No Exclusives on Series X Until 2022. Genius or Folly?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "As I sit here, writing these words we are roughly 11 months away from the launch of the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. This means that, as we countdown to release day we can expect new bits of information to trickle out, painting the picture of what we will be asked to buy come November. And while hearing about new games and features is par for the course, sometimes something truly surprising is revealed that completely changes our perception of what is to come. And last week, during an interviews with MCVUK – Microsoft did just that."

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MrDead10d ago

Digital Foundry Staff are already questioning this decision.

Obscure_Observer10d ago

"Matt Booty said that all Xbox Games Studios games released this year and possibly next year will be playable on Xbox One. It's very clearly not set in stone and will probably only affect a couple games that were probably already in development for Xbox One. Nothing to really get upset about."

This guy gets it. ;)

Kingthrash36010d ago

Xbox next generation wont truly start until 2022...all 1st party games will be held back until is this genius? All people will buy at launch is a this gen refresh not a next gen console

leejohnson22210d ago

HahhahahHhH I can't catch my breath

thatguyhayat10d ago

You and him dont get it. It literally gives you no reason to even buy one at launch

Obscure_Observer10d ago


"All people will buy at launch is a this gen refresh not a next gen console"

How many years takes a AAA game to be developed, again???

Are you saying that "true next gen" game developement for the PS5 started back at 2015-2016?

sibyl110d ago


"Are you saying that "true next gen" game developement for the PS5 started back at 2015-2016?"

There were rumors of PS5 dev kits way back in 2017. So yes, it's definitely possible that PS5 games have been in development for 3+ years.

And this choice isn't being made by Microsoft for developmental reasons it's because their priority isn't to sell consoles it's to sell gamepass subscriptions.

CaptainHenry91610d ago (Edited 10d ago )

And this is one of the reasons you don't need to buy a Series X at launch. If you have a Xbox one you'll be fine :)

10d ago
Zeref10d ago

No game in the first 2 years has ever taken full advantage of the console lol.

Because it's Xbox this is somehow new to people and it's something to be "concerned" about.

They didn't do this for nothing, They know what they're doing. Look at Halo Infinite on Xbox One X and imagine what that's gonna look like on the Series X. Nuff said.

GTgamer10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

"No game in the first 2 years has ever taken full advantage of the console lol"

Name one game on ps3 and Xbox 360 that even comes to killzone shadow fall and Ryse 🙄 I swear some of you fanboy say the dumbest crap everrrrrrr. They may not get everything out of the hardware in the first two years but they definitely push it in the first two years.

The Wood10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Man. . .this is sad but predictable. Do the shills ever take a day off?. I know neither zeref or obscure speak for the masses of xbox fans who have the ball's to question Microsofts actions and non actions so I will never hold it against them but mate. . . . .guys like you and a few others are part of the problem why ms are so far behind.

If this was Sony or Nintendo saying this I bet your reactions would differ. In the end, just like this gen, all the shilling, deflection and false lauding did nothing.

What changed Microsoft was the criticism and lack of units sold to the point nobody knows how many were sold and the severe #$$ kicking by its direct rival and another rival that started the gen years after. Now you champion this movement like you always asked for it and expect people to take you seriously. C'mon man, this isn't the end of the world or something that isn't fixable but sometimes you just need to lay off that gaara level defence

babadivad10d ago

3rd party games aren't beholden to this it seems so I don't really see an issue here honestly. Whatever.

bouzebbal10d ago

Title is misleading.. Xbox games are all and will all be on pc.. Never exclusive.

MasterCornholio10d ago


Well thats definitely possible because the V shaped Developer kit has been in dev hands for a while plus there was a previous version that looked like a PC Tower.

Granted I'm not expecting any 3rd parties to have kits that early but I'm pretty sure some 1st party studios had them for a while.

But I will add this. Even though they had the developer kits for a while those kits are probably not representative of final hardware. So it's quite possible that some games at launch are not developed for the PS5s final specifications.

Thundercat779d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Of course... Because history has teached us to trust Microsoft blindly just as you right?

Bhuahahaha9d ago

lol still gonna w8 for it again, like wait for e3 then wait for e3 again and again.....
this should be called the W8Box

Army_of_Darkness9d ago

What's the point in getting a next gen console if there are no next gen game offerings? Might as well wait a couple years till they do get some, plus it will be a lot cheaper!
The ps5 will sell a whole lot more at launch if it releases with at least one next gen console exclusive game.

chiefJohn1179d ago

@GTGamer There was nothing next gen about Ryse and Killzone besides the graphics which can be scaled by hardware like games on PC so you bringing those games up only prove the point it won't hold anything back. Ryse 2 for example could have those next gen graphics on series X while on Xbone it looks like Ryse 1! Everyone wins

DJStotty9d ago


Please explain how games will be held back when they are made for the Series X, and then dialled down for the xbox one/X?

Just like today, how games are primarily created for the xbox one X, and then playable for the xbox one with downgrades?

By your logic a £20 graphics card is holding back PC games? Consoles are more or less similar to PC architecture, you can program a game for multiple setups, without compromising on quality.

froy4029d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Why even say anything than if it were only a couple of games.

Oh no it goes way beyond that, more like a couple of years of exclusive games. Halo infinite and maybe hellblade should have been the games to show off the series x true power.

Well at least I won't have to go out and buy a series x to play those games, I can just play them on my xbox one.

Obscure_Observer9d ago (Edited 9d ago )


"There were rumors of PS5 dev kits way back in 2017. So yes, it's definitely possible that PS5 games have been in development for 3+ years."

Well, if thats the case, I don´t want to hear any excuses or damage control on why Bluepoint/Japan Studio remake or Horizon 2 (or whatever game Guerrilla is developing since 2017) would not blow up Halo Infinite, Forza 8, Playground´s new RPG or whatever Xbox game out of water between 2020 and 2022.


You guys make me cringe... fanboys will make a big deal about anything these days.

You want to know what my most played games were this past gen? MULTIPLATS!

APEX, PUBG, RDR2, GTAV, Far Cry, AC, The witcher, Battlefield, COD, Monster Hunter, Rocket League, ARK, Etc.

So the next iteration of these games that release, I will be buying the machine that runs them at the highest fidelity. I'm a simple man

boneso823d ago (Edited 3d ago )


"I will be buying the machine that runs them at the highest fidelity."

So you are buying a PC?

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piroh10d ago ShowReplies(1)
StormSailor10d ago

They know this will be a disaster

CaptainHenry91610d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Actually this will save money for the the gamer's that's on a budget

kneon10d ago

This is not a bad plan, and it's something I suggested that Sony do as well. By releasing their games on all their platforms they will sell more copies, and games are where the money is.

This will allow people to upgrade on their own schedule. Yes it will mean lower initial hardware sales, but as I said, games are where the money is. And by doing this you keep your existing customer base. For Sony that is a big win since they will likely have sold around 110+ million PS4's by the time the ps5 launches.

battlegrog9d ago

How ? have you ever heard of a pc ? Thats been the same platform for years. People want all the games on every platform. When will people realize MS has a larger plan to make money than worrying about console numbers. But you wont get it until it happens.

DJStotty9d ago


exactly!!! Hardware within the first couple of years provides 0 profit whatsoever. The money is made on the games/services

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DaDrunkenJester10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Remember some cross-gen games this gen had to completely remove features to support last gen? Mordor had to remove the Nemisis system for the 360/ps3 version. CoD got rid of their co-op mode.

There is nothing that is stopping MS from having an internal dev team assisting their dev studios in porting their games for them to support Xbox One. If that means they have to scale down or even remove features then they can do that while the main dev continues making the game they envisioned.

MS is definitely going to use Halo Infinite as a standout game for the Series X. Denser battlefields, more effects, ray tracing, fast loading, 4k textures, 4k/60fps, 1080p/60fps for splitscreen... they will be utilizing it.

While you'll likely get 720p/60fps on Xbox One, maybe not even get splitscreen and it will look like Halo 5 I'd guess.

chiefJohn1179d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Shhh you talking too much common sense for n4g lol

generic-user-name9d ago

Do you also remember how the cosmodrome in Destiny 1 had to be made 5-10 times smaller than planned thanks to the PS360 holding bungie back?

DaDrunkenJester9d ago


No I don't remember that. I remember then cutting features on old gen. I also remember them cutting out sections of that map to sell later and add into Destiny 2...

darthv7210d ago

I like that idea. I didnt buy into the 8th gen until roughly 3 years after it started and during that time I was able to still enjoy games like titanfall and forza horizon 2 on the 360 but I knew the better versions were on the xbo. So when I did get the xbo... yup I got those better versions (and for much less).

If their intent is to let the consumer decide when they are comfortable with upgrading, and not missing out on new games in the process... its a great idea. I had been toying with the idea of waiting at least a year or two (like I did previously) and I can still buy new games and play them on my existing system. Obviously there would be some liberties taken on my xbo but when I do buy into the SX then i will have games to take advantage of that system.

AshleeEmerson10d ago

That sounds awesome. How was it playing a lower quality version and then upgrading and playing a previous version?

I mean I'm most excited about VR and our Exclusives for next gen but I'm EAGERLY!!!!!!! awaiting to play Apex Legends on ps5...

NXFather10d ago

I agree. It is not genius but, it is smart. They know they won't win anyway. And if this site is to be believed they never will so they have nothing to lose. I do agree with their decision. They know that gaming won't advance enough to miss those extra sales. It will feel so good to be here talking about how next gen games are only a little better and not revolutionary like all the dreamers on this site are hoping for.

bluefox75510d ago

If even DF is questioning it...

Obscure_Observer10d ago

Linneman will be the one who´ll be making analysis and comparissons between SX and PS5 first party launch games.

I´m expecting him to eat his words. Time will tell.

NXFather10d ago

It's not like he will be honest or like he won't be sensational so you are expecting too much. Thank GOD no one can actually stop Microsoft with going with what is best for them but, can only complain about it. Since I have the X, I don't mind not spending 500+ out the gate. You know since I am a normal bill paying person.

Unspoken9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Limmeman shills for Sony. Not surprised he is attempting to make this to be a bigger issue than it is. The difference between Xbox One and the X exhibited the same "dilemma". The PS4 ran into the same problem when porting over from the PS3, a cell processor rather than the Xbox One SoC configuration. Where's the fire?

Muzikguy10d ago

It's almost like they're going to be giving Sony a big head start even though they're releasing around the same time.

crazyCoconuts10d ago

I don't think this is as big a deal as it's being made it to be.

NXFather10d ago

It isn't. It is just the usual PS hype. Even if they have next gen games from day one on Playstation.

DOMination-10d ago

A couple million users will be early adopters. Even if we have a generous attach rate of 50%, you're looking at one million sales for a launch title. MS are maximising their opportunities with the XB1 to sell maybe 10x that.

Is it smart? Very much so from a business point of view. Is it better? We will find out in a few months

IamTylerDurden19d ago

Killzone Shadowfall sold about 5 million copies. Breath of the Wild sold over 10 million on Switch alone. Launch exclusives can sell more than a million copies.

I'm purchasing a next gen system day one and it excites me knowing that some PS5 exclusives will take full advantage and be built around the system's unique and advanced features.

Supporting the old gen systems can limit game design when considering the SSD difference. These new SSDs have the potential to really innovate and next gen exclusives will certainly have the advantage of utilizing them for more than just faster loads. If devs build their games with this in mind, the potential is huge. Then, add in the advanced 3D chip, superior power that will allow for more advanced game design, and more potential features that we don't know yet and game design simply has more potential for next gen exclusives rather than cross gen games.

shaggy230310d ago

The problem is that Micrisoft are "damned if they do and damned if they dont"

If they cut the current gen off and focus all their efforts on the Series X the Sony fans call them out on it.

Now Microsoft say they will support the current gen fir a couple of years, the same Sony fans call them out on that.

Personally I dont really care, the first couple of years in a new gen never show what the systems are capable of anyway.

sibyl110d ago

Of course the flip side is the reaction of the MS fans right?

Let's be real a lot of the same people defending this are the same people who last week were saying how excited they were to see how games would use the 4x CPU power for AI and physics and were excited to see what the SSD would bring to the table. But now are saying things like "Personally I dont really care, the first couple of years in a new gen never show what the systems are capable of anyway."

It goes both ways.

NXFather10d ago

Well I am still consistent but yeah, there may be people like that.

chiefJohn1179d ago (Edited 9d ago )

sibyl1 they can't do both? There are already cross gen games that are night and day differences. Supporting last gen doesn't mean that powerful CPU won't be used. I swear some of you act like you're new to gaming. Halo Infinite will put all this non sense to bed

Zeref10d ago

I know who's gonna make more money on their new games 🤷🏾‍♂️

10d ago
AshleeEmerson10d ago

Sony at first... Microsoft has a subscription based service so, it's making good money also.

Their plan isn't a sprint, and neither is Sony's. Their ideas are very much the same but Sony is creating buzz in the background while screaming exclusives... Microsoft is screaming Subscription while working on their first party games in the background.

Yes, I'm pro Sony but their presentations are different and that is the mistake that Microsoft is making. Perception... Their idea will come full circle though and we'll get to see the fruits of their labor.

fr0sty10d ago

This is as bad as announcing a $500 price point for weaker hardware last generation.

Zeref10d ago

You're not gonna buy it either way so why the concern?

generic-user-name9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

This is Microsoft's shooting-themselves-in-the-foo t moment of the next gen.

RacerX9d ago

All we did was "wait" on Xbox One. Wait for this game, or that game. One or two exclusives per year... Wait for the Cloud... Wait for this... Wait for that....
Xbox X seems like another continuation of X1...

PrematuaProcrastin8a9d ago

As everyone is questioning sonys decision to not attend E3 a console launch year...are you PS4 fans going to be forced to buy tlou2 and got on a new console?

ilikestuff9d ago

I’ve read a book where the dude has a sword named folly. Thats an awesome name for a sword. Awesome book too.

DJStotty9d ago

Do you have a current list of PS5 exclusives?

I would like to see it please. Or are they doing the same?

1Victor9d ago

So that’s why they’re calling for a forward compatible console. I knew there was something fishy about all the series X game been on XB1

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ReVibe10d ago

I feel this could be subject to change, but tf do I know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

10d ago Replies(2)
ArmyVetGamer10d ago

So much for ALL these developers... and their onslaught of games coming to the xbsx... it takes time xbox fans say? Well wait a few more years

DaDrunkenJester10d ago

huh? All games launching this year will be compatible on Series X through BC. Launch games like Halo Infinite and Forza 8 will have features only available on the Series X.

r2oB10d ago

What features will only be available on the Series X? It’s my understanding that the graphics can be enhanced because it’s a scalable aspect of game design, but mostly everything else will be held back because of the vast difference in CPU. So things like AI, level design, NPCs, physics will all be held back. Unless Microsoft is willing to push the power of the new CPU and allow the old consoles to get gimped version of games (I.e. “dumber” AI, smaller levels, less enemies, etc).

DaDrunkenJester10d ago


Forza has already stated that they will have far more advanced physics features for the game, these advancements could be missed on the old gen because the CPU's can't calculate all the simulations. Halo Infinite will have denser battlefields, more going on in them, more realistic physics simulation for destruction. Of course they will have other graphical features like Ray Tracing and such only available on the newer GPU's.

leejohnson22210d ago ShowReplies(1)
crazyCoconuts10d ago

I'm sure there will be plenty of games enhanced for the XBSX, just like for the PS5. This isn't that big of a deal.

NXFather10d ago

I don't think the people making those crazy rumors care as long as it is not on the playstation console.

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SolidGamerX10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Massive folly.

nirwanda10d ago

It's entirely dependent on how they do it, take Forza for instance, if they use the old engine for the Xbox one and build an entirely new one for pc and series x then it could work.
But if they build one engine to service all then it will back fire.

jwillj2k410d ago

My god... Forza/Gears/Halo is not going to increase your (expletive) user base. Don't get me wrong, I dont like microsoft gaming AT ALL, but its such a blatant mistake that its pissing me off. They need to clean house, and no not just get rid of the guy at the top, but REALLY CLEAN HOUSE. This is crazy, why havent they learned from their past launches?!? I just dont get it. Putting them down at this point doesnt feel good anymore. I dont know if its arrogance, mismanagement, lack of understanding, not connecting with what it means to be a gamer or all of the above. But not only have the lost, they are just plain LOST.

SolidGamerX10d ago

So you'd need two separate teams working on the same game to hit two different targets in order to release the games at the same time which sounds like a waste of time, money and resources