How Xbox Plans to Close the Gap

Dylan Warman: Xbox has lagged behind PlayStation, especially during this generation. However, the brand has already taken steps to close that gap going forward.

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Atom66614d ago

Depends on what gap we're talking about. I would be shocked if Sony doesn't outsell Xbox in consoles by a big margin. Maybe it will be closer if they handle pricing really aggressively, but I don't see it being substantially closer.

With their PC multiplat strategy, xcloud, and this more gradual cross generation approach to next gen, MS obviously knows that they've significantly reduced to their ability to move consoles. With that in mind, it doesn't preclude them from "closing the gap" in other ways.

Close the gap in the quality and quantity of titles. Keep expanding the market to close the gap in revenue. Those are achievable goals for them.

Echo_14d ago

Is Xbox really trying to 'close the gap'? Is that their main objective?

bluefox75514d ago

It doesn't seem like it, does it?

The Wood13d ago

They said they're not trying to go head to head with Sony. Maybe they know that's futile unless they have a head start. A lot of ground to cover to compete so they're taking a new path

Thundercat7714d ago

Xbox is not trying and will not try to close the gap. An Xbox boss recently confirmed it on an interview so this article is pointless.

Do not approve this garbage.

FallenAngel198414d ago

PlayStation 2 sold 155 million
Xbox sold 24 million

PlayStation 3 sold 87.4 million
Xbox 360 sold 85.8 million

PlayStation 4 sold 106 million
Xbox One sold 46 million

There’s never going to be a time when an Xbox system would outsell a PlayStation system. Microsoft’s gaming brand doesn’t have the global appeal to ever pull it off.

darthv7214d ago

I'm okay with that. Whoever is leading doesn't matter. That these companies deliver a quality product does.

Apocalypse Shadow14d ago

I disagree. When Microsoft was in the driver's seat for the time, it was all dude bro shooters and westernized Japanese games.

Sony in the drivers seat brought things back to normal where there was more variety and Japanese games were Japanese games again.

I don't want to go back to shooters being the dominant style game.

NXFather12d ago


No one was stopping Sony from putting out whatever games they wanted.

bluefox75514d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Yeah, Sony dropped the ball hard at the beginning of ps3 and they still couldn't manage a win. Even the loyalists have kind of given up on the idea.

Obscure_Observer14d ago


PlayStation 3 sold 87.4 million
Xbox 360 sold 85.8 million

Context: *Close the Gap*

You pretty much proved that MS can achieve that goal, then you changed the subject to "best selling console".

nucky6414d ago

sony outsold MS that gen with one less year of sales time. the gap is bigger than the numbers show.

MasterCornholio14d ago

And Sony proved that they can widen the gap. Depends on how you look at it.

Obscure_Observer13d ago


"And Sony proved that they can widen the gap. Depends on how you look at it."

Further proof that nothing is set on a stone.

darthv7213d ago

If anything, MS has closed the gap. The PS2 outsold the og xbox like 6-1 but the PS4 is only outselling the xbo by 2.5-1. I'd say they have done okay for themselves but obviously the 7th gen was a fluke for both seeing as it was nearly a tie and they both lost to Nintendo.

Everyone sees things differently.

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Spicyram14d ago

"According to the head of Microsoft Studios, Matt Booty, Xbox will not be competing in a “head-to-head bout with Sony”, they will instead focus on self improvement and “continue building characters, stories and worlds that can transcend generations, devices and platforms."

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