You'll Soon be able to Opt Out of Cross-Play in Sea of Thieves' Adventure Mode

The latest Sea of Thieves developer update says that the option to opt out of cross-play will be coming as part of the game's January update, alongside the new changes brought in "Legends of the Sea".

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Shikoku13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Good crossplay has pretty much ruined paladins nice to see them giving people a choice

Abnor_Mal13d ago

I've said from the beginning that players should have a choice of whether to cross play or not to cross play. Many felt that combining the two or more platforms would revive dying games and increase the player base.

So far I've not heard anyone saying how much better it has been since cross play was implemented across the board. How many games player count increased, and did they stay at an increased rate or did they start to trickle back down in a few weeks time. Seems like none of that information has been put out for us to know if there really was a difference made. It's all been swept under a rug, MS aren't talking like they were on the beginning, and I've not seen third party games releasing with cross play out the box. Where are the statements from third parties saying that cross play helped their struggling game get a new lease on life.

Cross play was never a much needed feature like many made it out to be. It only was because Sony was not ready, willing or possible able to do so at the time. Now everyone has moved onto Sony not being there at E3 is now a disservice to gamers and E3 itself.

Shikoku13d ago

Agree its just people buying into hype pretty much

william_cade13d ago

I remember when crossplay was a must things change...

Abnor_Mal13d ago

That's just fanboyism from the media and the fan(boys) who were looking for any kind of leg up against Sony. So even though no one is willing to actually admit it they started a smear campaign against Sony and any one who was not with with them. Now cross play is here and everyone's quieter than a church mouse, no ones saying how it help their game on their platform of choice, whether that be gamer or publisher. Now look one article squeaks out like a fart in the bathtub and no one is even trying to comment . They're quietly hoping the article goes away and doesn't gain enough heat. I'd bet doughnuts to dollars that the article heat is really look, tops three fifty degrees with only about twenty to thirty comments by the end of the day.

Yet Sony not going to E3 articles are white hot fire, regardless of if its pro or negative as long as mud can be slung it will.