PS3Blog: Steering Wheel Force Feedback Works!

PS3Blog reports - "I just got Need for Speed: Carbon for the PS3. I put in the disc, booted up the game, selected "Quick Race", and started playing with my Driving Force Pro. What did I notice? Force Feedback Both the jarring rumble when you crash and the more subtle pulls on the wheel when you start to lose traction with the road. This is with a plain US PS3 and a plain US copy of NFS: Carbon. No special tricks or settings are required for this at all. And this isn't me quoting someone else, or reading into something. I felt this with my own two hands..."

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bung tickler4875d ago

but the PS3 fanboys dont want rumble... They have all said it like 20 times... hmm...

Bill Gates4875d ago

You're a fool you dipshit. Just because some of us prefer the PS3 over all the other systems doesn't mean that we like everything that comes with it you MORON. I would much rather have rumble than no rumble myself. Get your head out of your ass, just because one person said something doesn't mean we all feel the same way you LOSER!!

MS7XWDC4875d ago

this is about FFB in STEERING WHEELS ..... next time READ

kingboy4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Anyone tested this on Nba2k7 for ps3?On the game`s manual ,rumble is being stated on the ps3`s controller.

ApocalypseShadow4875d ago

is that rumble only ENHANCES doesn't create good gameplay.the game needs to be already's like saying all the games from pong and atari to now,are not fun because they don't have rumble.street fighter 2 turbo now sucks because it doesn't have rumble.if sony can add it that's not a negative,that's a one game you bought was because of rumble was written on the box?thought so.

original seed4875d ago

The PS3 has Steering Wheel FF on ONE game. Its time to celebrate! yet, this has not been confirmed unless you call blogs confirmation.

Bill Gates4875d ago

But even if it was confirmed by SONY, I just can't imagine you saying anything positive about it, becuase that just wouldn't be you would it.

HyperBear4875d ago

Although cool, and cant wait to see if this is true, I need video proof, or somethin, cause I do not believe rumors or blogs or anything thats not actually said from the actual source, until its actually announced. Man im rootin for this one, but until then, ill be okay driving in MotorStorm and flying in Lair without rumble.

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The story is too old to be commented.