out, should have been chopped.

"In fact, I'll stick my neck out and predict that that you won't see any 1080"x" games for the PS3 this year."

MicroGamer4305d ago

One of the first things tech companies do is buy a sample of their competitors product and tear it down to see what makes it tick. A Microsoft engineer probably has the same or nearly the same amount of knowledge as to the internal workings of the PS3 as a Sony engineer.

JIN KAZAMA4305d ago

will ofcourse say something negative about its competition. This is no surprise.

DJ4305d ago

"I see no sign that the Xbox 360 contains an HDMI port, and this new feature (1080p through component, an analog solution) is a poor substitute for true HD output, especially with looming HDCP requirements and HDMI replacing Component for 1080p HDTVs."

Nintenuendo4305d ago

That's not exactly a fair statement. The lack of a scaler effects far more people than the lack of HDMI. The lack of HDMI really doesn't even effect that many people, since 1080p hasn't caught on yet with the masses. I don't exactly blame Microsoft for that, seein as how it's not cost effective to pay for a port most people won't use, though it's a bit silly not to have one if you're pimping your HD-DVD drive.

But really, Sony should have caught this a long time ago, and this "horizontal scaling" business is just proof that they're behind the curve.

Funky Town_TX4305d ago

You said 720p was good enough. Look at the MGS4 article about Kojima saying he did not want HD. What a HIP-O-CRITTER. Do you work for Sony.

original seed4305d ago

Still most PS3 owners cant play their games and watch their movies in 1080p.

Dragonopolis4305d ago

it allows for HDTV owners to watch lower resolution movies and games in 1080p/i by upscaling the image to what ever HD resolution is supported. An advantage this has in gaming is that a Developer could right Code for a game in 720p and then the scaler would convert the signal to 1080i/p. This would save memory and still provide a native signal to an 1080 HDTV set. I suppose this would be considered cheating but something is better than nothing. There are HDTV sets that have this ability as well as standalone scalers.

I believe the PS3 and the Xbox 360 have the ability to easily display 1080p games but they needed the consoles to come with 1GB of Memory to make it a reality. This memory handicap is what will slow true unscaled 1080p gaming from hitting the market early but its possible once code is optimize. Meanwhile, Sony has provide developers with a way to scale - let us hope it works.

PS360PCROCKS4305d ago

um...I'll take his word on it haha, cause I have no clue about any of that...sounds correct tho, lol who knows

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The story is too old to be commented.