Five Dreamcast Games That Deserve a Remake

With all the remakes, reheats and rehashes, there are still some games that have fallen through the cracks. Here’s five Dreamcast games that deserve a remake.

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darthv7239d ago

Many DC games have been getting remasters / remakes over the years. Be it for XBL/PSN or part of compilations... the DC lives on in more ways now than before.

indysurfn39d ago

I'd buy a console that I dont like just to play a skies of arcadia remake! That's how much I like it! Seriously! But I do have my limits though. Say for instance if EA made it I would have to camp out at the store for the first USED copy of it LOL.......Blank EA!

jaymacx39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Skies of Arcadia is probably one of my favorite JRPGs of all time. I wish they would remake it

Apocalypse Shadow39d ago

I agree. Sega has dropped the ball with this and an actual PS5. Not to be confused with PS5. Lol!

shloobian39d ago

I agree. People have been begging Sega for a Skies of Arcadia remaster for years as well as a true Phantasu Star sequel. Sega is sitting on sooo many good IPs.

Gaming4Life198139d ago

I was clearly going to mention this game, I loved this game and it's clearly one of the best rpgs on dreamcast.

BigTrain39d ago

One can only dream right!!!

badboyz0939d ago

I say this everyday. With the power of social media today this could've been happened. Sadly nobody has stepped up. Where are the protesters??

BigTrain38d ago

You are correct badboyz09, you might be that one to start #BringbackNFL2K. I'll be the first sign up whatever petition to revive digital football.